Demons and Paranormal

What do Demons and Paranormal have in Common?

The following paranormal phenomena statements on demons are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


Im a religious person, but not that not going to church, but I believe in the existence of what we may call God or Adonai.

I was praying more often when I was younger, feeling as if I was closer to God. I had made a promise to Him saying that I would not watch any horror movie, and If I did, he would be allowed to punish me for doing so… the day after that, I went to theater on a friday the 13th, and watched an horror movie about demonic possession, nothing really scary though.

I went to bed, but while I was praying, like I usually did before going to bed.

I knew there was something awaiting me, I had broken that promise, and heard a strange high noise in my hears, giving me a headache. Then I knew there was something that was going to happen to me this night.

I fell asleep, but suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. I tried to reach out my hand to the lamb next to my bed but I reached out to something that was standing next to my bed. It was a being wearing a black cloak, hidding his whole body, but I clearly remember the texture of his clothing and how it felt when I touched him.

It was warm, like a human being, and about as tall as a human..but I felt a real evil and terrifying aura….I felt struck down to my bed. The black cloaked “demon” bent over me and a strange chant (not in any language, just a weird mumbling) was escaping from it…could not see his face.

I couldnt move at all. I tried screaming to my mother, but nothing came out, and then my vision became completly black, and there was that high irritating sound in my ears, that I had heard when I was praying.

I began praying and it suddenly stopped and the black cloaked creature disappeared. I got out from bed and went in my mothers room to sleep there.

– end of demons and paranormal extract-


I think I was 14 years old. Me and a good friend of mine decided to try and summon a demon at my house.

We were young and reading from the “Satanic Bible” which now I realize was rather silly. However. After reading some passages, we were lying in the living room in our sleeping bags, when we noticed something that appeared to be a 7 foot tall shadow walking around the house.

A week later, while my parents were with friends in a different room, I felt an intensely evil presence that seemed to follow me throughout the house. It became so horrific that I would stand near my parents. This lasted a couple months until it seemed to stop.

– end of demons and paranormal extract –


I woke one night to my dog scraping his paw on my screen door, which he tended to do when scared.

I went out to investigate and across the yard on my neighbours’s garage roof was a jet black humanoid silhouette crouching as if peering down at me and the dog.

There was something unnatural about the spectre with a mixture of feline, primate and human features. At the time my pulse raced and I thought it was a demon so I confronted it with Biblical phrases of command.

It left, reluctantly, and I felt like the situation had returned to normal as my dog calmed down and was no longer frightened.

I consider him the other witness, though of course he can’t say anything either way. To this day I’ve really no clear idea on what it was – I thought it was a demon and it certainly was frightening, but it seemed more curious in intent than malign.

It could have been an intra-psychic exteriorisation of my own issues at the time or a wholly other life form of a different physicality. I don’t know and haven’t encountered it since.

-end of demons and paranormal extract-


I had had my wisdom teeth out, in a long, painful operation in which I lost a lot of blood. I couldn’t chew, I had lost blood, I had had my jaws hammered on with a hammer and chisel to break through the bone to get my impacted wisdom teeth out. In short, I was in a state of physiological shock by the time I got home from the dentist.

No family were around to take care of me, just roommates I didnt know well enough. I couldn’t eat anything for a few days, just a little juice and aspirin for the pain. After 4 or 5 days, my ears were all clogged up from the operation, and it sounded like noises coming from outside my room.

My roommates were home, but they were asleep, and I also knew that the sounds I was hearing were just fluid sloshing around in my congested ears. But they sounded so much like voices that another part of my brain thought they were. But after that many days with no food, I was in a pretty loopy state, and I got very afraid that demons were coming to possess me.

A part of my mind also knew this wasn’t rational, especially since I didn’t believe in demons. But there I was, afraid of something bad happening to me spiritually. So I called out (with my mind) for spiritual help – I asked for an ally to protect me. And a spiritual presence was there, and I felt, not only safe, but at one with the universe, a feeling that lasted for a couple of days.

I saw and understood patterns of how things in the universe were related to each other, I understood how quantum mechanics worked and why I was able to feel connected to other things in the universe. It was a wonderful, amazing feeling.

The therapist I talked to about it had nothing helpful to say – he said it was all because of substance abuse, which made no sense, since I didn’t use any substances, not even alcohol. Again, it was indigenous teachers who could hear clearly what I had experienced, and explain it in a way that made sense.

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