Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

The following paranormal phenomena statements are tarot card reading extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


Now that I’ve told you about just a few of my experiences from childhood – I’ll tell you about one that I experienced recently. I read tarot cards professionally now, having dropped out of the corporate rate race (I so didn’t fit in). What I didn’t expect is that my gifts have broadened while reading the cards on a regular basis.

I now know that I go between the worlds when I read the cards, or use any other form of divination. The dead have been coming to speak with me to their loved ones while I have been doing the reading – sometimes they ride me – sometimes they simply whisper what they need to say. One reading recently stands out.

A mother came in with her daughter to see “how good I was” which didn’t phase me. What I heard when I began the reading did. Her other daughter had died. All I kept hearing over and over again was crying and she was saying I’m sorry over and over again as if no amount of I’m sorries could ever make up for what she did. I asked the mother why her dead daughter was telling me this. She had died of a drug overdose, unintentionally, just before her 17th birthday.

The mother hadn’t forgiven her dead daughter, which made it all the more tragic, and dismissed the reading. Her living daughter that she came in with, knew that what I had told her was real – I could see it in her eyes. I don’t do mediumship or channel lower spirit intentionally – it just happens and I’m not comfortable with it.

I do however, channel higher spirit intentionally – invoking deity. I would assume at this point that when you are open to one you are open to the other. I’m a priestess so this is also a part of my religion. The spirits of the dead visit me in dreams as well. Always have. I feel that they are coming to me now in readings unbidden because they are desperate to speak to their loved ones – and they know that I both hear and see them. I spiritually walk in both worlds every day – the living and dead worlds of spirit, both awake and asleep.
– end tarot card reading extract –


We lived on a small farm, but it was far from successful so my granny supplemented our income by a variety of means which included reading Tarot cards.

I was sent out of the kitchen during readings, but I was present to greet clients and I remember one day Granny’s dear friend … came by. Before the reading started, almost before the usual social pleasantries had been exchanged, I just *knew* why Eulene wanted a reading. She was fixing to kick her husband out of the house. I also *knew* that her first impulse had been to go after him with a shotgun, as he had been running around with some other woman. Not even thinking about it, I piped up — Auntie … (I always referred to her as ‘auntie’), Auntie …, I’m real glad you didnt’ shoot Uncle … (her husband) because then you’d have probably been sent to jail.

… and Granny were pole axed for a minute. Then Granny smacked me hard on the butt and sent me outside to do chores. But here’s the thing. Later on, Granny explained that I was 100% right about what I’d said to … She went on to give me the first of many speeches on the subject of ‘why one should never throw out psychically-gleaned information unsolicited. It upsets folks. Unless they ask — they do NOT want you picking up on their thoughts.
– end tarot card reading extract –


I was taking an intro to tarot reading class. In the 3rd class, I realized I had psychic abilities. The teacher was my partner in a class assignment and I read the tarot cards ‘psychic-ly’. I told her personal things about herself that I didn’t know. I looked at the cards and it was like looking at a window. Then I told her what the cards said about a future event in her life. The next class, a week later, I was told by the teacher that everything I said came true. In initially I was terrified and it took me weeks before I picked up the tarot cards again. My fear was based upon my religious up-bringing. Even though I was in my early 30’s when I started this class, I have come to realize that I have had this ability for most of my life but it frightened me and my mother so I suppress what I could by saying it didn’t happen.
– end tarot card reading extract –


The use of Tarot cards for personal questions is very focusing for me, and I find that I have a conversation with the cards as I inquire into questions and concerns. The cards present answers that I may not be happy with, so I do not feel that I am controlling them. I do consider the possibility that it is all probability, but the consistency of the cards to reflect very recent events cannot be denied.
– end tarot card reading extract –


I had only been reading Tarot cards for a short time and this was one of my first readings that was not family and friends. I asked the lady to shuffle the cards, as she was shuffling, I got a really uncomfotable feeling that I was being watched, As I had been watching her shuffle, I looked away from her and looked towards the door behind her, In the doorway, was the head and shoulders of a man, he was staring at me with a very intensive stare, almost dissaprovingly. I must have said something because she asked me what was the matter.

I told her what I had seen and we talked about him for a few minutes, she knew about her guide, but had never seen him, As I described him to her, she pulled out a family photo album and showed me a photo, the photo was of a man much older, but it looked very much like the man I saw, I never did get his name. She was happy with the reading and more than happy with the information about her relative. I did get feedback from the reading and I was highly accurate in everything I had told her.
– end tarot card reading extract –


My husband and i had just finished watching Out on a Limb the movie 19 yrs ago and I had a feeling that I needed to know more about the whole new age thing..I wasn’t familiar with spiritual stuff even though psychic phenomenon was normal in my family growing up..sort of always took it for granted. I started with the one person that stood out to me in the movie..Ramtha…I discovered that Banyon Books carried his book so I bought it.

It was Feb 11 ..I’ll never forget it…the book was “Journey to another Land” I think….I read a few chapters and then went to sleep..but as I drifted off I said to my husband…before I die I will meet this entity! At about 3:30 am in the morning I found I was having a lucid dream and all I remember was I said to this man in my dream who had long black hair and an eye patch over one eye, that I knew he wasn’t Ramtha! and that I’d know Ramtha anywhere. At this I opened my eyes but my body was completely frozen..I couldn’t move…and standing in front of me …half way thru the bed..was this see-thru person..with gold colored skin and a white turban like thing on his head. He had black eyes and thin cream colored lips..and long thin fingers..he was looking at me with such focus it took a second for him to realize i was looking at him…his eyes opened wide and in a second he backed away slightly and turned into a large ball of light and then turned into an even smaller lite..and travelled quickly thru the wall away from me to the left. All I could do was think to myself “good job I’m in such good shape or this would have caused me to have a heart attack.”

My body was shaking and it felt like my blood was racing…and I could finally move..I pulled the covers over my head…then there was a huge bang and all the stuff that was hanging on the desk fell off onto the pile of stuff on the floor…can’t figure out what the bang came from..maybe a quantum flash? Anyway it woke my husband up and when he turned to look at me..who was now sitting up in bed horrified…he immediately said ” what have you seem? He had been dreaming that he couldn’t move too…and felt someone was in the room…I told him what had happened.

I called the person I saw “Goldie” from then on..and still do. What was weird was 2 days later I was walking down the street and a shop had opened that offered Tarot card readings…of which I would never have thought to have gone it but found myself going in anyways. As the woman put the cards down on the table she looked up at me with a stunned look on her face and said to me “You are even more psychic than me! You see things…a face floating in front of you” I told her the story of Goldie..and I have it on a tape..she recorded all her sessions and gave me mine. As I walked home I thought I’d better look into Ramtha..I called the number at the back of the book and come to find out they were having the first event at the ranch in Yelm in a weeks time. It’s a long story how I got there as I didn’t drive…but I attended that event with 300 others..and Ramtha looked at us and said: I sent out a calling…is this all of you that heard?” I’ve been in the school ever since. Needless to say I’ve had a ton of interesting things happen in the past 18 yrs… Goldie has never come back to visit me.
– end tarot card reading extract –

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