What Happens After Death

The following paranormal phenomena statements on what happens after death are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


my mother died, within a few days, she came to my house and sat in my rocking chair and looked and smiled at me as if to say goodbye. A day or so later, my husband was walking through the bedroom to the bathroom and he saw my mother standing there. He said oh hi mom. Then he suddenly realized she was no longer alive, he went into a panic and ran to tell me about it. I’ve been told that I make things happen from far away. I think about some subject and within a few days some happens in connection with it. People have noticed. They fear me a little.

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I had always discussed with my grandfather him communicating with me past his grave. After he died, I was married and honeymooned in …. Our trip consisted of 1-2 nights in each of several wineries private visitors accomodations. No one knew our itinerary, or how to contact us. One night on return to our accomodation (a 2 BR home surrounded by acres of grape vines at …) around midnight, the phone was ringing as we walked in. “It’s for me!” I shouted, half kidding, because noone knew where we were, and if anyone had even tried to track us down, it was 3am on the east coast. I picked up the phone and the line was dead. As I hung up the receiver, my cell phone rang, the caller ID reading “out of area.” I answered, but there was no response, just a seemingly “dead” line, as well.

When I picked up the house phone again, there was a dial tone. Both my husband (he never met my grandfather and is a true skeptic) and I both KNEW that it was him. Shortly thereafter, we were visiting my parents, and the torch lamp beside the guest bed that had belonged to my grandfather came on spontaneously several times as we were trying to go to sleep. My husband, becoming weary of my grandfathers attempts at communication insisted that I thank him, and “let him move on.”
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shortly after my grandmas death, she came to my bedside in a blue and white sparkly light, i smelt her perfume and felt her cold hands on my arm, she whispered in my ear to answer the phone. then she was gone. i was awake lying in bed when this happened, actually i was getting out of the bed. the blue and white sparkly light was like a flash, but lasted about 5 seconds. the phone was ringing when she left. i was too scared to answer the phone.
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I had a dream that a loved one that I hadn’t seen or heard anything about in several years was standing at the foot of my bed and saying goodbye. I awoke, knowing that he died. Several days later we received a letter from his daughter saying that he passed away on the night I had the dream.
– end of What Happens After Death extract -

When I was about 17 years old I went to sleep one evening and dreamt that I was awake.

There was a woman in a casket laid out. There were people milling about in this parlor. I hovered over the casket to look in and realized that it was my grandmother. My father’s mother.

I had written to her since I was small but had never met her. I did have photographs of her. I also got the sense that she was going to leave me something valuable. I remember being filled with anguish and crying out to her over her casket that “this isn’t supposed to be how I meet you!!” I awoke the next morning feeling a bit creeped out by this dream because it was so detailed and so vivid.

I was planning to visit this grandmother for the first time in April that year. It was also going to be the time I met my father for the first time, as we had been physically separated since I was two years old from the divorce of my parents. A few weeks later I called my father to firm up the arrangements for my upcoming trip. He informed me that granny had died. I asked if I could go to the funeral and he told me that it was too late, that she had died a few weeks ago!

Her literal death coincided closely to when I had the dream. Perhaps days before. She left me $1,000 and her ring that she often wore.
– end of What Happens After Death extract -

In 1992, I was deeply romantically involved with a man who would later become my husband. After a passionate whirlwind courtship of about 4 months, he suddenly broke up with me. I was deeply depressed and really unable to understand what was going on. I lost a great deal of weight and had difficulty sleeping and concentrating on work and other tasks. One night, however, I had a dream in which a tall woman with dark hair pulled back in a “bun” style and wearing a 1940s-style dress with black and white polka dots appeared to me and said, “don’t worry, it will all be alright.”

A few days later, I bumped into the guy on the street, we went for a drink and talked things through. We got back together (he had been worried about problems with his ex-wife), subsequently married and have been together ever since. About a year after the dream, we were clearing things out of house in order to sell it and I was going through a box of old family photos. The woman from my dream was a photo in the box — a formal studio portrait in which she was wearing the dress and hairstyle I had seen! When I asked who it was, he said, “It’s my mother, .. . She died in 1987, but you would have liked her. She was a real character — thought she was psychic!” It really freaked me out, but I’ve grown to really like … and the stories I hear about her. The photo is framed and displayed in my dining room.
– end of What Happens After Death extract -

My earliest memory of the abilities given to me was around the age of 4. My grandfather shared his presence and very special messages with me while I was setting in my room in the middle of the day. My grandfather had moved on ‘my words for crossing over’ when I was 8 months old. I kept these abilities private until just a few years ago (2003). Today I share thoughts of life and life-afters gifts with thousands.
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2 Responses to “What Happens After Death”

  1. Sally Vickers 2012-07-12

    Yes, I love this subject. Death is such a major fear for Most people.

