Psychics and Clairvoyants

From time to time I receive requests for referrals to paranormal consultants and, rather than continue to approach this matter in an ad hoc manner, I’ve compiled a list of practitioners that may be of interest to Psychic Revolution readers.

PLEASE NOTE: for legal, ethical and moral reasons, this list must not be taken as an endorsement of the work carried out by the following consultants. Rather, I offer this list as a place to start your search for the paranormal practitioner that you regard as ethical, competent and most suited to your own personal needs.

As with everything in life, I advise you to exercise caution when dealing with the paranormal, in general and practitioners, in particular.

Finding Heaven
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kathy Crabbe

Psychic Mediums

Here is the list of Psychic Mediums that I am happy to draw your attention to.

Please note: The Windbridge Institute states on its website that its Certificate levels “are a measure of participation in the program; they are not a measure of accuracy or ability.”

Please read the note above before clicking on these links: