Ouija Board

Ouija Board

The following paranormal statements statements about ouija board experiences are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.

Over at a friends house using the quijja board for the first time, and the moveing piece flew across the board quickly to quickly for our hands to keep up. While we where using it we had candles lit, the candles went otu there was no breeze and no one was close enough to blow them out. It was freaky, and a feeling of danger and wrongness was around us.
– end of ouija board experiences extract -

After my teen son died, a couple of my friends was doing the ouija board and had made contact w/ my son,, then all of a sudden i felt this “energy” go right through my heart. It knocked the breath right out of me. I knew it was my son. Then after my 2 1/2 y.o son died, 1 of his little toy paino started playing all by it’s self, as i was walking over to it, once again, i felt that energy pass right through my heart, and once again it knocked the breath right out of me, i knew this time it was my baby.
– end of ouija board experiences extract -

My sister-in-law & I were in …. for the weekend, we stayed out rather late one night and we couldn’t get a cab. We were walking back to the hotel when we heard someone say ‘HURRY’ we looked at each other and neither one of us said it so we kinda picked up our speed and got back to the hotel turns out there was someone with a knife following us. We only found that out after getting back home and ouija’d the ghost that follows my family around. The ghost an ancestoress of my family and she’s pretty protective of us.
– end of ouija board extract -

In late 1996, a Friend and I, decided to get really drunk and fool with the Ouija board. We contacted something that said it was a girl that committed suicide in the apartment (Later verified that a suicide DID happen in the apartment). Another “spirit” would interupt and speak with us. It’s name was “Pyte”. I was very intoxicated and went to go pass out in another room. I was flipped over onto my back and dragged. It had very powerful hands. I woke-up quick. Ran out to the living room, my friend was in the corner scared out of his mind. Said something was scatching the window and saw something, like a shadow go into the room I was sleeping in! We heard actual knocking on the door but refuse to answer. Then the doorbell. It was some more of our co-workers.
– end of ouija board experiences extract -

After some friends of mine had been experimenting with a Ouija board, some scratches that looked like ancient runes appeared on a wall in their apartment. The scratches, which appeared like indentations that one would leave if they wrote, pressing hard with a pen, onto a thin piece of paper set against the wall. The scratches faded within three days. I could see no possible hoax, such as them repainting the wall.
– end of ouija board extract -

I was playing with the Ouiji board with my little sister and it told us she was going to die in a car accident coming home from her boyfriend’s house. She died two months later that exact same way. At first it made me feel guilty that maybe I had caused it to happen by meddling in the spirit world, but a close friend told me that it meant it was supposed to happen.
– end of ouija board experiences extract -


At the age of 19 or 20 my flat-mate and I made the mistake of ‘playing with a ouija board. In consequence te atmosphere in the flat changed, became cold for no apparent reason,our pet animals’ behaviour changed in that they would no longer enter one of the rooms and I became nervous, depressed and fearful. Since then i have read Jung on the collective unconscious and realise that the only ‘demons’ I had released were my own.

- end of ouija board experiences extract -

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4 Responses to “Ouija Board”

  1. zsani 2013-02-11

    I watched my aunty do it once she was asking it questions then all a sudden her eyes rolled back so her eyes were just white then there was a man speaking out of her like a man but it was her then my nana had to order the sprit to leave end of it

    • Rosemary Breen 2013-02-11

      As you have seen there is more to the ouija than most people think. It does need to be approached with caution…or better still, not at all.


  2. alan 2011-06-29

    Many people do not really understand this “toy”. Many individuals have had good results from the ouija board but more have had bad and unsettling experiences.

    Having experimented for many months with this unstable tool my wife and I recorded many experiences.

    Rather than go into details of what we endured we would rather tell you how to protect yourself while using the ouija board.

    Believe us when we say you have to learn how to open and close the board correctly. Unless you know this, you will most certainly have unwanted visitors. It is important that you never invite any spirit. You request their presence and make it clear that this is NOT an invitation.

    It is also very important to have a person with you who has experience of the board and can follow certain procedures if need be to take control.

    This is where many individuals forget that this tool is a portal to the spirit world. Remember there are many negative, angry and demanding spirits not just good ones.

    If the ouija board is controlled correctly it can be a real eye opener, as we both found. We were quite shocked at some of the results we encountered – such detail but never traceable!

    When using the board, we found that asking leading questions just gave answers we wanted to hear. So,
    choose you questions carefully.

    Used in the correct way, it is a very interesting item to use but used incorrectly, it can be a nightmare.

    We have had to use our clearance skills on many who have used the ouija board. b

    Be wise and take heed. From personal experience, we know!

    • Rosemary Breen 2011-06-29

      You know Alan I have always had a deep respect for the ouija board. I have only ever taken part in one session – and I can see it clearly even now, even though it was over 40 years ago. We were teenagers and having fun, as you do, in the kitchen at home. I remember being pleased that Mum and Dad were in the next room (not sure what they would have done if things had gone awry – probably called in the priest!) and we girls saw it as a giggle.

      But things did happen that night and, since then, I have kept a respectful distance.

      Is it too soon to go back for a second session? Or maybe I’ll just leave it alone for a bit longer!




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