Auditory Hallucinations

Auditory Hallucinations or Just Hearing Things

The following paranormal phenomena statements on auditory hallucinations are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I have had many paranormal experiences over my lifetime. One I thought was especially cool happened one morning when I was alone in the house and I was down in our basement. I was looking in a file for something when the lights blinked on and off. This had happened in this house before quite a few times so I just sat there and waited to see what happened next.

Soon what sounded like a snare drum that was in the room with me started playing a song, it lasted for about 20-30 seconds, I can still remember what the tune sounded like. After the music stopped, the lights blinked again and it was over. The tune the drum was playing reminded me of how you see in Civil War times a young boy played a song for the soldiers to march to. The house was dead quiet during the playing of the drum and appliances, etc. started turning back on when the lights blinked after the drum was done.

I have always felt privileged to hear that, like it had been staged for me to experience that. This house was a brand new house, (I had actually designed the house myself) and I had many paranormal experiences there, and also continue to have paranormal experiences in my current house (which also is a new house). I have heard rumors that the first house possibly had Civil War fighting in the area.
– end of auditory hallucinations extract –


I slept on the second floor of my house with the rest of my family. Around 3:00am, I often would hear a lot of noise downstairs. Sometimes, I would notice that items were moved when I came down in the morning. Nothing major, just little things. The noises were so loud, that I would wake up, look at the clock, and it was always 3:00 am. My bedroom was over the garage. I would often hear the garage door open and the door to the family room open. I even had my husband look up in the attic of the garage to see if someone was living there. I was really freaked out when I was awakened by my dog barking in the garage. I sometimes put him in there if he was dirty from running around outside. I went down and let him in the house, and when I passed the downstairs bathroom, I told him to get some water. At that time, I realized that he was in the house when I went to bed.
– end of auditory hallucinations extract –


I was at a friends home, where she had said she was having paranormal activity so I wanted to check it out for fun. I was on the 2nd floor in the hall way, and I was speaking out loud trying to get some sort of response from the ghosts. After about 5 questions or so I heard very very clearly, a long sigh. No one else was on the 2nd floor, and there was no way it was anyone from downstairs as everyone was out of audible range to the stairs. It was also mid june and the heat was not running, nor did the home have central air, so any sort of air/ventilation seems unlikely.
– end of auditory hallucinations extract –


Age 11, … Slept over next door at neighbors house. Room was under the attic. The neighbor talked about poltergeist in the attic, I didn’t know what it was at the time. When I stayed over, it sounded like 20 to 30 people walking around in the attic, music and talking. The neighbor and I sneaked up the stairs to take a look, no one there and the noise stopped as we opened the door.

I stayed the night, nevertheless. The neighbor’s father used to build model airplanes in the attic, they had to move them to the garage, because too often they’d find their airplanes smashed across the attic floor. Years later I was looking into the history of their house and found it was used an old “speak-easy” during alcohol prohibition (1920’s). Apparently it was used for parties, drinking, music, poker,etc. They were still haunting the place in the 60’s.
– end of extract –


My aunt … had recently died of old age. I was at my parents house along with both parents and my aunt and uncle for a Christmas dinner. We were discussing Aunt … My Uncle who is a staunch realist carried a tray of four glasses filled with wine towards the table. The house was silent and then every one of us were stunned to hear the most beautiful music we had ever heard. We did not know where it was coming from until we all realized that the glasses on the tray that my uncle was carrying were responsible.

We did not see anything – the glasses did not move – but the music coming from that direction filled the room for well over a minute. We listened, we looked at each other and the glasses, my uncle stood transfixed and then it stopped as quickly as it had started. It was a wonderful experience.
– end of extract –


My mom passed away in my house. She died of breast cancer. I was in college and over slept, and I heard “….., its time to get up, you gotta go to school” in my mom’s voice very clearly. I am deaf in one ear and when I sleep on my good ear, I can’t hear the alarm clock.

Well I heard this clearly and woke up. My dad was in his bedroom down the hall, and he heard my mom say this too and woke up as well. That was what my mom used to say to get me up to go to high school, and then on this very important test day she woke me up to go take a final at college.

Woke up my dad too!
– end of auditory hallucinations extract –


My family and I were walking into the funeral home to attend my Uncle Ed’s wake. We were the first to arrive to make sure everything was set up okay. We were standing in the foyer all talking when I heard crystal clear my Uncle Ed speak to me. He said, “Hey Kiddo, how are you doin?” It was his voice and intonation exactly. This is how he greeted me every time we got together. No one else heard it but wondered why I was looking all around the foyer with a startled look on my face. I didn’t tell them right away because I figured they would think me nuts. It wasn’t until after my father passed away a year later when my mother and I both has ‘odd’ occurrences in our house that I told her about Uncle Ed speaking to me.’

– end of auditory hallucinations extract –

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