Ghost Story

Ghost Story True or Just a Story?

The following are extracts for ghost story true or just a story are from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


When I moved to an older home and rented the downstairs, it had quite a lot of paranormal activity. Myslef and many guests heard footsteps almost daily in the dining room (wooden floors). One closet was continually coming open and items from it being strewn about on the floor outside it; it was not just a case of a jam-packed closet and loose door because sometimes I would come out in the morning and find the door open and items that had been packed away in the middle of boxes be the item that was laying on the floor. Jewelry of mine was constantly appearing in areas where it had NOT been left. Electric lights switches would not work during periods of intense ‘spirit’ activity.

My room mate saw a ghost in her bedroom…she said it was a male but he looked more like a photo negative…she said it looked very real except only part of his body was below the floor level so you couldn’t see all his legs. I myself had too numerous to count instances of feeling a male caressing my face and hair (whether I was sleeping on the couch, bed or floor). I would awaken thinking my boyfriend had come home only to see no-one was there. Then the ‘spirit’ would get agitated and try to hold me down so I couldn’t get up. I “knew” this was a male spirit who thought I was someone else. The spirit couldn’t understand why I was reacting so upset and this in turn would make him angry (since I was not reacting as the female he thought I was would.) Sometimes I could feel him sit down on the edge of my bed, feel the mattress sag or have my feet touched. My experience with the male presence happened Very frequently…I would wake up terrified. If my boyfriend was sleeping over I did not have these visits nor did I have these sensations when sleeping in hotels or friends homes in this same time period.
– end of ghost story true extract –


My daughter was 17 at the time, she and I were home alone one evening standing side by side doing the dishes. We suddenly heard a loud crash of glass breaking and we immediately looked at the nearest window thinking someone must have thrown a rock through it. The window was intact. Then we saw the glass all over the floor right behind us. We began to pick up the glass while trying to figure out where it came from. Then I recognized from the larger pieces that it was a cut glass cake plate that I kept on top of the refrigerator. That plate landed forcefully in the center of the kitchen, right behind us, one piece hit my daughter on the leg, making a small cut. This is about 5 feet in front of the refrigerator, it couldn’t have just vibrated off from the motor running. After we cleaned up the mess, I stood on a chair and checked the top of the ‘fridge and it was dirty and had lines in the dirt from the center of the top, where the plate had been sitting, all the way to the edge. I can’t make sense of how it could have just vibrated off. It wouldn’t have suddenly gone all the way, 5 feet out in front of the fridge and exploded behind us the way it did.

Another time a sticky piece of candy that my son had put on the table at dinner time unstuck itself and flew across the table and hit my daughter in the chest while the three of us sat at the table talking. We all witnessed that and it also happened in the kitchen. Also a glass framed photo fell off a book shelf in the middle of the night and broke. We can’t explain that either and we don’t have earthquakes or tremors in this part of the country. None of this happened during any storms or anything like that. I have tried each time to come up with rational explanations, to no avail. We bought the house new in 1981, no previous tenants. My youngest son, born in 1990, used to sleep with us and saw ‘something white’ move across our bedroom doorway when he was 4 or 5 and insisted on having the door closed every night after that. My 34 year old son has seen apparitions on 3 occasions during his childhood, first time at 5 and the last time at about 12 or 13. My daughter and her boyfriend saw a dark shadowy person standing outside our home in the street, near the street light in front of our house, when he was bringing her home from a date. As they approached the house in his car and were both looking at it, it disappeared.
– end of ghost story true extract –


I was with my sister standing on a hill overlooking a small pine forest and we noticed a man with his back to us. He wore a t-shirt and no shoes which we thought odd. Then he turned around and we saw to our horror that he had no face, not a disfigurement just a face clean of any features. We looked at one another and ran. Later on in the parking lot we met up with another companion who saw the same apparition? It if was… Very disturbing. Can still see it in my mind today some 30 yrs later.
– end of ghost story true extract –


one night i was studying, found there was something standing behind me, i turned back but there was nobody. so i turned the light off. there was a blue “ghost” bleeding, standing there and trying to grab me (slowly), from about 1.5 metre away. he cant speak. i was quite shocked cos it was my first time see one. so i ignored him. the second day about the same time, i saw him again. i was quite cool at the time and i asked him wat he want from me. i didnt hear his voice but i know he’s asking for help. i donno how . so i went to call one of my friend who i liked most, ask him wat did he do the day before. he said he had a fight with some guy, so i asked was there anyone in the hospital. the answer was yes. then i said well look after him. the end. i donno why i related this ghost with my friend. i saw the ghost many times since then. he always stands by my bedside. I saw him in dreams too, with me dying in the dream. donno.
– end of ghost story true extract –


