The following heavenly angels statements are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


Short version: a spirit that looked like the grim reaper told me that either myself or a friend of mine (who was very ill and who I knew was going to die at some point in the near future) was going to die that night and asked me to decide which of us it was going to be.

I should point out that both myself and my friend (like most of my friends) were involved in a form of black magic called chaos magic. I started telling the spirit that I didn’t believe my answer would make any difference and then an alien voice spoke through me and said ‘Such decisions are man’s to make not God’s so I suggest you go and ask him’ at which point the ‘reaper’ disappeared. I was confused by what ‘I’ had said because I didn’t at that satge believe in God. I wrote the experience off as a hallucination (I had smoked a joint or 2 of hashish). However, the next day, I was informed that my friend had died in the middle of the night, a few hours after this incident. This had a considerable impact on me; I was convinced that I was going to die next and at his funeral a week later, I prayed for the first time in a long time if ever and asked God for help. I felt that that prayer was answered and have been a convinced believer ever since. Indeed, I am now an Anglican priest.

– end of alien information extract –


At this time, I was living alone, in the country. Neighbours were about 1/4 mile away. It was about 2:00 am and I was laying in bed reading a romance novel. I felt that someone/or something was watching me. I had two dogs in the house and neither had made any reaction of anyone or anything else being present.

I looked at the bedroom window on two different occasions and there was no thing there. The third time I looked up an alien face was in the window. This did not scare me, he (?) looked curious, in my head I heard, What are you doing?, mentally I replied that I was reading a book. I continued reading – looking up a couple of more times and the face was still there.

Later, when I looked up (he) was gone. The face/head shape was similar to a human with the brain being extended out past the back of the neck quite a long way. Also the back of the head as opposed to the front looked like a human brain with no skull covering. Where the (human) ear would have been, was a lacing fern (like from under the sea) no visble mouth or nose the front of the face seeming quite flat, eyes somewhat human shaped. I viewed this from what we would know as the left side. Overall the shape was comfortable to view and colored grey/mauve with features (ear) in a deeper shade of the same color.

One last note – I do not drink and have never used drugs.

– end of alien information extract –

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