Dream Symbols

Naked Dreams, Dreams of Flying or Falling. What do we make of these dream symbols?

The following paranormal phenomena statements on dream symbols are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


Since I was little, I have had dreams which come true later on. Sometimes, it is years later. This happens to me at least once a year, sometimes more. Those dreams are very “different” than the “normal dayhash” dreams. When a dream causes me to wake-up and I’m feeling an intense emotion, then I know that I’ve been “told” something important. Thing is, these are usually symbolic in nature, but I’ve learned to listen to what they tell me…because ALL of them have come true so far.
– end of dream symbols extract –


I have had this dream for many years. In the dream, I am in a burning village, surrounded by an enemy army on horseback. My family is all dead around me. I am a young girl with red hair. I run out and grab the leg of one of the leaders on horseback. I say, “Kyrie elison, Domine” to show him that I am educated, and not to kill me. He looks down at me, and reaches his hand down and puts me on the horse in back of him. I have an extraordinary thirst for knowledge and have 5 degrees. I feel like I have to prove that I am educated over and over and over.
– end of dream symbols extract –


Before my mother committed suicide, I had a series of dreams and artistic premonitions. As with most suicides of people who have previously attempted, the person seems absolutely at peace and happy before they suddenly take their life, and that was the way my mother was.

My mother’s favorite color was turquoise. Prior to her death, I had a dream that my deceased maternal grandfather knocked on my door and showed me that a turquoise car had crashed on the porch. I also dreamed that he was holding a beer in the bar where she spent her last hours on earth and he said about the beer “that s***’s no good.” I had a dream about a girl dead suspended on a swing on a stage. I painted a picture of it, then could not get the face right. I wrote on the painting “this is the girl from the girl in the swing dream and she won’t let me see her face.” I also wrote a song which ended up metaphorically describing a lot about her future death.

There were other things which happened before her death which, looking back, should have let me know, but as my painting still tells me, she wouldn’t let me see her face. Since her death, I have dreamed about people who have passed before they die. One dream I had about a friend was a true comfort to some of his closest friends. I have other premonitions in dreams fairly often.
– end of dream symbols extract –


It is not really one specific experience but rather continuing experiences that i am having. Since i was a teenager i have often had dreams that i have considered to have then come true.

Days, weeks and sometimes months later. As depressing as this might seem they are exclusively concerning disaster or accident. I sometimes have dreams that are seemingly fragmented and symbolic that seem to make no sense at first, only to become obvious later when i see something that reminds me of the dream. I have dreams every single night but most of them are simply pieces of information from my daily life that has been mixed up into the usual type of dream that means nothing other than i am processing my own thoughts and esperiences from the day. The dreams i have that appear to be precognitive are distinctly different.

I awake and remember them for days in some cases even years. They are vivid and always involve things that are out of my control in life. I can only describe them as a series of images, like movie footage where i am an observer in the image watching as things unfold. There are rarely specific i.e. i rarely get a name or a place name. I have dreampt of plane crashes, hurricanes, tsunami and terrorist attacks. It is never nice and it is never personal, it involves other people in other places which makes it seem like such a pointless thing to experience. I have tried to be logical about this and for a long while a strongly believed that it was coincidence. Now i am more willing to believe as the years pass the number of incidences increase meaning that the possibility that it is coincidence only decreases.
– end of dream symbols extract –


When I was a teenager I saw a large black dog out of the corner of my eye. It scared me and as I turned to look at it (a split second later), I realised it wasn’t there. I knew it hadn’t been a real dog that had just moved as the area where I saw it had no ‘escape routes’ and if it had been real, it would still have been there when I turned face on. I remember feeling very confused and wondering why I saw a dog that wasn’t a real dog…? My Mother thought it was symbolic, that is wasn’t a dog as such but represented something else.
– end of dream symbols extract –

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