Poltergeists or Just Things That Go Bump in the Night?

The following poltergeists statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


We lived in an old farm house. The upstairs was set up so that you could walk a complete circle. Each night, a white-ish human figure would circle the upstairs. It would walk around and around and then would stop and come over to my bed, lean over and stare at me.

It didn’t have eyes but, the face was above mine and it seemed as though it was staring. Shortly after this began, each night at 3 in the morning, I would wake, go to the bathroom and stare at myself in the mirror. I was looking at me but the eyes were not mine. then I would notice how one hand felt very thick and heavy like a bar of soap and the other would feel very wispy thin like paper and would tingle. I would run my hands under water and then shake them until they felt normal and until my eyes returned. I would then return to bed.

The strangest part is that I never told anyone about it until I was 20 years old. My brother over heard me and freaked out! He said he used to watch the figure circle the upstairs too but never said anything either. (we had separate rooms) At least we know we weren’t imaginging it! This figure has stayed with me ever since and my children see it too. It has never harmed. It likes to play with strings (like the kind that hang from the lightbulbs).

You can see the strings moving. I had a girlfriend absolutely flip out one night when she spent the night cos she saw the string moving. She was hysterical and we had to take her home in the middle of the night. Fun!
– end of poltergeists extract –


loud sounds of boxes falling and hitting the floor and nothing was to be found and after researching the area living in found someone died from complications of a rape and that recently beleived we found item from that person and after keeping the item in house the events stopped but if we tried to remove item from house it started over.
– end of poltergeists extract –


I experienced what i believe to be poltergiest activety on 3 separate occassions at someone`s house. On all 3 occassions there were other people present who experienced the same.
– end of extract –


Me and my bother were playing in the house when in our dining room the chair moved across the floor, the cause of the movement was undetermined and we both looked on in amazement at the chair.
– end of extract –


I was 12 at the time. My mother and I got into a big fight. She left the house and I was very upset. I ran to my bedroom. As I was about to enter the room, there was a greenish mist that enveloped the whole room. I went over to my bed and touched the bed railing. When I did, the bed which was a double sized bed, began to jump off the ground. I let go of the bed and it continued to jump without me touching it. I stepped out of my room walking backwards in shock as to what I was seeing. As soon as I foot stepped out of my bedroom, the bed dropped to the ground and the mist slowly dissipated.
– end of extract –


at 17, in the attached garage of my family home, we experienced poltergeist activity for about three years, which amounted to the vigorous shaking of the doorknob to the door leading to the garage, the hard physical shaking of the door, accompanied by literal physical movement of canned goods on the shelf in the garage, both audibly and physical change of location of items when we would subsequently check out there. My whole family heard these situatations both alone or in random groupings for the duration, and … even my father was privy to the phenomenae, who, for all of his life was a skeptic, total ‘realist’ , and a decorated war 2 hero, until he experienced these activities along with the rest of us.. (mother, sister, and brother).
– end of extract –


I lived in a house that was haunted by a spirit that seemed very unhappy. In the beginning it was only manifest in small ways. Lights on fish tanks would turn off by themselves. You would put something down and come back to find it missing only to have it reappear weeks later. Cold spots in certain rooms in the middle of summer. It was all very benign untill the landlord had to do some major work on the house. It was over 100 yrs old and in a historical district. The pipes all had to be replaced and some of the electric rewired. When workmen started to rip up the floors the entity seemed to get angry. The manifestations escalated to loud banging, overturned glasses, documents would be thrown about the room while my roomates and I were out. The worst part was the visual manifestations. We began to see large shadows moving in the hallway. The cold sensation witch seemed to center in one of the back bedrooms grew worse and was accompanied by a weight and sense that you were being watched. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. The intensified manifestations continued long after the work on the house was completed and untill my roomate and I ultimately moved out. The house also had an upstairs apartment that was independently rented.

About 5 or 6 years after I had moved out and was back in town visiting I ran into the girl that had rented that upstairs apartment. She asked if I had experienced anything strange while living in the house and told me that she had similar experiences while there but had been reluctant to say anthing about it at the time.
– end of extract –


I was with a brother & ex girlfriend on holiday in Europe. During a drink in a bar in Amsterdam we all had a nasty experience with a poltergeist. This followed us the rest of the 3 weeks we were in Italy. On returning home the first night i read a magazine as i ate dinner. I finished it and placed it on a shelf above head height. I then went to wash my dishes. I had run the water earlier and left them to soak. I put my hands in the water and noticing i needed more hot water was about to lift my hand up to turn on the tap when hot water began to flow until the sesired temperature was reached and then stopped. When i returned to the lounge room the magazine that i had previously placed on the shelf was on the coffee table. This distressed me and i was about to go to my girlfriends place when my room mate returned home (He had earlier gone out and said he would not be home that night) I asked what he was doing coming back so soon. He replied that he had a bad feeling and felt he needed to come home. Nothing else happend after that.
– end of extract –


I worked as a nurse on night shift at a large geriatric centre in Ballarat in the 70’s, where a few of the wards were known to be haunted.One ward on the third floor was particularly known for poltergiest activities such as toilets flushing by themselves. This floor housed ambulant dementia patients who often wandered.I and another nurse were in the nurse’s station when a lady in a white nightgown walked by. I volunteered to return her to bed but when I entered the corridor, she had vanished.All patients were in their beds asleep, so the conclusion was that she was just one of the many ward ghosts.
– end of extract –


In the summer of 1994, I worked for a 4 screen movie theatre as a doorman (ticket taker) and projectionist. I was 20 years old. When I was on duty I tore tickets untill the feature was about to begin then the manager would take over for me so I could run upstairs to the booth to rethread the projector and start the film.

