Stages of Dying

Recognizable Stages of Dying

The following paranormal phenomena statements are stages of dying extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


My grandfather was sick for a long time. One night I had a dream that I was at his house, sitting on the steps leading downstairs, and he was telling me that he was dead. I told him, No, you arn’t dead, you are right here. He said, yes, I’m dead, I just died, and I wanted to tell you that it’s okay.

The dream ended with me waking up in bed, and staring at my ceiling for a few minutes. Then, at 4.30am, the house phone rang. I knew what was going to happen…I listened as my father picked up the phone, and gave it to my mom, and said it was the hospital, and I listened as she started to cry, and I ran out of bed and into the hallway, and I told my father that very moment what I dreamt, and he just looked at me and said, yep, he probably wanted to tell you in person.

This comforts me in a way, because I know that theres something after we die, but then again, it freaks me out because I don’t fully understand why I had this dream and my sister and mother and father didn’t.
– end of stages of dying extract –


A friend of mine … died in my arms when I was 15. I always felt he was with me. Two years later, my moms friend came to visit (she is a holistic healer) she stayed in my room.

She closed the door and in the middle of the night someone came into the room and asked where I was he had light around him he said over and over this is … where is “…”?

She said I was downstairs asleep on the couch. And he left. Her door was still open when I woke up. (not really happend to me I guess, but still)
– end of stages of dying extract –


I had a seeming brief “visitation” by my father at a moment which appears to have corresponded with his death (confirmed with family member who was present at his unexpected demise), some 35 miles distant.
– end of extract –


My father was dying. I was using essential oils to annoint him. (It was miraculous to me that he had given me permission.) As I annointed his forehead, he sat up, wide-eyed, and said “I see … right behind you, helping.” My Uncle …, Dad’s brother, was a priest who had died years earlier. I had felt a presence, but didn’t know who it was. A month later, my Uncle appeared to me in a “dream”. He said “Forgive me. I didn’t know. Let me know if I can ever be of any help to you.” I was in awe of that.
– end of stages of dying extract –


A dear friend committed suicide that night and appeared in the middle of the night at my (and my husbands) bed at, what I now expect, the moment of his death. I woke (kind of) up and so did my husband, and I saw him standing next to my bed without saying anything. Since he lived in the same big house as we did his appearance was not impossible (though he never came in out bedroom before), and in my half sleep I didn’t think much of it. He didn’t glow, he just stood there and went after a few seconds. It all had a dream like quality.

The following morning we heard what happened, and later I realised that it was absolutely impossible that he could have come while alive, without making noise, since the hallway was totlly dark and full of wood and paint for remodeling; one had to jump to manage it, even by daylight. I never talked about it with my husband, but I am sure he experienced it too.
– end of stages of dying extract –


NOTE: THIS HAPPENED TO MY FATHER THE DAY PRIOR TO HIS PASSING OVER: the morning of the evening my father died he told of a strange dream/experience that he had the night before (saturday) (although he said it was not a dream it was real & actually happened to him).

my mums father (who has passed over some years prior) had sat on my dads bed discussing life after death & reincarnation, & not to be afraid to die. of course at that time dad was not aware his number was up. he had been telling all & sundry who visited their home that sunday morning, it was distressing enough that my sister in law left early in tears & could not understand why dad was being so morbid (thats how she saw it). anyway dad had a big heart attack that evening, & he was not a religious man yet was saying hail mary whilst gasping for his last breath. he was in the arms of my older brother who was trying to resuscitate him.

then dad smiled & said mother (he was always very close to our grandma & we believe she came to take him to the other side). I dont have any doubts about this & there were several witnesses of this final act.
– end of extract –

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