I was able to speak to my sister while in one room and she in another. The person sitting beside me didn’t hear anything. But my sister came back in to answer my query. We then realized that I had not spoken this but sent it through thought. This happened many times before we seemed to grow out of it.

– end of telepath extract –


I suppose many husbands and wives have experienced telepathy during their lives together. With my late husband, we even used the same language (either English [his native language] or Spanish [mine]), as the fancy took us, for our daily telepathic communication/interaction. By this I mean we used the same language to express loudly what the other one was thinking “silently”. We could look at each other across a room and knew exactly what the other was thinking about a particular subject/person/object, etc. at the time. As I said it was both wonderful and worrying and we playfully called it the transmitter/receiver syndrome. This process started even before we were married and got progressively stronger during our 30 years together. I had a weaker “syndrome” experience with my mother and have a much weaker one with both my sisters, especially with my youngest sister.

– end of telepath extract –


A few years ago I dated a man (I’m female) who was the most psychic person I’ve ever known. During the relationship it became almost commonplace for me to “feel” his emotions when he was miles away from me – they would arrive as a ball of energy in the middle of my abdomen, just below my naval, and then open up and I would “taste” the emotion. This happened once a week at least, and it happened when he was feeling strong emotions.

Examples: A. I was sitting at work when I had the overwhelming feeling that John was crying. Since that was the least likely thing in the world I ignored the feeling, but after ten minutes I decided to call him. He really was crying, because a coworker had died. B. We had a late-night conversation on the phone. After I hung up, I physically felt invisible hands running up and down my arms. I called him right back and he confirmed that he was visualizing holding me in his arms and hugging me. C. After we stopped dating we remained good friends. One day I had a job interview that went badly, and as I left the building and drove off, I was close to a panic attack from worries over money. I was crying and close to hyperventilating as I drove. Out of nowhere, I stopped crying and my entire body relaxed – it was like a sedative rolling through my system – and I “felt” an intangible warm hand pressed against my stomach, holding my emotions down. I felt completely calm.

Although I had not even talked to … for two weeks, I sent him a brief, ambiguous text message on the phone: “Was that you?” (If it wasn’t him, the message would make no sense.) He replied by text message with “Yes. Remember to breathe and ground.”

– end of telepath extract –


I was in Israel with a friend. We were both curious about Islam and had never been to a mosque. We were attracted to one in particular and went in. An old man began showing us around and explaining how to kneel, pray. We followed his instructions. As we put our head on the prayer mat we both felt transported into another realm of consciousness and bliss. We weren’t able to speak for some time afterwards. When my friend and I talked about this experience, we realized that the old man was talking in Arabic, perhaps telepathically, and that we were able to understand him.

– end of telepath extract –

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