In September 2004 my best friend of 23 years died in my home, as I tried to resuscsitate. Her only child came to stay with me from back east, and settle her mothers estate. My friend was a computer “geek” she was into anything and everything about computers. She spent many days sitting at mine, searching the web, researching things. Best to say my friend’ name was equated with the word computers. Xmas Eve of 2004 while her daughter and I alone with a couple of people sat in my front room, visiting, trying our best to celebrate the holiday. All of a sudden my printer started up, like something had been sent to print on it. We all looked at each other, the computer (which the screen saver remained on, during this print) was printing a page. We sat speechless and waited for it to stop printing. The page was blank. That was a message from my friend, letting us know she is still sitting here on the computer, with us.

– end of PK extract –


My mother’s voice seemed to come from the radio (shouting) and told me to turn the sound down as it was during the night. I thought she had actually spoken, but when I looked to see if she was there, she was fast asleep.

– end of PK extract –


Psychokinesis — a book moved on it’s own in the presence of myself and another person. This happened `outside’ in a park — at a place that a group of us had designated as a `power spot’ in college.

– end of PK extract –


Not sure whether this is paranormal, but for a period of about 18 months a large number of street lights would go out whenever I passed beneath them. It would happen at least once or twice a week, which seems a little high for it to be coincidental.

– end of PK extract –


This was just one of a few main experiences in my life. This was the first incident where more than two people (including myself) was aware of at once. I was in my living room along with my friend, and my boyfriend, and we were just chatting. I have a ceiling fan that is mounted, but there are no wires connected. I had no doors or windows open at the time, and suddenly, my fan started spinning. It started slowly, and then started going fast as if it were going to come off. It then stopped as suddenly as it started. About 2 or 3 hours after that, my cookie jar slid off of the counter and broke. It had been sitting up against the wall, and we couldn’t figure out how it was moved. Shortly after that, a few of my figurines slid off of my stove mysteriously.

– end of PK extract –

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