Heavenly Angels

Heavenly Angels or Ghosts? Same Paranormal Phenomena?

The following heavenly angels statements are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I had a fall whilst in an early pregnancy and the landing rendered me unconscious. I had a man dressed in white, with striking electric blue eyes above me. When I came to I was lying on my bed asking for that ambulance man. I was told there wasn’t one and I was told I had been unconscious. It was the same man who was present when I accidently od’d when I was 16. He was also there when I collapsed in a hospital toilet after a seizure through a serious pneumonia. I asked for the male nurse who came to help me and was told I had only just been found unconscious and no one else had been there. Each time this man in bright white, with piercing electric blue eyes and longish dark hair, just filled me with peace and love.
– end of extract –


I am a Reiki Practitioner and use a sound table with sacred geometry (6 ft wide copper dodecahedron) around the bed and person’s body. One of my clients upper body levitated off the table suspended in a 45 degree angle for 45 min. when the music was turned off he moved quickly down to the table and he said he felt like his chest was being pulled open by angels.
– end of extract –


I had a recurirng dream about being shot while I was wearing a … coat from the time I was about 19. It got stronger and I felt more afraid to wear anything … I threw out any piece of clothing that was …

As my children got older they knew that I was afraid to wear …. As teenagers they would laugh at me. I was still having dreams that I would be shot in a … coat. Then one cold January night at age 39, I put on a … down ski jacket that was left by a friend of my daughters, to take her boyfriend home. I said yes my fears were silly…on the way we had an accident. … died he was 17 and I, without barely a scratch, lived.

That was … and that was the day I really died. I have been on medication and psychiatric care ever since. … had been in a bizarre auto accident 4 months earlier and told us all how 4 angels lifted his car over a pond and he landed on the other side rolled over 4 times totaling the car and walked away.

I was the one who was chosen to taken him to his final home.
– end of extract –


While aslep, I think my heart stopped. I woke up and an angel was starting my heart using her foot. It was a very peaceful experience. She had wings, seemed to glow from the inside, and long black hair, veiled or white clothing. She was very beautiful. I shall never forget it. I was about 34 years old. I had just started my Master’s degree program in clinical psychology at the University of Illinois at Springfield. I told my family and a few close friends afterwards.
– end of extract –


My father was seriously ill on and off for seven years. The last time he was in the hospital (side effects of many medicines) they had amputated one leg. Days after that he had a stroke and died. The intern said that people don’t die from that kind of stroke. I knew that he gave up.

I knew the moment that he died. I was at home talking to the mail lady and she asked how he was and this unexplainable feeling of great sorrow and grief came over me. It was 11:00 am. My mother called soon after and the hospital called and said that he had taken a turn for the worse and to come right away. We did and he had died at 11:00 a.m…. (my parents anniversary was …, and my mother’s birthday is …).

The day after his death my mother and I that evening went to the French market to sit by the huge fountain and I was thinking what a great father he was and how he had given me such a good life and suddenly (it felt like a huge fist) hit me in the stomach and everything around me went dark and there was no sound except for angelic voices singing from the sky and stars twinkling and a great feeling of peace and forgiveness came over me. After a short time reality slowly came back and I was once again looking at the beautiful fountain. The same thing happened twice at his memorial service. I knew that he was in great hands.
– end of extract –


When I was about 4 years old I was awakened from a sound sleep, did not hear a sound. I got out of bed and didn’t know why. I started walking toward the bathroom light that was always left on in the hallway at night.I was wondering why I was getting up. I stopped in front of the bathroom door, knew I didn’t have to go. I decided to go get in bed with my parents. as I walked into the room, I saw my Dad sitting at the edge of the bed. I tried to climb up in his lap and he threw me on the floor. My dad would never have done that to any of us kids. As I looked up, I saw a gun in his hand, pointed @ my mother in the corner of the room. I believe an angel woke me up to remind my dad of what he had. I stood up, walked back to my room, and instantly fell asleep again. I knew without a doubt, Everything was O.K. I was never upset or worried about it.
– end of heavenly angels extract –

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