Fearless Prediction

The following fearless prediction statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I was participating in a military briefing to review my unit’s readiness and mission. At the time, I was in Europe and the unit’s mission was to go the the then … border.

After the briefing, a fellow officer mentioned something about going to the border, and I told him that we would never move north. I told him that I believed that the next outbreak of warfare would be in the Middle East. He asked if I was talking about going into Lybia. I strongly felt that this would not happen, that it would most likely be or have something to do with Kuwait but I was not sure why.

At the time I was telling him this, I had images in my head of fire, dark smoke filled air, tan-colored tanks moving along a highway (all of our vehicles in our unit were dark green and brown), lots of sand and the sound dull thud-like explosions. Needless to say, he laughed it off and said not so politely that it was total fantasy. This was in 1985.
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Creative Commons License photo credit: Digital Sextant


When I was in high school, for an extremely brief moment, I had a flash of understanding that my grandfather would pass away. It was so brief that my conscious mind really didn’t stick to the thought at all, though I was aware of it on some level. Not long after that, my grandfather, who was by all accounts completely healthy (or at least not in extremely bad shape), passed away in his sleep. It was only a few days after his death that I recalled having that indefinable thought. Since then, I have known nearly every time when someone in my family or a close family friend was going to pass.
– end of extract –


I dreamed of my father dying. I dreamed he was laying on the grown next to his hunting rifle. I thought that he would die in a hunting accident. Three days later my father died. He had committed suicide with the hunting rifle.
– end of extract –


It was a few months after my gg passed I was sitting on my bed. I started to cry and my sister who is a year older than me asked what was wrong. I told her that nana died and now Angel is going to die. She asked me why I was saying this. I said because I just had a feeling like I did before Nana died.

The next day when I got home from school my Aunt told me that … (my other GG) had died earlier that day. I thought I killed her and my nana with my feelings and thoughts.
– end of extract –


I had a dream one night that someone at my school had died and we were at his funeral. It felt very real. I went to school the next day and was actually in hopes that it might have been a bully that I hated and treated lots of people horribly. It wasn’t him. It was a friend of mine that had died in a Drunk Driving accident.

Also, my Mom and Dad both say that I knew that my great grandmother had died when I was around 4 years old. I do not remember this, but supposedly I came up to them and simply told the two of them that she was dead. My Dad doesn’t talk much about her, but he must have been pretty close to her since he has put her name into both of my sisters’ names in some form.
– end of extract –


I had a very vivid dream that my oldest son and I were walking into a lake. I told him that we would keep walking and eventually would develop the ability to live underwater. Other family members were on the shore of the lake watching us. They would follow later. That same son drowned a few years after I told him this dream. I felt that somehow I had caused his death through the power of suggestions.
– end of extract –


The night before I got married I had got a very strong urge that the marriage would end badly. I had a feeling that events would play out in a certain way. So a wrote a letter to my spouse to be, explaining what was going to happen and how I felt about it and sealed the letter, and gave it to her. 4 years later the events in the letter came true almost exactly how I described them.
– end of extract –


When I was a young child, our family had gone to visit my grandparents for dinner. We enjoyed the afternoon, playing outside and the meal. After dinner I excused myself and sat on the veranda with my Grandfathers dog. I cried and cried and knew only a feeling of dread. I told the dog that everything was going to change and that nothing would ever be the same again. I was too young to know what dread was, but I was very sad. My mother said I cried the hour long drive home and cried myself to sleep. That was the last time we saw my Grandfather, or even ate at that house. He passed away suddenly, the house got sold and the dog died of a broken heart.
– end of fearless prediction extract –


In fifth grade, our teacher introduced two new boys into our class who had just moved to our town. They were identical twins. I turned to my best friend, Joan, and said “I’m going to marry THAT one.” I did, nine years later, and …, as my maid-of-honor, reminded me of this incident, which I had forgotten.
– end of fearless prediction extract –

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