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The following paranormal statements statements about ouija board experiences are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.

258. Heavenly Angels

The night before I was going to go to a Spiritualist church and bring a lady there who needed a ride, I had a dream that two years later came true. I dreamt that I was in a church that I had never been in before and that there were two women there running the service. I heard the word “enlightenment” and I noticed that the back wall of the church behind the ladies was covered in cheap panelling that went from the top of the triangle in the roof to the floor. The next morning I asked the lady I was giving a ride to if my dream was accurate about the church.

She told me the church sometimes has women who do the service, but the wood in the church is real and only covers the bottom half of the wall. When I got there I was disappointed to realize that this was not the church I had drempt about. A couple of years later I went to spend a week at another spiritualist church in a neighbouring state. It was not my first pick. The one I had wanted to go to on the coast was closed down for the end of summer and this was the one they recommended that was still open for another week. During the service as the guest medium for the week was giving me a reading the strangest thing happened.

As she said, “You will be enlightened.” She became surrounded in a bright yellow light. I immediately realized that no one else was seeing this because I did not hear a single person gasp as I was about to do. Her reading was short and when she finished the light went away. When the medium was finished with her readings, the other church lady who runs the church said she had also recieved some messages and would like to give some readings. This was fine with the guest medium. When the church lady told me she had a reading for me and said, “You will receive knowledge.”

She also was just a brightly surrounded in yellow light. I was so impressed by this happening a second time but I was also very rational this time looking to see if I could see a single hair outlined by the light. I remember comparing this to a special effect one might see in the movies and wondering how it would have been done if a movie. When she finished talking to me the light disappeared and behind her ear I could see the paneling on the wall going from the ceiling to the floor and I was reminded of my dream of two years before. I talked to both women about this after the service. They made nothing out of it, saying it was an aura I had seen. I once told a young protestant minister, who was visiting my house for some reason I can not remember about this and asked him what he thought about it. He did not want to talk about it.
– end see auras extract –


I was working with a therapist doing family reconstruction work based on the work of Virginia Satir. I researched all the information that I could get about my father’s family–not much known. I was asked to pick from a group of strangers people to play my father’s family when my father was age 4 and his father left the home never to be seen again. I have no pictures or places in the old country just a family tree and some recollections of what my father told me. I had met one uncle a few times but that was it.

I chose from a group of strangers a person to play my uncle, only on the basis of appearance. The stranger worked for an insurance company. That uncle was a General Manager of an insurance company. I chose another stranger to play another uncle. The stranger was an engineer. So was that uncle. I learned an awful lot that day about my father’s life which has helped me immensely in moving on with my own life–he was not a good father. But I also learned consciously that I know, at a level that has no conscious being, about other matters. I pay attention when I sense auras. I ask other people what their bodies are telling them when I see that their heads and bodies are not congruent.

– end see auras extract –


When I first got my eyes tested, I found out that I was long sighted and needed glasses. When I first put them on, I asked what the white halo was around people, but the eye people didn’t know. It was like a buzzing energy field .. I then realised that I could see auras, but had deliberately not seen them. I can now choose whether to see them or not.
– end see auras extract –


During a very difficult time, when I was alone and searching for answers, heart shapes began to manifest in all kinds of forms–light, food, almost anything imaginable. I am a writer and photographer, with a science background so I was overwhelmed by this. I took pictures of strange formations of hearts in all things,from the cat’s litter box to mustard that spilled on the kitchen counter.

The sight of these hearts slowly began to impart a sense of comfort to me–I strongly felt a sense of compassion being extended to me although I could not say from where. One night as I sat by my desk, the moonbeams streamed in through the window and made a large heart on the desk and then. later on, on the floor. I have a collection of these photos which I plan to publish. I am not religious but I do consider myself spiritual as I had a near death experience as a child, twice, and saw the aura of bright light around my bed both times.

I have always felt what I call Presence, so to attribute the hearts to that has been automatic, although I am not a new age follower and am also relatively objective and discerning about what to believe. This experience has altered my entire outlook on everything. It has infused me with a sense of humility and also, a sense of calmness, even in difficult times. The hearts are always with me, they come to me in all situations I am in, in the most unbelievable places, the most recent when the oil leak in my car formed a large heart on the ground.

My friends think I must be a witch or some kind of saint, it is so mysterious. I am admittedly puzzled by what I would have to call a curious inclination towards perceiving what others do not seem to perceive, but in this case, the photos provide the proof of tangible physical manifestation of what I would call a phenomenon.
– end see auras extract –


One day while travelling on a bus I quite suddenly realised that everybody both on and off the bus was emitting a glowing light which was most noticeable around the head and shoulders. The quality of this light was like nothing I had seen before because it was a bright day and yet this light was clearly visible. Seeing this light seemed to bring on an ecstatic/euphoric state which persisted for 2 months or so. It was associated with a constant droning sound (much like a didjeridoo) that seemed to have no source either within me or without. I feel that this period marked the beginning of a spiritual awakening for me – although the sound and the euphoria faded after a couple of months I have never stopped seing auras and now feel that my consciousness has gone through a period of drastic growth. My life has never been the same since this day.

It is now around 5 years later and I have meditated daily for several years. I no longer feel the physical ecstasy that was associated with my initial experience – I now feel a quiet sense of constantly abiding bliss, utter belonging and security in the universe and I can clearly see the futility of ever worrying about ANYTHING, ever!! This is an achievement of sorts as I have previously been diagnosed with chronic anxiety and depression!

– end see auras extract –

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