Real Premonition

Real Premonition or Really Good Guess?

The following real premonition statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


Forsaw my youngest daughter’s death in a dream. It was shortly after my mother died. I saw my mother in a room at a local hospital. She was in the bathroom throwing up a dark green bile substance. She (again, there were no words spoken) communicated to me that she was ridding herself of the last of the poisons. She looked healthy and much thinner. There was a young woman wheeled into the room on a stretcher. I felt such anguish for her parents because I knew she was dead but I wanted to let them know that she would be okay because she was “rooming” with my mother.

Three years later my 16 year old daughter died in a car accident. She was kept alive on life support for approx. 18 hours. During that time all I could hear in my head was “she’s all right, she’s right here with me, she’s fine” in my mother’s voice. Stevie Wonder’s song “I Just Called to Say I Love You” was also floating around in my thoughts. My daughter loved talking on the phone and one evening shortly before she died she was talking on both our land line and her cell phone. This song struck me so much that I got online and printed the lyrics. A week or so after my daughter died I was talking about my mother and recalled the dream. I then realized that it was my own daughter in the dream and it all made sense.
– end of real premonition extract –


at Christmas time I took a picture of my grandfather, and at Easter he had passed. after he passed I developed the roll of film from that previous christmas and was shocked to see the photo of my grandfather has a ghostly image of the grim reaper standing over him, pointing to my grandfathers stomach, since he died of stomach infection, this was very distressing. i have the photo if you doubt.
– end of premonition extract –


It was the last day of class before spring break during my freshman year in college, and I was going to ride home with a friend I had known since middle school. All day, I had a dreaded fear that something bad was going to happen. We were in a car accident on a mountain, which was a hit and run. The car hit the guard rail on my side (the passenger side) of the car. I was unconscious for only moments. I ended up with a fractured pelvis, broken femur, separated shoulder, and collapsed lung. My friend (the driver) only had a broken arm. She had no car insurance and I had no medical insurance.
– end of extract –


One night I dreamt that my uncle passed away and he came to tell me goodbye and my mom woke up me and told me he died over the night
– end of extract –


I opened a newspaper with a circulation of 11 million and saw a picture of the villa which I had seen in my head for years. It was a prize in a competition. I asked my SELF for it. (For good or bad I ALWAYS get what I ask my SELF for – so I seldom ask and never ask for anything lightly)I never waivered in my belief that it was mine and when I hadn’t heard in a month I became very angry that they were taking so long to confirm it. I told a few people during the month’s wait that I was moving 2000 miles away to my new house.

Eventually the newspaper phoned to tell me I was the winner – as I knew they would . Although a phone number was not asked for, I had given them my ex-directory number on my entry form because I knew they would need it and it couldn’t be found in the phone book.There were no shrieks of surprise when the call came – I was expecting it. As a post script my mother told me that she hsd also seen me in a new house with an outside stair, an unusual thing in our part of the world. When she visited me she confirmed that it was the house she had seen.
– end of extract –


I dreamt that my father was dead and I was standing by his grave several times over the course of about 6-8 months. I told my mother and she asked me not to tell my father because she did not want him to be worried. He was a … and she did not want him to be distracted as he had a very dangerous job. He was killed in a … accident about 8 months after the dreams began. I was 12 years old at the time. He was 38 when he was killed.
– end of extract –


i was driving in my car and heard my voice, aloud, even though i was not speaking, say that my father had died. i called my mother who said my father was fine. approximately 12 hours later, my mother called to tell me that my father had died of a massive heart attack only minutes earlier.
– end of extract –

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