Spooky Ghost Stories

The following paranormal phenomena statements are extracts on haunted places from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


About a year after my mother-in-law’s death, most of my husband’s extended family was at our home for a holiday dinner. I was up late alone washing dishes, and was talking to my mother-in-law, feeling rather silly about it, but wanting her to know what had happened that night and how the family was.

When I finished with the dishes, about 1 AM, I turned around and saw my mother in law standing in my kitchen doorway. I saw her as she was in life, a full-bodied figure. It scared me, and seconds later the image vanished.

– end of spooky ghost stories extract –


We’ll it’s been a while, and I’ll make it short and not scary at all…….just unexplainable and paranormal to me.

This took place in Indiana well across the waters. In late 1974 Rod’s “Stay with me” hit song started as I entered Evansville’s stop light corridor. There were twelve traffic lights in 7.1 miles. The “green light” for go went perfect with his lyrics.

I didn’t speed with my tractor/trailer’s full load of swine, and I made every light in exactly four minutes and thirty five seconds. Rod’s song ended with the drum beat finish at light twelve.

In the forty-five mph speed zone I needed to be going sixty two point two six mph for this to happen! I only went the speed limit as usual. My wife and I started the song in the same spot four winters ago, and didn’t get half way through. With light traffic it took us nine minutes.

I’ve never heard a longer version of “Stay With Me”. I think an English connection to this strange para occurence will always baffle me. I think my backing accident below or above this topic is just as unexplainable! I thought about this experience when I saw no damage to the truck in the story above. This as an edit just now for your Aussie above normal survey.

I’ve got another one to tell and it’s been added to ….  here. It’s really spooky to me and connected to Great Britain and all who speak and understand English. Malaria Kidd ………My pop got malaria in North Africa in WWII. Switch to full edit form Copied and pasted from England’s Cambridge Paranormal Investigators called ParaTalk.co.uk

– end of spooky ghost stories extract –


Last year a very close friend (we are both medical doctors) was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We talked a lot about his impending death, and he said he would try to communicate with me after his death. After he died in November …., my telephone at home would start ringing every day after 10 pm, and would continue ringing episodically throughout the night.

Every time we picked it up nobody would talk. When I did ‘call return’ to find out who had made the call it would be ‘a telephone not in public service’. This constant ringing through out the nights was so disturbing that after some days we had to disconnect the telephone some nights. The ringing became more sporadic after a few weeks.

I and my wife spent new years’ eve … in a remote cottage in rural ….. This was a place we had never been before. We were in the company of two friends and another couple we had never met before. At about 11 pm, my wife asked me to tell the story of the ‘spooky’ telephone. As I was just beginning to utter the first words, the telephone started ringing and I just said ‘that is him’ (of course at that stage nobody knew what I was talking about).

One of our friends, the owner of the cottage picked up the phone and just as I suspected there was nobody at the other end. As soon as he hanged up, the telephone would start ringing again, and the whole sequence happened about three times. About a month later, I was alone at home, and already fast asleep, when I was awakened a 3 am sharp, by a very loud male singing voice.

I was petrified to say the least. I went downstairs where the sound was coming from. There in the living room I found my TV on, with the sound at full blast (it is worth stating that I had not turned on the TV set in the last few days). They were airing an opera and hence the male singing voice I heard.

The following day, I checked out the opera in question, which was a modern rendering of ‘Armida’. I then learned that it was based on a poem by the reinasance poet Torquato Tasso. I was moved to tears when upon reading the poem, as it seemed to describe to the letter a particular difficult problem I was having with my partner. Hence, in addition to the ‘spookiness’ of the experience, I felt the incident seemed to have meaning and purpose.

– end of spooky ghost stories extract –


Last year … on Halloween my partner and I had a bonfire. We don’t “believe” in Halloween as such but both have a minor interest in paganism and thought that if we were going to be participating in Halloween in any way then we’d like to honour it’s beginnings. We burnt off the garden waste, the kids toasted their marshmallows and we generally had a good time.

During the middle of the night I awoke to find my partner becoming restless in bed. It sounded like he was having a dream in the beginning – he was breathing heavily and making slight noises. I couldn’t decide if it was a nightmare or the best dream he’d ever had so I left him alone for a few seconds.. hehe.. 🙂

After a moment or two he sat up in bed, his eyes open. He was still breathing fast and was looking intently at the wall ahead. He sat there for about 20 seconds or so and then turned to me and said “did you see that?” I hadn’t seen anything but he described a white coridor with a swinging door, and a small woman’s figure in the doorway.

As he was describing what he’d seen/experienced to me my dog, who was sleeping outside on the verandah, suddenly growled.. a deep, serious growl and took off running down the verandah. I’ve never heard her growl like that before, or since!

My partner was completely spooked – to the point where he almost called his mother in … in the middle of the night to check that she was ok as she had been unwell. After discussing it for a while he thought that perhaps it was his grandmother who had died when he was young, and who had been like a second mother to him.

We both agreed that we thought what he’d seen was some sort of hospital setting. It was a very interesting experience, but one which my partner certainly does not want to repeat. When I asked him if he’d like to have another bonfire this year he replied with an adamant “no!”

– end of spooky ghost stories extract –

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