Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories True of False?

The following ghost stories are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


When we moved into our home almost 3 years ago, we were working outside cleaning the place up. It was mid afternoon and I stopped to take a break and sat at the edge of a flatbed trailer. I looked around the property admiring our accomplishment when I saw a man, maybe late 20’s early 30’s, walking in the front yard. He paid no attention to me and took about 10 steps before he vanished before my eyes. At first I thought I might have been seeing things until I started to see him on a regular basis. Then I was aware that it wasn’t just my imagination or my eyes playing tricks on me.
– end of ghost stories true extract –


I was 43, at the … I was sitting in the courtyard admiring the rose gardens when suddenly an apparition of 2 brown-robed monks appeared, about 15 feet away, facing me. They were 3 dimensional, but I could see thru them to the roses behind. They stayed for about 2 minutes then vanished. Tourists were walking about but no one else acted like they saw them. This was a pivotal moment at the opening of my medical clairvoyance gift.
– end of ghost stories extract –


I was only present for the second part, but I’ll tell the first part because I believe it ties in. Two of my coworkers heard a woman scream for help in the hallway behind our office. When they ran out to check nobody was there. They grabbed a security guard and searched the building but they never did find out who was screaming. We joked later that maybe it was a ghost. But a couple of weeks later I and one of the girls who heard the screaming were in the office by ourselves. We were talking and we heard someone clear their throat right behind her. She whipped around and asked me if I’d heard it. I said yes, but I had been facing the direction where the sound came from and saw nothing. Luckily we moved to another building soon after but for other reasons. 🙂
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A large group of us saw ghosts at one time and one place in daylight when we were not expecting any such experience. Sorry we were all real, pragmatic, practical human beings so we discussed it and tried to fit it into our own understanding of life – to some a mass hallucination, to others ‘stone tape theory’ ghosts and we inadvertantly played the ‘play’ button, etc.. No one felt the need to rush off for counselling and therapy!
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I had several experiences which led me to accept that non-physical beings do indeed exist and can interact with us in various ways. Wonderful until I lived in a house that had creepy/bad spirits/energies moving around and causing problems. It turned out that due to emotional scarring, a resident of the house was a magnet for spirits/energies that were attracted by negative emotions. Some of these energies became hostile if the resident was in a bad mood. Being unable to move out of the house, I had to learn how to protect my family and contain the situation. In short I had a crash course in ghost busting which grew into about two years of dare I say “spiritual warfare” on a daily basis. I would come home from work, clear the house, and always be alert for intruders. Things I had to watch out for were signs of overshadowing, speech impediments and emotional extremes…as whatever the things were, they were capable of affecting emotions – especially anger.
– end of extract –


This happened in my second year of college when I was in my room at my parents house. I was lying in my bed watching t.v. when I began to feel that my body was suddenly heavy. i slowly began losing mobility in my body and I fell mute. I knew something bad was about to happen because it was similar to my past experience with the shadowy figures. All of a sudden I saw a shadow moving in the wall. My room was brightly lit so I could see everything perfectly. The shadow on the wall was very animate. It then jumped from the wall onto my bed. it then sat on my stomach.

This shadowy creature was heavy, yet I could see right through it. The creature was transparent. I was able to see the television. I could see that the cartoon show Ed, Edd, and Eddy was on and the creature began to laugh. The creature’s shadowy outline was thin and very bony. The head of this shadowy body was not like a human head but very elongated, kind of conical. The creature began choking me and I couldn’t breath. I tried to fight back, but I could only raise my arms slightly. I was for the most part paralyzed. Then it almost seemed that the creature was telepathicly telling me that no one would help me and that I was all alone. I then started crying out in my mind for god, Jesus, dad, for someone to help me. I then just started thinking positive thoughts and just started to face death without fear. For some reason this displeased the creature. He dissapeared and I was able to move again. I told my mom immediately and then she told my father. My mother thought I was hallucinating, but my dad took this very seriously. My dad’s very superstitious and my grandfather’s told my dad stories of shadow creautres. My dad honestly believes in such beings and I have to say that something unnatural occured at my house that day.
– end of ghost stories extract –


my parents are divorced. My mom lived in an old home in town. I had at least 3 experiences there. 1) I was 15 and the house was just bought. Between volleyball practices I would go and wash walls so she could get moved in (school was across the street). One day while I was cleaning I heard a brass bell. There are 4 ways into the house. I walked all around the inside and outside – there is no doorbell. NO neighbors were home. The school bells were not turned on yet (school didn’t start for 2 weeks). Plus – the house was completely empty other than myself and my cleaning supplies. I heard them another time – both alone. My mom heard them herself but when I was not there. These next events occurred when I was approximately 18-19 yrs old. First, I was home on Christmas break. Mom and I were planning on doing some research on the house. When I went to the basement to do my laundry, I had the worst feeling that I was being watched. It seemed evil. I was to the point I didn’t even want to go down to the basement because of the feeling. Mom basically said I was crazy. But, we ended up not doing the research. After I left, she started having the same feelings. She had a “talk” with whatever and she didn’t have the problem again. We also never talked about researching the home again, either. Last is at some time when I was home from college, one of my step-brothers was home from the Navy. He had hung his uniform from a curtain rod by a window. It is above a register vent. We were just talking and watching TV. We had both noticed the uniform slightly moving like you expect something to when it’s hanging over a register. Until the furnace kicked on. I was freaked out by my step-brother got to the point he wouldn’t go anywhere in the house without someone with him. Mom lived in a very interesting old home. It had a lot of character and, if I had the chance today, I would buy it from the current owners. Ghosts and all.
– end of ghost stories true extract –

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