Clairscent or Paranormal Odors

The following paranormal phenomena statements are clairscent extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


Apparition: Age 27. I was in the very same apartment as my “scent of a spirit; it was my father” was in. My living room was very small and was just a four room apartment (if you took a square box and divided it evenly, that was my apartment.) My husband at the time was very ill, he had been sleeping off a fever in the bedroom. I was on the opposite side of the wall on the sofa in the living room, chatting on the computer. I started to hear someone talking in the bedroom, funny thing was, it wasn’t just one person but two. It was my husband at the time and another, but I was the only one in the apartment. He was having a conversation with someone but I couldn’t understand neither of them. I listened intently.

I got up and walked into the bedroom and the whole conversation stopped. I decided to wake him up and ask him about it. He said he was talking to a past friend of his, that I had known too. He says he was telling him what happened for real during his accident. I told him I heard him talking too… it was so weird, so we just kinda did what we needed to do in that distant look on our faces.

He went to take medicine and came into the living room and sat in a chair that was diagonally from where I was. My bedroom door was behind both of us. After about 5 minutes of just sitting there pondering that conversation, a apparition walked out of my bedroom and between both myself and my husband (at that time) and vanished into thin air. We both looked at one another, like we had both just gone nuts because we saw this. This apparition was the friend that was speaking to him in the bedroom. To this day, we talk about it on occasion when he visits the kids in my new home.
– end of clairscent extract –


Maybe 3yrs. old.

Temporary stay with old friend of mother. Lost our apartment. “Poor” in …! Myself, my brother, my mother, her friend were present. I lay upon “army cot” in a Bay window next to brother-head to toe- in front room of apt. Hallway door to outside made clicking sound as if “spring type” lock was forced back by a knife. Door swung open. front room filled with perfumed fragrance-maybe roses? I became aware of woman standing over me. Young, pale, black hair, red lips, shiny blue dress. I felt afraid. She smiled said, “don’t be afraid “… …” it’s me …”…. I screamed, woman vanished!

Mother and friend were sitting on bed quietly talking-they had seen door open and smelled perfume. They rushed to me asked what was wrong? I explained! Friend of mother looked in dresser drawer found picture, asked me about the person in picture. I said it was woman I had seen. It seems woman I saw was dead daughter of mother’s friend and also friend of mother. Both were named ….

Dead daughter was killed when my mother was pregnant with me. She died in car accident in … was buried as my description of her-blue satin dress, black hair etc.. I was born in …. Mother said she, … wanted to “see” me as she thought I would be beautiful baby. She died before I was born, so I will assume she came to …”see”…. me anyway?

Other things have happened to me throughout life! Sorry for stilted language. 800 words or less you said?

– end of clairscent extract –


I have had several experinences where things have moved or exploded, apparitions, smells and voices were apparent.
– end of claircent extract –


stayed all night in a haunted bed and breakfast in  … on halloween. i took a friend so i would be believed if anything happened. in the middle of the night i was woken my someone blowing in my face. when i opened my eyes the lamp was flickering off and on. i smelled roses and i felt a unseen person beside the bed. i didn,t wake my friend because i wasn,t afraid. in the morning when we woke up the bed spread was spred out off the foot of the bed as if it had been hand spred. not a wrinkle in it. my friend said she had been woken by some one pulling her hair. and there was knots in her long stright hair like some one had tied them.
– end of clairscent extract –


I used to live in a house in …. The people that lived in the house prior to me moving in had a mother that lived in the house, had a stroke and later died.

When I bought the house, I didn’t notice how bad it smelled because many scented candles were burning. After I purchased the house, I couldn’t live in it because it smelled so bad. I ended up having to gut the house and renovate it completely. Several workman were injured on the job while working on the house. One actually fell through the second story floor.

After the renovation was complete, I blessed the house. I went through each room with burning sage and recited “Hail Mary” & “Our Father” prayers. When I got to the master bedroom, as I was blessing a corner of the room, a white swooshy looking vapor appeared. It was about 18 inches high and hovered over a corner of the room. It scared the heck out of me so I ran out. I later had a douser evaluate the house and he told me to place certain copper coils in several areas of the house. I did this & later moved in.

What was odd was that the street light in front of the house kept on dimming and then completely going out. I would go outside and stand directly under the light, and then it would go on. This happened quite frequently. I went on vacation for several weeks, and when I returned, the house was a complete disaster.

Several water pipes had burst right were the douser said were trouble spots. I moved out of the house since it was a saftey hazard and never returned. Two weeks later my husband lost his job. We are still recovering from the devistation. I was told that the house might have been on an Indian Burial Ground. It might have also been the spirit of the woman that died not wanting anyone to move into her house. I don’t know, but I can’t get myself to drive by the house anymore.
– end of clairscent extract –

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