    Nothing to fear my friends. Nothing at all.

    The Earth is a grand University. Our Souls are created in Spirit by the higher power we call: God, She, He, the great Buddha, the supreme being, whomever you choose to call them. Raised catholic, I use the term God (SHE and HE).

    Religions are quite helpful to people, they give many people comfort. HOWEVER we usually grow from our relgious experience and move into being: SPIRITUAL. That means treating people the way we would like to be treated, honoring their choices even if we do not understand them, AND LOVING BOTH OURSELVES and OTHERS W/NO CONDITIONS, NO RULES.

    So we know that God, she, he, created the universe so we would have a place to study and learn, and all SOULS work and move towards perfection. Thats the Souls Goal. So we are never limited to just one life time. It takes many lifetimes’ journeys to reach that stage.


    We (our Soul – not our ego) choose many things before our physical birth. We select while still in spirit, our lessons that we will be using in the next lifetime; that’s the first step Then we choose our sex, female or male; then we choose our geographics. We choose (?editor) want to come into the universe, our birth city and we choose our parents, and of course we choose our nationality. All true.

    This is why I think it’s so neat – when you get this last point – you can lose all your prejudices.

    Since we trek along in so many journeys, there is no need for dealing with prejudice as we have hopefully learned from others to accept the truth.

    So we come in and go through our spiritual journey and then when it’s time for us to leave, our Soul detaches from our physical body and moves into spirit.

    By the way there is no pain in that detachment.

    I have been blessed with working with death and dying and have understood that process for over 38 years as both a psychic and a medium.

    As soon as we are out of the old physical body there is NO PAIN. In case of a small child, there is never any pain as the child has not been away from Spirit that long. Spirit is our true home, ALWAYS.

    All Souls upon death move to the Angelic kingdom. We can speak about Kingdoms later.

    The first thing we see in Spirit is all the Angelic beings who surround us as we enter into that Kingdom. Then, we see and experience all the loved ones who have preceded us. It is truly a wondeful reunion.

    If someone we have loved is not in Spirt when we cross over, they have probably already re-incarnated back into Earth.

    After our SOUL REUNION then we move by free will and choice to our own kingdom.

    Once you selectYOUR kingdom, that will always be where your Soul resides when in Spirit.

    However, you can move at will between the other 3 kingdoms whenever you wish.

    There is no limit to what you can accomplish in Spirit.

    There is continous work in spirit in our Soul growth as well as helping younger Souls function on earth.

    Because of the high density of earth, we need a physical body to use as our balast, to help keep us grounded while we are in earth.

    In spirit your Soul doesn’t need the physical body. You just move at will.

    I have been given the gift of communicating with spirit, my guide, Annie Besant began working with me early in life.

    I was voted out of the Sunday night mystery hour, by my family members because I knew ‘who dun it’ and squealed.

    I like knowing things and have been able to communicate with literally thousands of clients and friends over the years, to assist them in their journeys.

    Thank you for letting me share with you. Please never fear death. It’s a quick step when your Soul is ready to leave. You are in the hands of God SHE-HE.

    PS Did you know Animals have Souls too! Yup! They sure do.

    • Rosemary Breen 2012-07-12

      Hello Sally

      First off, I have changed your original block/capital letter format to block and italics as Im guessing your intention is to emphasise rather than shout at the reader (most experienced computer users consider the use of all capital letters to be the internet equivalent of shouting).


      I’m sure some of what you have written will be new to some member here and for others it will be a refresher course :)

      Sally, one question I have that you may or may not be able to answer for me is, why do we need to exist at all?

      Are we toys for God’s amusement? Yes, I know that is a radical, even sacrilegious proposition but one worth considering, I think.

      If he/she is perfection, then what can our existence possibly add to her/his being? Ultimate is ultimate; perfection cant be improved on, etc etc. you get the idea….

      Sure, we all have life purposes, but ultimately what does that actually give God – amusement, entertainment, a sense of achievement and/or ????

      What does Annie Besant say on this Sally?

      Id love to hear her insights.




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