Digital Iconic: Executive Summary

I’m Rosemary Breen publisher, author, blogger and founder of Digital Iconic THE PLACE to go if you’re a magazine looking for premium-quality, ready-made, written content.

Digital Iconic is a two-sided marketplace that sells quality, pre-written content to small-to-medium sized digital and print magazines, saving them time, money, and the hassle of the whole outsourcing process.

Unlike sites like Elance and oDesk, where buyers have to write briefs, sort applications, hire and manage contractors, at Digital Iconic it’s a two-step process: publishers read article extracts, and purchase their chosen writings.

Today, the global magazine market is huge but flat lining; the magazine app market is small and growing. Publishers are gradually moving to the digital magazine space, and with this move comes increased pressure for content – of all types, not just words. This is where Digital Iconic marketplace comes into play.

It’s early days for digital publishing, and I love knowledge and information; that’s why Digital Iconic is here in the digital publishing space. Welcome!

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