NDEs or Near Death Experiences

NDEs or Close Encounters?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are ndes extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


As a trauma nurse in surgery, a patient had a ruptured aneurysm, and whisked off to the OR for emergency surgery. I was in the adjacent hallway watching through the window alone, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, so I telepathically connected with the source of the tapping on my shoulder. It was the soul of the man who was receiving emergency surgery. The surgical team was resusitating him, I spoke with the patient and reassured him that all was well and that if he chose to go back to his body, for the team was doing everything they can to assist in his survival. He did go back to his body and the surgery continued.
– end of ndes extract –


The morning my father died, I heard a man’s voice call my name. I thought it was my husband, but it was not. I later found out that at that moment, my father had died.
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My grandmother was dying at home. When her brother … died 6 months before, we had not told her. She looked up from death bed and said she saw all her family but could not understand why brother … was there! They had all come for her.
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As a paramedic I deal with on scene death every so often. Ever since I was a teenager and there was a death of a loved one or someone I came in contact with on the ambulance. I usually have a dream of them crossing over with the help of someone. Only one of my patients I had no dream of.
– end of extract –


When I was 18 years old, my parents and I were involved in a head-on car collision. My mother was killed instantly. I remember waking up in the car and someone was talking to me and telling me that “everything is going to be OK. everything is going just like I want it to.” This seemed to happen over and over. When I woke up in the hospital, I remember feeling grateful for the “help” I received because it kept me calm even though my body was in shock. I learned about my mother’s death later, I remember being so surprised because I thought “everything was OK”. I have since come to believe that she was talking to me as well as 1 or 2 others, perhaps angels?
– end of extract –


I received word that my maternal grandmother was hospitalized. Of course, I went immediately to see her. When I asked what was wrong with her, my mother said she didn’t know. Grandmother would accept food from no one but me. I developed feelings about her ill health. “Lung Cancer, this is what’s wrong with her”, I explained.

Of course, everyone told me I was insane. Didn’t matter because I knew. My mother was so tired, so I convinced her to go home with me for a few hours to rest. But, within 1.5 hours, I was struck by the appearance of a clock, and told my mother – we had to go back NOW. She wouldn’t budge. Finally I told her that her mother would pass at 2:36 p.m., and tried everything to convince her. Finally I left without her.

I didn’t want grandmother is die alone. When I entered the room, I felt that “others were near”, held her hand, and told her that my mother wasn’t coming, and it was o.k. to her to go into the light. She grabbed my hand tightly and I felt her spirit left. The time? 2:36 p.m.

Later that same night, my boyfriend started looking at my strangely. He explained that a warm beautiful white glow surrounded my shoulders and head. I was comforted by this, but perplexed also because he didn’t believe in the things I did. My mother ordered an autopsy – cause of death. Multiple Organ failure due to Lung Cancer.
– end of extract –


In 1980 my mother-in-law was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia, in … mum passed over. On that day I was sitting in her hospital room with her son and her sister (…), her son … was on a chair next to her bed, … was in a chair in the corner of the room and I was sitting on another chair behind …, He was watching the T V in the room, … had fallen asleep and mum was in a coma and had been for about a week.

I realised that I could no longer hear the noise in the room from the TV nor could I hear the noise from outside the room, usual hospital activity noise, then I heard a slight buzzing sound and looked at mum, she had opened her eyes and was staring at the corner of the room at the ceiling, she smiled, raised her hand towards that area, then closed her eyes and stopped breathing, then a yellowish soft glow/light appeared around her body, slowly the light started to lift and I could see mum in the light raising up with it but her body was still on the bed, I saw her float to the top corner of the room reach out her hand then another hand grasped hers and she left. the buzzing stopped, the noise came back and I grabbed nurse to tell her that mum had gone, which she had. About 5 months after that I saw her standing in our hallway surrounded by the same yellow glow. Hope that describes it enough, tried to keep it short for you.
– end of extract –


I’ve had several paranormal experiences but the one that had the most effect happened … years ago. I was pregnant with my fourth child and experience told me that I had started to miscarry. Obviously I was upset and spent one morning in a very teary state. My mother-in-law rang around midday to ask how I was. She was a very devout Catholic and said she felt she had to pray for me that morning and had done so.

As I put down the phone I remember muttering to myself that it would do a fat lot of good and was dismissive. For some reason I can’t explain I said, (out loud) “Please don’t let this baby die”. Suddenly I heard a very calming, beautiful voice saying, from somewhere above, “It has to be”. I then felt a hand on top of my head and had the strangest feeling akin to an icy cold wave passing through my whole body. I was instantly calm and accepting. I felt happy and although I lost the baby I never felt like crying again.
– end of ndes extract –


My mother died. She was experienceing alzhiemers like symptoms for many years. An adverse drug combination sent her into a near coma and after that she refused to eat or drink. She was an extraordinary person who chose to die with dignity. At the moment of her death my older brother was holding her face in his hands and talking to her while I meditated in the corner. I found myself floating above the bed and watched as her body opened up and a most beautiful and angelic being rose up hesitated half way out then soared away from her body. At just that moment my brother shook me and said Mom died.

He told a story of her opening her eyes and looking at him gasping, stopping breathing, then taking one more breath and dying. He said there was such a rush of energy from her body that passed through him that he almost fainted.
– end of ndes extract –

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