Religious Angels

Religious Angels or Miraculous Visions

The following statements about religious angels are more extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


was dreaming of riding in a vehicle with my head on my friends shoulder. it was dark, rainy night. I felt like i was in the vehicle, could hear music and see the road ahead.

my friend pulled out to pass the 2 semi-trucks in front of us (double lane). the rear semi not seeing us pulls out to pass the front semi threatening to blindside us. I gasped my friend and yelled “look out”. He slammed on the brakes and pulled back behind the second semi. in my sleep i gasped and sat straight up in my bed.

Knowing i had just been dreaming i noted the time and asked the angels to keep my friend safe for the rest of their journey home, as i knew they were still many hours from home. I called my friend in the morning, and found that they had a near miss in that exact same fashion around the same time the previous evening. They also had 2 more near misses that trip where they miraclously avoided an accident.
– end of extract –


My husband and I completed a Usui reiki level II class in February … and went home to discover our apartment filled with dead people (I saw them, he felt them). Neither of us had been psychic, therefore, we didn’t know what to do.


I went through many years of severe panic attacks, stress-related depression, migraine headaches. I didn’t like to go outside the house. Was driving about 30 miles away on a highway that was pretty desolate. While being worried that my car was breaking down, I asked God to give his angels charge over me. As I decided to start walking to find help, I asked God that if anyone stops to please let it be a woman. A woman pulls over, listening to Christian music, took me to the nearest gas station/phone. As I looked back to wave goodbye, she was nowhere to be seen within a 1/4 mile each way. An angel rescued me 🙂
– end of extract –

We called our reiki teacher and he didn’t know what to do either. He said this had never happened before. For lack of a better solution, we decide to ignore the dead people. I thought perhaps the psychic ability was a side effect that might go away. My husband stopped feeling the presence of the dead people after a few days, but I kept seeing them and sometimes they spoke to me. Once some of them started to speak to me, I started asking them to leave, and surprisingly, they would generally leave. Where they went I have no idea.

A couple of months into this experience a hysterical dead woman began screaming at me one evening. She wouldn’t go when I asked and she was freaking me out so I called out to God to send an angel or something to help and an angel swooped out of the corner of the ceiling and took her away. I was shocked to see an angel, but thrilled that I now had a way to deal with all the dead people. I’ve been seeing angels ever since. I now teach about reiki and working with angels.
– end of extract –


i was 11 or 12, and we lived on a ranch way out in the country. it was an autumn day, clear and hot with no clouds in the sky. i was playing in a field with my younger brother and sister when i was suddenly caught off guard and scared to death by a HUGE flash of light.

i thought it was lightening, but it didn’t go away as quickly as lightening should’ve, and there were no clouds in the sky. i looked directly at this light, and it appeared to take the form of a person, a really big person, about 8 feet tall, standing about 12 feet off the ground, completely immersed and surrounded by light, and the light seemed to be coming from the being itself. it was a very powerful sight and my young mind couldn’t understand what was happening, so i grabbed my brother and sister, who both saw the being as well, and we ran home to tell my parents.

my dad was a … at our church, and after hearing our account, told us that two weeks prior to our incident, some friends had been driving home from our house (we hosted a weekly bible study) and had seen the exact same sight that i had described, right at the boundary of our property line. they described it as an angel, and their description fit mine exactly. i’ve never seen another angel right in the open like that, but i’ll never forget it, and the image is as clear in my mind today (13 years later) as it was that august afternoon.
– end of extract –


well, the story’s huge, but it all took place in about 30 secs at the most, all I can say is that, I left my body, I went through space, I traveled through stars and galaxies, so fast, faster than light, and then when I stopped there was nothing, and in front of me, a light appeared and then formed the shape of an angel, but when I tried to look at his face, I was back on my bike, but this time I was wet and I was supposed to be dead, cya (told you, story’s long but it you’re actually interested, email me
– end of extract –

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