Samara Anjelae

In this series on paranormal practitioners, a number of consultants with links to professional organisations are highlighted. For legal and other reasons, I cannot endorse the work of these specialists and, as with everything in life, I do advise caution.
To ensure an accurate representation of this psychic and the work they do, parts of this article are direct quotes from the relevant website and these are indicated as such.

Samara Anjelae

Samara is a Certified Medium, Master Healer, Spiritual Mentor and Author. Samara resides in Lexington, Kentucky, the horse capital of the world where she enjoys equine communication.

Services Offered

In the past, Samara has offered a variety of services including Readings, Healing. Animal Communication and Mentoring.

However, currently Samara is not taking on any new clients but she does offer workshops from time to time.

Samara offers the following workshops Healing Hands Intensive: Reiki I, II, III/Master which covers:

  • Awakening your Psychic Abilities
  • Kundalini Education
  • Chakra Education
  • Reiki

The Windbridge Institute

In 2009, Samara achieved Level 3 certification as a Windbridge Research Medium and, in 2011, this accreditation level was increased to Level 4.


After completing a none step screening process, Samara “was invited to be an Integrative Research Medium with The University of Arizona VERITAS research program directed by Dr. Gary Schwartz, PH.D and Julie Beischel, PH.D.”

Forever Family Foundation

“Samara has a Certificate of Mediumship Proficiency by The Forever Family Foundation.”

More Information

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  • Real Paranormal Activity

  • Astrology

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