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Pet Psychic Communication Beyond the Grave

The following paranormal phenomena statements are pet psychic extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


A beloved Dalmatian died. I experienced, for some reason, her “self” after she died. It still left questions, obviously, but how many people are given the gift of knowing this kind of thing?
– end of pet psychic extract –


We had just returned from the vet having had to put down my beloved cocker spaniel, …. She was very special too me, like a soul mate and I always felt we were together in past lives. I sat in the kitchen, distraught, and all of a sudden I felt her nose push my hand which was resting on my knee. I have heard her a few times since, following me down the stairs.
– end of pet psychic extract –


My young beloved dog was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Normal lab results are 0.0 – 2.0; his were off the chart and they couldn’t believe he was alive much less standing. I chose to fight for him using traditional medical and nontraditional methods and got them to figure out a way to chart his levels. They did a dilution 1:1 factor and his level was twenty three; the day before he died he reached 33. I was blessed with another 5 wks with him before he died.

During the moments he was dying he looked up and growled at something behind my right shoulder. I turned to look, but there wasn’t anyone there and then he died. 4 months later his mother (my female dog) died. I knew the time was near and I was frantically trying to help her and then she did the same thing my boy did; she started barking & growling at something standing behind my right shoulder. As I turned to look I realized that’s what my boy had seen and I knew my girl wouldn’t go with it unless I left the room.

She was very protective of me. I went in the other room and waited 2-3 minutes and when I came back she had passed away & looked as pretty as she did when she was a pup. I knew then without a doubt that there is another world we all go to, but it didn’t and hasn’t made me feel any better about losing them.
– end of pet psychic extract –


It was around 6:30am and I was getting ready for school. I have a cat but before we got him we had another cat who has since died. He was in the house in a little coffin for a night before we buried him. This incident was at least four years after he died. As I said, I was in my bedroom getting ready for school, and I was drying my hair. I turned off the dryer and was brushing my hair, and I felt a cat rub against my legs. I figured it was my new cat and glanced at my bed…where my cat was sleeping…and I was still feeling a cat against my legs…so I looked down and stepped backwards, and I heard a LOUD hiss (from a cat, like I stepped on a tail or a paw) and I screamed and ran out of the room. I ran to my father, who was on the couch in the livingroom, and I was in tears. This was my first active experience and being that I always had a feeling that the dead cat was still around, I was very very upset.
– end of pet psychic extract –


our cat had just passed after traumatic surgury and a week of trying to recover to no avail i was sitting on our bed ( aplace where the cat was always with me and it was the middle of the day i felt a brush up against my back and the feeling of a tail following, i had a bitter sweet feeling rush over me then i thought it must be our other cat to my suprise … (our other cat was no where to be seen) and it was … (the cat who had passed)i know with all i am it was her letting me know she is still with us , since then several times i have felt the bed bounce as it does when one of the cats hops up but there is never the physical presence of a cat there so once again i know snickers is paying us a loving visit, …  (her brother cat) i believe still plays with her occasionally i have a feeling come over me when he is playing with what seems to be himself but i know he is playing with his sister , every so often he also vocalizes like he does for nothing else this happens at the same time as the other occurancies do and i know he is announcing his sister is here.
– end of pet psychic extract –


In short, an animal (large bird) died in my basement after being accidentally locked in. A voice called out to me to open the basement door leading to a set of stairs descending to the basement. There was intermittant light cascading on the walls as I could see. Suddenly, a large shadow loomed about on these walls and quite a loud flapping sound emanated from within at about the same time. It grew more audible as it seemed to rise toward me up the stairs. Suddenly, a blast of wind struck me and I felt the presence of the animal pass through me. The last I knew of it, a loud caw was heard as it disappeared out an open door behind me.
– end of pet psychic extract –

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