After Death Communication

The following paranormal phenomena statements are ghost adventures seasons extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


My step-grandmother passed away a few years ago. When I went to visit her for the last time, she was unconscious, and had been so for a while. The drs did not know if she would come out of it or how long she would live. I felt that I somehow was able to communicate with her mentally.

I (mentally) told her that if she were ready to go, she could. My mother and father were about to go on a short trip. I told them to wait a couple of days and that I believed that something would happen with my stepgrandmother soon. My step-grandmother made a few noises, and although unconscious, she seemed to want to try to awaken or communicate with us (as if she knew we were there).

She passed away later that afternoon. Before her funeral I went up to the coffin to look at her. My mother and son did also (not at the same time). My mother said that she looked so peaceful as if she were sleeping. I believe that I could feel her presence. There seemed to be a faint movement in the neck area. My son saw it too. It kind of freaked him out and he would not go back to look at her.

I felt her presence until after the graveside service. It seemed that she had stuck around until then and then moved on/crossed over.

There are several other unrelated things that I believe were of supernatural occurence. One was when I either viewed myself in a past life or channeling the spirit of a person who had lived at that location before. I started seeing images, and speaking like a little girl. The experience was short but I remember several details. Children playing hide and seek, caught by nanny and housekeeper, sent outside. Parents and other couple playing croquet (dressed in 20’s style clothing and hair). It sort of freaked my husband out when I started talking and giggling like a little girl about something that obviously was not happening in the present time nor anything either of us had experienced.

– end after death communication extract –


I can sometimes get messages from those who have passed on. This time I was sitting at the computer, and I had such a strong feeling, that even while I was busy, it was insistent–not a vague feeling, but a real strong one.

I even told (whomever) to desist. She would not, and I actually felt tap-tapping around my shoulders, and upper arms, like someone saying “now”! I got a name. I checked with my cousin, as her name came to my mind also, and she said her friend’s mother had died, and gave me her name.

The friend’s mother was the one I had received the message from. When I heard that, I permitted the spirit to tell me whatever she wanted, and she had a *lot* to tell her daughter which I related to her through my cousin, and then later to the woman herself.

– end after death communication extract –


Shortly after my husband’s death I was sitting in a rocking chair looking at my christmas tree and noticed that one red light kept going on and off. I tried to adjust it but nothing stopped it.

became aware of my husband’s spirit and asked it if it was him doing it to repeat it on command-on and off as I requested.

He did this not only that year but for several years. I always checked the string of lights and he always blinks it in response to my asking. He also likes to move one leaf on plants when there isn’t a draft around at all. These instances are just to get my attention to let me know he is there and always come when I am not looking for them.

– end after death communication extract –


I was in my mid 20’s, a mother of 2 young children. My mother in law lived in the neighbouring suburb and was dying of cancer. It was a Saturday night around 11pm and the family had gone to bed. Usually I would have been in bed as well but for some reason I wasn’t tired and was watching a taped video of the movie Moby Dick.

For some unexplained reason the video went black as if it had run out of tape even though it was a 3hr video. A few seconds later my attention was drawn to the corner of the room near the ceiling. There I saw a wafting smoky image which I couldn’t quite make out.

Then I heard – not out loud – but in my head the words … “well I’ll be going now”. I replied out loud “OK goodbye then”.

I then got off the couch as if I was in some kind of dream and went into the bedroom and told my husband that his mother had just died and that he better get over there. He said that he didn’t hear the telephone, which was beside the bed, and I said “you will”.

A couple of minutes later the phone rang and his aunt told him that his mother had just died. We never spoke about it after the fact, I think my husband was a little bit freaked out about it. However, I found it to be a none threatening, peaceful and enlightening experience.

– end after death communication extract –


I was sleeping at a friends house (the first time I had stayed over at his house). I was having a blissful sleep in the arms of my new lover. I woke suddenly with a start, a fright. A completely unexpected awakeness overcame my body. it was 12.02am. I couldn’t sleep well at all for the rest of the night. The next morning I drove home and my sister called to tell me my Grandma had died the previous night. I asked what time, she told me at 12.02am. On the day before the Sunday, I had been to visit my Grandma in the nursing home she was in. She had had alzeheimers for many years and didn’t know who I was. I told her that it was okay to go now and she died the next night. I think she wanted to tell me that she had gone. I felt safer about the experience once my sister had told me what time she has died. It was a reassurance that she was okay and that she had passed over.

– end after death communication extract –

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