Future Predictions

Future Predictions or Just Good Guesses?

The following premonition statements are future predictions extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


A couple weeks ago my husband had a very bad allergic reaction to a medication the doctor prescribed and ended up in the emergency room and nearly dying. He is fine now. The night before this happened I had the “feeling” that something really bad was going to happen. This feeling is hard to describe, just a gut feeling that I have come to reconize as a kind of premonition. This happens many times right before something bad happens in my life sometimes I tell people about it and sometimes I don’t (ie: before the death of my grandmother, before the death of my aunt, when my grandmother went into the hospital to name a few). I’ll tell my husband ocasionally and he seems surprised at how accurate I can be with these feelilngs. I have come to find that I feel more prepared for these events like I know they are going to happen and I can prepare myself for it before it actually happens.
– end of future predictions extract –


I had a prophetic dream. The dream was that I was coming out of a doorway with my 6 year old son by my side when a car in the drive way began shooting sparks from the exhaust. I grabbed his hand, and the dream ended. One week later my husband was grilling hamburgers in the yard beside my carport. It began to sprinkle rain, and he moved the grill under the roof overhang. He was driving a … sportscar at the time and had backed it in the carport. The wind picked up as it often does in a thundershower, and began to blow sparks from the grill underneath the car. My husband had his mind on the cooking, and my 6 year old was enthralled by the sparks. They were blowing under the gas tank at the rear of the car. When I saw what was happening, I yelled at my husband to move the grill back from the edge of the carport. I am convinced that the dream averted an accident.
– end of future predictions extract –


On the day of the occurance, I felt an overwhelming chill within me, a sudden darkness, an aboding feeling. I called to make sure my husband was alright at work, he said yes, and was about to leave in the next 30 minutes.

About 45 minutes later, I got quite sick to my stomach, bent forward and suddenly within my mind seen an auto wreck happening, it was a clear concise picture in my mind, I arose, grabed keys and headed out, about 2 miles from home, traffic was backed up, I was stopped by a state trooper telling me I could go no further, I told him I needed to get up there to the accident, I knew what had happened, it was my husband, I told him the car he was driving, I told him exactly what the wreck looked like, he said I could not have known this, he said the ambulance has not even got there, I told him, do not ask how, just let me up there, he cleared the oncoming lane of traffic allowing me to get up to where the accident took place, sure as I had seen it in my mind the car looked, sure as I had seen the injuries in my mind, those were the injuries they found him to have.

The police and ambulance crew stated they have no idea how I would have known this, nor how I could have arrived before they had, I just told them, I did, and I “seen” it, at the moment it happened. The picture was clear as all day in my mind, that is how I knew where to go and what to expect.
– end of future predictions extract –


When my wife was pregnant with our first child, several weeks before we were scheduled to have the ultrasound where they can determine the baby’s gender, I had the most vivid dream I have ever had. In it, I was moving through the stereotypical white clouds (which I’d never had before or since), and came upon the following scene. There was a little girl kneeling with her back to me, and she was looking at/playing with a baby boy in an infant carrier. I watched them for a minute or so, and then she became aware of me, turned and ran up to me. She gave me a hug while saying “Hi, Daddy!” over and over. I woke up convinced we were having a girl followed by a boy, and that has since come to pass. I told my wife immediately about the dream, and we were not at all surprised either time when the ultrasound technician told us our children’s genders. This dream was one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring experiences I have ever had.
– end of future predictions extract –


I shot out of bed one morning around 5am very upset because I’d dreamt that my oldest child and only son had been killed in an automobile accident while traveling to ….. I startled my wife so much that she was worried. I was so disturbed that I phoned him right away…He told me I was a girl and to go back to bed. About three months later, the accident happened just as I had dreamt…that was 2 1/2 years ago and I still cant deal with it.
– end of future predictions extract –


First was a premonition not to go out at that time i was supposed to. i went out later to find a car upside down through a garden wall were i would have been walking.

Second was in hospital when my son passed away. I was blanketed in a warm rainbow of light. i felt calm relaxed at peace

Third i was in a seance and some unbelievable events took place.
– end of extract –

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