From Tarot to Tea Leaves: Tips for Finding the Right Psychic

I’ve been having doubts about a guy for the last few weeks. We’ve invested several months together, and, at the risk of inspiring argument, I resist the urge to ask, “What’s going on with us.” Therefore, whether it’s just to ‘express feeling,’ or gain some sort of spiritual or ‘super natural’ guidance, I considered visiting a psychic.

Assuming other women (and gents) would appreciate gleaning insights from my experiences, I offer the following.

Ego vs. Reality

One’s ego reflects one’s hopes, while reality reflects one’s ability to assimilate regardless. Before visiting a psychic, remember to separate the information from the medium, the messenger. Like hearing the ‘hard truth’ from trusted friends, psychic value is not for egotistical purposes, it’s for providing information associated to one’s life.

Faux Professionals

Obviously, like in my situation, many people (during many times in life) host questions, begging for answers from faith, loved ones, psychologists, doctors, etc. Faux professionals, or those posing, lying about having psychic powers, prey on ‘the needy’.

While some psychics admit services are ‘for entertainment purposes only’, others pledge allegiance to a natural-given ‘gift,’ or ability to predict futures or understand personal issues of clients. I researched my psychic via the Web and word of mouth. A friend formerly used the psychic’s services, endorsing her ‘craft’.

Psychic Shoes!

What’s interesting about psychic readings is the variety of services. Readers and vendors use palms, auras, personal objects, pets and other associated elements (such as well-famous tarot cards) to predict, empathise with personal crises, etc.

In addition to modes of gaining psychic insight, consider the emotional ‘size’ of the pursuit. For example, I wanted information about my boyfriend of several months, but gaining insight about my dearly missed grandmother may be too emotionally impactful for me to deal with on an average Saturday afternoon. I encourage all those interested to pursue with emotional caution and seek additional resources such as from on sites like TheCircle.

Helpless vs. Helpful

Don’t be a ‘helpless’ victim of possible faux services. For example, there’s a difference between asking questions that warrant a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and those necessitating the knowledge of names, dates, particularities, etc. For example, I didn’t mention my boyfriend’s name or the ‘type’ of relationship providing me anxiety. My reader knew several things without my help. I was helpful to myself, and in unearthing the professional’s credibility, by designing my questions.

The Unwritten Future

I’m not a seer or practitioner of psychic readings, but upon further exploration of the subject and discussion with actual professionals, I understand the future is ‘unwritten.’ Even the keenest of seers admit the future can be changed based on what we do with information at hand.

I grew aware of a personal cycle of passive-aggressive behaviour, realising the ‘need’ to find answers further support an aggressive cycle. My ability to accept the present may improve the future of my intimate relationships. While I didn’t receive winning lottery numbers, that insight is invaluable to me.

I am thankful for my psychic experience and further pursuit of the subject matter. It wasn’t (exactly) what I thought it would be (in a good way). I hope your experience is equally exciting and enriching.

Madison Hyde has been to a few psychics in her day and she has had both positive and negative experiences. She likes to share what she has learned with others looking for answers by writing on a variety of blog sites.

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