I was a kindergarten teacher who had teaching assistant from … When she had been there about 6 months her father, who was still in … took very ill and she went over. While she was there he died. She was a very emotional person and knowing her mother had died earlier I was worried about her handling her father’s death. One night I woke to find this woman standing at the side of my bed. I right away knew she was her mother but I don’t know how I knew that. I had never seen a picture of the woman. I knew she was a spirit and yet I was not afraid. She was perfectly visable except that where the bed ended so did she, There were no feet. I remember all the details of her hair, her arms, her dress etc. She told me not to worry about my assistant, that she would be fine and that she sent her daughter to me. she also didn’t realize when her daughter was younger that she was so spiritual.

Basically she told me that she was still parenting her daughter in a way she had failed to do it on earth. When my assistant came back I told her about my visiter and she verified that it was indeed her mother. She visited me a few more times when I was wide awake and not in bed. I asked her why she was visiting ME when her daughter really wanted to see her and I did not. She said,”I do visit her often but she’s not ready to see me.” Once she came back and was faint, almost distant and told me she was moving on and would not be back. I have not seen her since.
– end of ghost story extract –


I was newly married at the time… asleep in bed when I was awakened at 2:20 in the morning to see a figure at the end of my bed. It was a male, dressed in a leather jacket, looking like he stepped of a motorcycle. What seemed odd was that he also resembled one of my sisters. I heard the words “he’s the one we are going to get”. This of course was very upsetting as I felt this person was going to “get my husband”, I did not fear for my sister as there was reference to “he”. Next night same thing, I awakened at 2:20 in the A.M. seen the same figure, and heard the same thing, “He’s the one wer’re going to get”. On the following night it happened again same time and in the exact same way… As it turned out this would be the last time I received this message. The morning following the third episode I got a telephone call from my mother. A cousin of mine was killed while on his motorcycle… he had pulled to the side of the road and was hit by a car from the rear. The accident… it happened at 2:20 A.M. As a footnote I should add that we had not seen each other for many years but as it turned out, he had come to resemble one of my sisters, just as I had sensed in the apparition.
– end of ghost story true extract –


As an only child I use to play in the back garden by myself. Our back garden was on a hill, where one house was on the top of the hill and ours was on the bottom of the hill – with both gardens meeting in between. Anyway, from the main window of the house overlooking ours, I was always aware of a lady who used to watch me play. Sometimes I would wave at her and she would wave back. Years later I told mum about the lady and she said I couldn’t have seen her, as she had been stabbed to death by her husband not long after our family moved there.
– end of ghost story true extract –


whilst travelling africa, i was taken by a family friend to visit a man who deals in helping people who have been possessed with evil spirits, black magic etc etc it was just a social visit as my family friend knew the man….i didnt know what his profession was or he had these gifts to cure people. anyway he invited me to dinner with his family…he insisted, and i accepted thinking he was being sociable/hospitable to a visitor to his country. i had dinner with his family, and afterwards we sat in his garden, me and him alone…thats when he asked me if i believed in spirits, black magic etc….i said i believed in ghosts or the unexplained but not black magic… he told me it exists and i suffer from it (black magic)…i was like yeah rite!! i told him to go on and prove it… wat happened next shocked me!!!! he told me when i was young i went to pakistan and came bak with something…he told me about the experiences i had at night when i was a child (i explained this on prev page)…nobody knew abt these experiences but he pointed it out, he said it was a spirit i had brought back!! also i suffer a skin condition on my leg, he even told me about it!! how did he know i suffered a skin condition?? its on my leg, i was wearing jeans, again he couldnt have known abt it!! he said the condition of the skin is because of the contact with the spirit, its not medical…i was lost for words, but still doubting him….he then told me about my other experience at night as an adult…he told me about my deja vu feelings…also he told me stuff abt my life no one in this world could have known, not even those closest to me! i was then convinced that this guy is genuine! he told me he needed to get rid of the spirit, as its affecting my life….and those around me i.e my family.. he told me this spirit and black magic has been with me since i visited pakistan..he explained that the spirit & black magic was done on me by somone in pakistan to harm me. he treated me with spiritual healing, and for once in my life i could see direction in my life
– end of ghost story true extract –

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