Tips for Psychic Teachers of Psychic Children

Psychic Teachers, Psychic Kids

If you’ve been psychic your whole life, you may be tempted to think about mentoring a psychic child. The child may even be your own.

If you decide (or feel you have no other choice) to become a child’s psychic teacher, you’ll be taking on a hug responsibility – and doing a beautiful thing. Of course, you probably have years of experience dealing with the challenges that come with psychic abilities, and sharing your wisdom with a young psychic will be a way for you to give back to the universe and help ensure that the next generation of clairvoyants is healthy, stable, and productive.

As a psychic mentor, you’ll be helping the child you mentor reach his or her full potential. What you’ll do when you are the psychic teacher of a psychic child will be incredibly powerful for you and the child. It will also, sometimes, be challenging. To help you make the biggest difference, here are a few tips to help you as you help a young psychic embrace his or her unique gifts:

Reassure Your Student – all is Normal and Natural

Something that many young psychics struggle with is not feeling “normal.” Other kids don’t experience the same incredible things they experience. Other kids don’t see, hear, taste, or think in the same way kids with psychic abilities do. Because of this, having psychic capabilities as a child can feel lonely and uncomfortable. Most kids just want to fit in, and fitting as a clairvoyant can be tough.

As a psychic mentor, it’s your job to make sure your psychic student feels comfortable and knows that he or she is not abnormal. It’s your job to make sure your psychic student begins to view his or her abilities as a gift. So, consistent reassurance and affirmation from you is necessary.

Help Them Cultivate Other Skills

Focusing on reading, writing, and arithmetic can be a struggle when you’re a psychic child and you’re trying to find your place in the world. However, doing well in school and discovering passions outside of the realm of clairvoyance will serve your psychic student well.

Being psychic doesn’t always pay the bills. The child you’re mentoring will need to be well-rounded in terms of skills to thrive in the demanding world we live in. So, it will be beneficial for you to help encourage the child you guide to work hard in school and explore all of the intellectual opportunities life presents. This may mean that you’ll need to sit down with your student and work on math homework every once in a while or go on a trip to a local play together.

Allow Them to be Sensitive

Some days what your psychic mentee is experiencing will be overwhelming. He or she will want to cry or scream or stay in bed all day. The feelings your mentee is having are understandable and healthy. It’s always ok to have feelings. Suppressing feelings will only weaken someone’s clairvoyant abilities and make emotional health more difficult to achieve later on down the road. You’ll have the opportunity to teach the psychic child you work with how to deal with his or her feelings in a constructive way. By teaching a psychic child to express how he or she is feeling to others, you’ll be setting him or her up for emotional stability and personal success.

The tips mentioned above are just some of the important things you can do to be the most effective psychic teacher you can be. Consider them as you embark on the wonderful adventure of influencing a psychic child.

BIO: Jillian Terry is a guest blogger and freelance writer who primarily contributes to education-related sites, incl Jillian writes about adolescent psychology, the benefits of being a mentor, and education in general. Please leave your comments and questions for Jillian below. She loves to hear from her readers!

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