Life Beyond Death

Life Beyond Death – What’s it All About?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are life beyond death extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. Read more accounts of the Afterlife.


I was 12 years old, sitting in Social Studies class at 9:50AM. I suddenly felt like I was in a dream not really present in the class. Suddenly I saw or felt the presence of my Grandmother. She said she was coming to say good-bye and that she loved me very much. Then the image/feeling went away and I was suddenly back to my normal state of awareness, present in the class. After school my mother called to tell me Grandma died and I told her I knew, that she had told me good-bye that morning.
– end of life beyond death extract –


Shortly after my brother was killed, I experienced a meeting with him which seemed like a dream, but in which I was fully conscious, aware of the situation, and able to discuss freely feelings about death, survival. I have had other meetings with my father and mother, but these were very short and seemed to be designed to impress on me that they still existed, and that life continued.
– end of life beyond death extract –


After my father died he came to me at night, just like he was still alive. He comforted me and I went back to bed. It was hard to get out of my mind for the longest time that he was actually gone because I had saw him and talked to him.
– end of life beyond death extract –


When I was 13 my grandfather who lived with me and my mom (grandmother too) died. About 6 months later my grandmother moved out and found a home. Within a short period of time — in the empty upstairs bedroom where my grandfather and grandmother lived (huge room) — at night, would begin a `backwards’ walking sound —- back and forth over and over — as if looking for my grandmother. It happened for several months and only when my mother said “do you think it’s poppop?” (my name for him) and I said YES — did it taper off and stop. (she also said “then you have nothing to be afraid of” in response to my statement of who it was.
– end of life beyond death extract –


I was the only family member not present at the time of my aunt’s death. About a week later, I was sleeping on the couch in my living room, and I awoke to find my aunt standing in the room smiling at me. She was dressed in dark slacks, a long sleeved white blouse and a knit vest with green, red and white coloring. Her hair was done nicely. She did not have her glasses on. I told my counselor and she told me this was not uncommon and the fact the aunt was without glasses, yet was buried in them, meant she no longer needed them.
– end of life beyond death extract –


After my grandfather died, he stayed around the house for a week to make sure were were doing all right. I saw him in the living room talking to his cat (who was talking back to him, this is what drew my attention), and I also heard him moving around in his bedroom late one night (I also heard his radion playing inside the room–we had, however, taken that radio, the only one in the house, into the kitchen a day or two before). I had the presence of mind to account for all the people who were known to be in the house at that time before I hightailed it back to bed and pulled the covers over my head.
– end of life beyond death extract –


a very close friend (we are both medical doctors) was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We talked a lot about his impending death, and he said he would try to communicate with me after his death. After he died, my telephone at home would start ringing every day after 10 pm, and would continue ringing episodically throughout the night. Every time we picked it up nobody would talk. When I did ‘call return’ to find out who had made the call it would be ‘a telephone not in public service’. This constant ringing through out the nights was so disturbing that after some days we had to disconect the telephone some nights. The ringing became more sporadic after a few weeks.

I and my wife spent new years’ eve in a remote cottage in … This was a place we had never been before. We were in the company of two friends and another couple we had never met before. At about 11 pm, my wife asked me to tell the story of the ‘spooky’ telephone. As I was just beginning to utter the first words, the telephone started ringing and I just said ‘that is him’ (of course at that stage nobody knew what I was talking about). One of our friends, the owner of the cottage picked up the phone and just as I suspected there was nobody at the other end. As soon as he hanged up, the telephone would start ringing again, and the whole sequence happened about three times.

About a month later, I was alone at home, and already fast asleep, when I was awakened a 3 am sharp, by a very loud male singing voice. I was petrified to say the least. I went downstairs where the sound was coming from. There in the living room I found my TV on, with the sound at full blast (it is worth stating that I had not turned on the TV set in the last few days). They were airing an opera and hence the male singing voice I heard. The following day, I checked out the opera in question, which was a modern rendering of ‘Armida’. I then learned that it was based on a poem by the renaisance poet Torquato Tasso. I was moved to tears when upon reading the poem, as it seemed to describe to the letter a particular difficult problem I was having with my partner. Hence, in addition to the ‘spookiness’ of the experience, I felt the incident seemed to have meaning and purpose.
– end of life beyond death extract –

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