There was only one key to the booth and I had it all night. I ran up to start the next movie and found the film was already almost completely rethreaded. I approached the projector and saw the film finish threading itself before my eyes. I nervously said “Thank You” and hit the button to start the movie. I ran downstairs and told the manager that I wasn’t going up there again that night and handed over the key. He nodded and said stuff like this happened all the time up there.
– end of extract –


I was standing in my kitchen. There are pegs on the cabinets where we hang coffee mugs. One of the mugs fell off into the sink and smashed. No problem. A few weeks later I was standing near them again. This time I just happened to turn my head, to see my best mug fly off of the peg HORIZONTALLY! and smash in the sink. Vibrations couldn’t have caused that!
– end of extract –


There was poltergist activity in one of my apartment that was very persistent. After researching the history of the land where the apartments were bulit I found out that the area was the sight of an unexplained death of a young man. Once the entity was confronted by name and acknowldged our co-habitation was peaceful and respectful.
– end of extract –


I was living with my parents in … Every night was terrible for me ’cause things kept happening before I went to sleep. Sometimes the TV would switch on by itself. Other times I’d feel a cat jump onto the foot of the bed and start playing…but then disappear when I sat up to see it.

The worst was one night when a radio controlled car I’d been given as a present started shaking in the box. The whole box started shaking. I got up, telling myself that I must have left the batteries in it. When I opened the box, the wheels stopped turning. I lifted it out and the batteries were rolling around at the bottom of the box. I freaked a little bit, buried the whole thing at the bottom of my toy chest and hid under the covers. Eventually I must have fallen asleep, but I woke up suddenly around 4 in the morning with something like acute athsma. I couldn’t breath at all, or scream. I banged on my parents door and when they woke up, it went away pretty abruptly. I think this is notable because I’ve never in my life suffered from panic attacks or breathing difficulties. But that time it felt like I was being choked.
– end of poltergeists extract –


Was living in a haunted house and playing poker all night. About 4 am things started flying around. First a salt shaker then a spoon and about 4 or 5 other things. We just egnored it and ducked. Kept playing poker.
– end of poltergeists extract –


When I was about four yrs old, my mom came into my sis and my bedroom, i had been screaming in my sleep, so it woke her up, when she came in my sis & her saw me kinda lifted up from the bed (I wasn’t really awke at this time.) kinda suspended up, and bent back with only my heels on the bed, my sis says it looked like something was trying to pull me through the trailer wall, ( my mom won’t talk about it much. It bothers her.) And they both agree it looked as if a cloud or something was all over me.

I remember my mom screaming, my sis pissing herself, and falling hard, like being slammed back down on the bed. And getting sick, and throwing-up. I was also really cold. My mom took us girls to my popas’ for three days. When we came home she had painted the walls, and hung up a bunch of really creepy pictures of jesus and mary and crap like that. (She’s a strange lady.) I can’t remember any more then that of that exsperience, but there were others.

my sister got punched right in front of me and my parents, but there was no one there to hit her, but there was a HUGE bruise across her face, (I was about 10 at that time.) And my mom would get up and search the closets all the time, because (and I know this sounds nuts.) It sounded like people were talking in the walls, we all could hear it, even people who would visit could hear it, which is probly why people stopped coming by.
– end of poltergeists extract –


I used to babysit for a friend of the family while she worked nightshift. The house always felt strange and had had a number of things happen in it over the years. Cold spots, lightbulbs bursting for no reason. I used to wake up and see a middle aged man standing over me as I slept, the children could see him too.

His nickname was “Blue”, that was what the youngest (3yr old) called him. He also ran at me one night and the lightbulbs burst as he came down the hall. I could just make out him standing over me and pacing around. I did some research and found that the house was built over an old lumber mill. Having the name Blue and with him usually wearing old fashioned type clothes, I figured that he had died at the mill. Weird things would happen at my house, I think it also had something to do with the mill.
– end of poltergeists extract –


In our halls at University we experienced things flying off the work surfaces in the shared kitchen when noone could have done this. There were often two or more people who experienced this. Other people in the flat described seeing blood on the walls in the bathroom at a similar time, but were usually on their own and nobody really believed them.

I was very sceptical about the moving objects when I was told about them but then it happened when I was in the room and there was no logical explanation. It made me much less certain about the general intellibility of the universe, which was probably good for me, but at the time felt a little strange
– end of poltergeists extract –


I and my family witnessed haunting/RSPK phenomena in … over the course of several years. The first experience consisted of my husband and I hearing a series of quick, loud knocks ALL OVER the wall by our heads late one night, seemingly from the top to the bottom, as if numerous people were behind the wall knocking on it. I was awake, he was asleep, & it woke him up it was so loud. No one was in the other room — an empty guest/dressing room. Over the years, among other things, we “heard” doors opening and closing (once, some closet doors slamming open & shut very loudly & quickly); I once heard a very old & very heavy door open behind me, and turned around as it was still moving — no one was there; we heard various banging sounds; and one time in particular with the entire family present, witnessed the movement of a small object *in flight.* Oftentimes, more than one person was present when things happened & sometimes it was just me. We went to some older, aristocratic neighbors who shared a larger area of the (house) & asked them if they’d ever experienced anything there. They laughed & produced a book detailing the paranormal occurrences that had taken place in the (house) that had been written many years previously.
– end of poltergeists extract –

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