Making Predictions

Making Predictions or Just Wild Guesses?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are extracts about making predictions from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I had just taken my first plane trip to … I dreamed that my mother died, so I called to check on her. When I spoke to her, she told me that she was just having chest pains. I was at the hotel with my friend and roomate. My mother was in …
– end of extract –


From the time I was thirteen I knew that my father would die before I graduated from college – he died my junior year.

Six weeks before his death I dreamt that he had died. I was in my college dorm room, and he was dressed in white. I went to visit my parents six weeks after this dream and my father showed me things from his past, items I had never seen before. My mother had read the obit and noticed that someone I had dated in HS had been killed in Vietnam and his funeral was the next day.

I stayed one extra night and my father died the next morning. After he died I heard him sneeze in my mom’s bedroom, as though he wanted us to know that he was still around.
– end of extract –


I have often been given warnings that others close to me were about to pass over..I see them in dreams and their energies becomes smaller and within months they pass over..I am not always sure how long they have..but its as if Spirit prepares me and I know that I must tell them how much they mean to helpful in anyway that I can and prepare myself for loss.. can not prevent it as it seems time is up for them and my daughter also has this gift if it can be called a gift..its a knowing..
– end of making predictions extract –


Precognition and possible ‘reality shift’: I often get premonitions of ‘bad events’ as a depressing feeling.

In one particular instance, I had a strong feeling of impending harm to a friend of mine as we were about to part company at the end of a long day. I managed to narrow it down to his drive home the next day, and that it would be some sort of accident, but I was faced with that odd feeling that if I told him to ‘take a different route home’ that this might not necessarily take him ‘away’ from the harm, but actually be part of the ‘path’ that led to it. So I settled on the idea that I would ‘nag’ him into being far more paranoid, alert and ‘careful’ on his drive home the next day.

I simply kept telling him that he had to be careful, watch all the traffic around him, on and on. After roughly half an hour of this, the depressing feeling suddenly lifted, and I knew he would be alright. So I stopped nagging him and went home. Next day, I checked with him, and he had indeed had a very ‘close call’ on his drive home. You can never know for certain, but it seemed that because he was driving with far more attention and care than normal, he managed to swerve in time and just miss hitting the other car that pulled out in front of him.

Perhaps because he was already fully aware of his surroundings, he did not need to lose that precious second *looking* to see if the other lane was clear, and so he could swerve instantly? Either way, this incident stands out as one where I first had a clear premonition and then somehow ‘changed’ that future. Again, on an individual basis, this incident may be evaluated as a ‘psychological’ anomaly, but it is taken in the context of other experiences with premonitions that came true.
– end of making predictions extract –


Precognitive dream of a death. Walking with colleagues at lunch, looked up and commented on the window washer leaning backward out of the window, connected only with straps around his waist which hooked to bolts on the building. That night, I had a dream of a dead dog lying in a large pool of blood on the pavement in front of the building where I worked. The next morning, the window washer fell and was found lying on the pavement dead, in a large pool of blood.
– end of extract –


I dreamed that a colleague’s brother had died and was standing in the funeral home. I noted exact details of the people, furnishings, and movements; and relayed this information to a friend who went with me to the viewing. Everything played out again like I had seen a movie of the event, only the “movie” was three days earlier.
– end of extract –

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