The following poltergeists statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.

The following spiritual short stories are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


It happened while I was sleeping. It was during a sad and stressful time of my life. I had moved across country — away from my family and friends — in pursuit of a new job opportunity as well as a guy who I really loved. Neither the job or the romance were working out. I had a “dream” that I had left my body and was floating around the ceiling of the house — like a helium balloon. It felt real.

I was terrified and wanted to wake up — it felt like there was something sinister lurking. I couldn’t wake up though. When I finally managed to wake up though, my heart was racing and I was afraid to go back to sleep for fear of it happening again. I spoke to a therapist about it a few years later.

– end astral extract –


Often, when I meditate after my yoga class, I leave my body. I dont know if this is astral travelling also but several times i have thought i had left the class and was on the way home, only to find that I was woken up and was back in the yoga hall! This is very bizarre as I leave the hall, drive my car, talk to people on the mobile, etc, So I dont know how much time has elapsed except the meditation session only goes for 10 minutes!

– end astral extract –


It was one of the hottest nights of the summer and the power went out and I didn’t have a bed at the time so I was sleeping on the floor. It was just miserable. I was lying down trying to sleep even though it was so hot and humid, and I started to drift off I guess and I just sort of felt myself leaving my body kind of… and then I saw myself drifting up and out the window smiling, much happier. And then I kind of panicked and thought ‘No!’ (couldn’t move at all), and then I was suddenly grounded back in my body again and wide awake and hot and a bit scared. I’d read a little about that kind of thing but I was scared I was dying. I read more about it afterwards and decided it was kind of cool and I probably wasn’t really dying, just leaving the body behind for a bit. Not sure though because I’m not sure actually seeing yourself is part of astral catalepsy. It hasn’t happened to me with that feature at any other time. Perhaps it was dreaming but I don’t really know. I tend to think it was leaving the body.

– end astral extract –

458. OOBE

I started having out of body experiences at the age of 15. When I would experience this I would know why things were the way they were like I was omniscient. I experimented enough that I could pretty much do it when I wanted. I did a lot of research on astral projection. I stopped when I became concerned about not being able to return at will. I know other people who have experienced the same thing. Some thought it was a religious experience. Although I have had religious experiences I do not feel that these were religious in nature.

– end astral extract –


I work as a Chef, and was doing some part time work at a Motel, an old building, which when you went down to the back store rooms set your hair on end….that sort of place. The kitchen was small and as usual with Motel dining rooms, only a few in house guests chose to eat in.

So I was working alone, apart from one front of house wait staff. I heard the main cool room door open and shut in consecutive sequence. (about three times in rapid sequence) I have worked some thirty years now in kitchens, and they all sound the same, (fridge doors) and presumed it to be the waitress either in a bad mood, or just having trouble getting it to shut, and I was a bit too busy to take a look.

When she came into the kitchen caring plates from the dining room, my hackles rose, as I realised, she was no where near the fridge. After that the rest of the night was …..errie…i thought as i took the rubbish out, to hear the fridge doors opening and shutting once more. I was never more glad to finish a shift i can tell you. That night….later,, i dreamt, I was back in that kitchen…there was a presence there, i could not see, but felt, I reached out…grabbing with my hand, and touched some one. it was,,, say,,,Marilyn Monroe.

Just say,…. who became apparrent to me after I touched her hand,, but who was hiding herself. She was child like, very lost,and vunerable, a women but a lost child. This is how she appered to me during the dream. She was nice,,, you could tell, I could have read her mind,,,something like that. So open. Then the dream ended, i was very awake,I was also freezing cold, to the point of having chattering teeth. my whole body was in goose bumped. As i gathered my thoughts, I became aware my feet were lapped, i suppose over … . It, seemed very important to keep that physical connection, and as it turned out i clung to it. While being i believe totally awake, the child lke women held my hand. Then, i had a decision to make,,,, leave the comfort of my connections to … , or go with this women, as now, my body was accelerating out of the bed, and Up,,, with such rapidness, that was an ordeal, believe me. I managed to do both, while feling a phychical connenection to… ,

(IMPORTANT), by way of touching her feet, i once again held the hand of the lost child women , who I was attracted to, not sexually but perhaps i recogized her. Perhaps. As we held hands,,, the chill I felt increased, I literally rose up out of the bed, very scary, but I had ,been there before , many years past, abiet, after smoking some very illegal Sumatrian Heads. This was different. I had to make a choice I held her hand firmly, but desperatly clung to the feeling of touching Jenny;s feet. All I can say ids we rocketed upwards, in astral flight, that would make any body gasp, i was shivereing, so cold, but kept hold of this shy lost womens hand. We reached a point i would describe as an older style garden wall, brick maybe,, with vines and stuff. As we ascened the wall, she let go and sallied forth to where i couldn;t follow. I fell back as it where to the reality of ny bed,,,and was freezing , to the core. This experiernce stayed with me till morning, no sleep.

Then all of the nexy day, one of those half dreamt occourences that stays with you. The next night, I worked another shift at the same motel, as I began organising the food prep, Briany, the waitress, came through the kitchen door, looking a distressed and perturbed, she asked me if had i knew about the women who was in the night before …….who had committed suiside. This was November 2001. I spoke to a clarviont about this later,,,, wh o told me it was nothing unatural,, and i had simply helpreds thid person find there way to the next life. Yeah right,,,, brrrrrrr. I guess, anyway no regrets if i did.

– end astral extract –

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