Is There Life After Death

Is There Life After Death?

The following paranormal phenomena statements address the question is there life after death and are from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. For more accounts please go to Afterlife.


I was in a car accident that was so bad, divine intervention stepped in. I had telepathic abilities happen right smack before too. I was engaged to a man who had manic episodes and he was behind the wheel of my car when this one happened. He hit another person and took off into a serious high speed chase. I was screaming to let me out, but he wouldn’t stop. I remember he was telling me that my car cuts off at 117mph. We were on side streets and not a highway, i was seriously scared.

Then time slowed way down and i saw the road suddenly change course at which we were not on it anymore, meaning he missed the curve. I felt the car shaking like an earthquake and looked at my fiance at which i heard his thoughts tell me that he was sorry and i said to him with out saying a word “This is it” death, i knew it.

then i felt like i was floating in perfect peace… like a perfect calm… then i realized we were no longer going, but stopped. The car was a mess, but i didn’t register that part as being weird. I remember the air bag hanging there and i lifted it up to get into the glove compartment, like it was supposed to be there. I reached down to grab my phone, and realized it was still perfectly in place, just sitting on top my purse, which was on the floor between my feet. I was still in a perfect sitting position, like i never moved. The weird thing is, my pager, that was clipped to my purse pocket, had been lodged underneith the gas peddle. I looked around the car and found skittles all over, which a packet of skittles were inside my purse, now all over the place. I called 911, took me three times to get through. When the ambulance got there, they opened the door and walked me to the ambulance, as if i wasn’t in the accident. When i was sitting in the ambulance, i could hear my fiance screaming. his side was crushed into the tree’s, when they saw his side, they rushed back to me and made me lay down, get a neckbrace on and they took me to ER. I started to shake at that point. The hospital treated me for about 1 hour and let me go. I walked away.

The EMT squad took 3 hours to cut out my fiance from the car and he is permanently disabled to this day, but lived. this accident was peaceful, like i wasn’t in it, yet i did break several large ribs and i was bruised from head to toe, yet no serious damage.

I should have died, I had no seat belt on, but the car that was behind us reported this to the police, we were going 117mph and went off the road, hit a poll which re-directed us back out of the ditch causing a 360 degree spiral flip, while landing back on all four wheels and crushing them, them slamming diagonally into trees. I walked away~ felt nothing, don’t remember the crash, but felt to be in clouds.
– end of extract –


I was hospitalized, near death with Hepatitis, my liver was shutting down, I was told I was near death for 2 days……..All I remember was watching them work on my body, I was watching from above, my deceased Mother appeared, and I took her hand and went to go with her, she told me no, and sent me back.
– end of extract –


Account from my family: When I was about 2 years old I had a raging fever that my baby sitter could not control but ignored. When my parents arrived home from work they called an ambulance and a cop arrived. Inside the patrol car while waiting for the ambulance I went limp in the cops arms. They raced me to the E.R. What I remember: I was floating near the ceiling staring at the lights of the hospital. I could turn and look down at myself, my parents, and the DR.
– end of extract –


I was going through a rock patch in my marriage (breaking up, so I was very stressed at the time).

I was in the bathroom & basically passed out, my husband dragged me to our bedroom, trying to bring me round, he said my lips had gone purple & I was swallowing my tongue. I only recall feeling fainty then suddenly experiencing a darkness around me, I could not see anyone but way in the distance a light (I did not feel I wanted to got to the light, I was just there in the darkness).

there were several “gentle, angelic voices” I did not know them but they seemed familiar (I felt safe) the voices were talking to each other “she has to go back” “it is not her time” “oh she’s a lost soul” the comments were very strange indeed.

My husband was shaking me & shouting … – when I came back around I was so weak & shakey : my husband contacted the doctor who examined me but said what I had experienced had nothing to do with medical matters as I was perfectly fit & well. (I did not tell the doctor about what I had heard/saw – only that I had passed out etc).

I dont know what – why – where this happened I will never know what I experienced but what I can say is my fear of death uplifted & I know when my time comes I am going to a wonderful place!
– end of is there life after death extract –


I have died twice before and each time I was brought back. During each of these resurrections many cells die however few remain alive they form together in between my hearts these remaining cells start to create new cells and alterations to my DNA meaning my body undergoes changes that change my looks and personality every thing except memories. my cells decay much slower than normal a lowing each of my lives to last to a maximum of 1000 years.
– end of is there life after death extract –


Near drowning and my life was shown to me in the form of a fast news film with quick stops at important times that could have been handled better.
– end of extract –


I was crushed by a huge weight. When I was put into the ambulance I experienced a sense of light and lightness. I wasn’t afraid. When I came out of an induced coma I had to try to find my way back from that light. It was a maze of people and images but always there was a knowledge that there was another place I had to be.
– end of extract –

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