The Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas

Haunted Alamo

How much do you know about the Alamo? If you are American the Alamo may mean something to you. However, for those residing outside the States a few words by way of background may be appropriate.

History buffs will probably recognize the name Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas. It is as a prominent landmark in the history of southwest U.S.A. It’s also a symbol of the intense pride that modern day Texans, in particular feel when they recall the battle that occurred at the Alamo Mission in the long struggle for American freedom.

Fans of western movies may remember the Alamo from the many cinematic versions of this famous battle that took place between the Mexicans and the rebels, fighting for Texas independence in the early spring of 1836. Do you recall John Wayne’s famous role as Davy Crockett in the classic, 1960 film The Alamo?

But there is another side to the story of the Alamo Mission and it’s one that doesn’t get as much coverage.

Many people point to the long history of bloodshed associated with the Alamo Mission as the reason for its paranormal tales, and indeed its bloodied and brutal past may be the reason for so many strange happenings.


There is a huge body of myths and legends and folklore that has sprung up around the Alamo Mission. To this day, both visitors and locals alike report strange sounds emanating from the site. The noises range from indistinguishable rackets to the distinct voices of people in specific rooms at the Mission. Some people have reported seeing ghosts that resemble soldiers killed during the famous battle; others have been confronted by Native American spirits that haunt the site, presumably from the times when the Mission was used as a place of religious conversion.

As with most paranormal sightings, the personal accounts differ from witness to witness. Some visitors report feeling a definite chill in the central area of the Alamo, and this is often accompanied by a feeling of being watched. Other visitors report being menaced even attacked by unseen entities. Physical sightings are, however, quite rare, but they happen often enough to be of interest to paranormal investigators.

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