Hunches and Intuition

The following premonition statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I was at a friends house when I experienced the strong sense that someone close to me had passed on. The feeling is hard to describe. It was a moment of simultanius shock and certainty that I knew she had died and was at piece with it. I recieved a call within 30 minutes to let me know that in fact my great aunt had died. It’s a moment and feeling that I’ll never forget.
– end of premonition extract –


I had the same dream over and over about an old school friend. I dreamt he was in wheelchair. This dream persisted and persisted until I managed to get back into contact with him. Once I found out he was alright the dreams stopped. Around 12 months later I was informed that he had a stroke at the age of 26 and was in a wheelchair and had to learn to walk again. The news hit me in the face like a ton of bricks!!
– end of premonition extract –


While walking on the side of a 2-lane road one dark night (in the … desert–no streetlights and not much traffic)…a single driver in a pickup careered and almost hit us. My friend (male) stupidly threw a bottle at him, hitting the tailgate. The truck went a little down the road and turned around –suddenly, a picture flashed in my mind — it was like a tv show–as if there was no dashboard or front of the truck, and the guy was loading a rifle–just a quick flash (I couldn’t tell who it was, or anything)—I shouted “he’s got a gun!”—and we ran into the desert and ducked behind some bushes, by which time he had started back and fired a couple of shots at us. If we had stayed by the side of the road, we would’ve been hit.
– end of premonition extract –


Hello rosemary, well, it was a hot end of Feburary day, late afternoon, i was driving down from…, along a dirt road a short cut i believed to the … Hiway at … I was twenty five i suppose, with our first born and my partner in a van. We had bought a bush block, you know, the whole permaculture ideal, wanting to grow produce, and live the alternative low impact life, and raise our children in an environment that would give them a healthy grounded start in life. We were on our way back down after some weeks on the block, measuring and planning, and generally just enjoying it.

The road i chose on the map was supposedely a quicker route it turned out to be rather long and untended, demanding alert concentration. (so factor this in ) it followed along a creek bed, the road meandering along side it. We drove for some hour or more and although i felt rather agitated, at the thought. (for no plain reason) I pulled over, to go down to the accompanying creek and fill up a bottle of water. … stayed in the van, with our daughter who was in the back of the van in a bassenet, asleep. I made my way down the bank, and checked the water, it was, supprisingly cold, running freely, and seemed after a quick taste clean. It was a very hot day, so before i filled the bottle, I reached down with scooped hands, splashed water over my face.

It was exactly at this point, i saw, Death,…. a disrevelled figure, wearing a torn suit, of sorts, leaping and flapping around the van parked some ..what?… 20 metres, away and above me on the road, just as the water hit my face. The image was powerful, electric, alarming dred, surged through my entire being. I wasn’t frozon though, my recollection is that, simultaniously, as I saw Death around the van i turned and shouted to …, “Stay in the van” and rose, all in the same instince, to rush back to her. As i did… two things happened,,, of which i have no accurete account.

I heard … open the door of the van, parked as it was off the road, close to the tree line, and then,, a mighty crack. My feelings i recall distictly, was to protect, and with no thinking involved, sprang back up the sloping creek bed to the road. This is when a quite massive sized limb of a … tree, dropped and fell, about three feet from the passengers door my partner had just opened, and was about to step out of. Timing is everthing they say, well, … didn’t hear my shout, I did’t make it back to the van in time.

However, the limb crashed down before … hopped out, oblivious to my warning. We were both shaken, i held her lot, then continued down to … At about the … border, I told her of the premonotion, we drove back to …, each in our own thoughts.

Death is Raggamuffin, leaping and galavanting, without any due respect to your sensibilities. This was nineteen seventy eight.
– end of premonition extract –

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