Spirit Rescue and Clearance

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What is Spirit Rescue and Who can Help?

The following is a profile of Spirit Rescuers Alan Chappell and his team at Trust Active.

Paranormal Activity – How Did You Get Started Alan?

First of all I would like to congratulate Rosemary, on behalf of the Trust Active team on the success of her website.

When we started, we couldn’t help but notice that many of the paranormal websites were headed down the same old road. They were, and still are ghost hunters looking for proof of spirit activity. We knew we didn’t need any more proof and neither did the people who sought our help.

We have seen paranormal activity in action and our goal is to help those who are affected by it.

How Does it Work?

Generally people come to us about us through our website or via personal recommendations from past clients. We like to spend time getting to know the client and establishing what exactly it is that they are experiencing. Then, if we feel we can help, we set up a meeting.

Of course, we respect our clients’ privacy at all times and, for that reason alone, most of the cases we work on are not publicised.

Occasionally, however, we do get the opportunity to do live streaming while we work.

What is Your Approach?

Over the years, we have conducted numerous spirit clearances. The key to our success is understanding what the spirit needs or is trying to communicate. This is where many clearances have failed in the past.

We don’t rush in and just do a clearance. In dealings with the spirit world, it just doesn’t work like that. Disturbances are usually a cry for help from beyond the grave. Oftentimes, spirits are literally trapped between worlds.

Then, there are other instances where spirits find it difficult to release their hold on this world. These circumstances tend to be the easier cases to deal with. In the more difficult situations, which generally involve a lot more of our time, energy, and patience things can become more physical.

Why Do You Do This?

Our ultimate goal is to educate and help people. We are not ghost hunters. We are clearance experts and, in addition to helping clients, we are looking to educate and inform and guide other teams of spirit workers.

Today, television and the media play a big part in our daily lives and because of this, most people are unable to discern the difference between what they see and read (which can be wonderful entertainment) and what actually does happen in the interface between the spirit and the physical worlds.

We would like to help change this perception.

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Have you Seen a Spirit?

Yes, we have and we each experience the spirit world differently.

Do you ever Get Scared?

It may surprise some people to know that we don’t get scared.

However, we have had what I would call the occasional fright!

Spirits have personalities and certainly the ones we have come across have been known to catch up off guard.

What is the Key to Your Success?

Personal protection is the first thing that springs to mind. If we aren’t strong and consistent in protecting ourselves and our energy, both as individuals and as a team, then we would not be able to do the work we do.

Secondly, patience is the second key to our success. Time has a different quality in the spirit world and we find that remaining calm and not pushing through helps all the interested parties.

Having said that, we have met some pretty frustrated spirits in out time.

How Can People Contact You?

  • Trust Active Team: Alan Chappell, Lorraine Chappell, Jeff Howlett, Cathy Ploughrite and Nick Ballam

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  • Alan Apr 1, 2011, 6:16 am

    Hi Rosemary,
    Love light and ???? I will have to think of one lol.
    xxx Alan

  • Alan Apr 1, 2011, 6:08 am

    Hi again Ivan,
    We too are very hungry and tired after our work. I think many of us go through that.

    We have also had the same response with spirit waving when they cross and saying a few words of comfort. It is very satisfying. We have not needed to use any kind of aids within our work, we find no need for them, but if this is how you work then everyone has their own way.

    As time moves forward you will find many changes in your ways of working because the confidence within yourself will grow. It is never easy to find a really genuine team but I will say, and you might think it strange, they will find you.

    It is what we recognise as the LINK. This is the way we are all brought together as we have found three of our team came to us. It will all fall into place as time progresses Ivan.

    I have always been a little doubtful with many that claim they are mediums because most should know and understand about rescue and clearance, not just the reading side.

    As you can understand you also have to be very sceptical within not only your work but the people who surround you.

    Always go with your own feelings and senses, dont be led to believe any different.

    You will always have someone to critisize how you work but remember, what you are receiving is being guided to you and you alone.

    This is where we are quite confident within our team because we all understand each other and can link together to help each event we undertake. Yes you can share your gifts to others in time when you work with them long enough.

    My wife Lorraine is the strongest in our team as she has the gift of sight, touch and sound. We all share the touch and sound but as for sight we are patiently waiting for that to mature.

    Not one of us would claim mediumship. We all just agree over the years we have certain abilities and these enable us to understand we can help both the client and the spirit to move forward.

    Take each day at a time my friend.
    Best regards Alan and Lorraine.

    • Rosemary Breen Apr 1, 2011, 6:48 am

      Wow Alan. That is so beautifully spoken. I wish I was on you team. I get a feeling of nurturing and support – even cosseting. Love that.

      Hopefully over time not only Ivan but other rescuers will read this and feel they want to connect.

      As always , all the best.


  • Alan Mar 30, 2011, 5:17 am

    PS. Rosemary,
    We know not of any registered body of Spirit Rescuers.

    The church is the only one I know that is recognised but that is under the heading of EXORCISM.

    Not the recommended road to take in our opinion, it has been recorded that it has been rated as only 20% successful.

    I did read that the Catholic faith denounces the belief of spirit and ghost. But on reading further this is because it is meant to weaken any spirit or ghost activity.

    Strange, but clever in some ways!


    • Rosemary Breen Mar 30, 2011, 6:56 am

      Okay Alan.

      How are we to interpret your ‘clever in some ways’? It sounds to me like a comment that can be taken many ways – or is this my suspicious mind working overtime??


  • Alan Mar 30, 2011, 5:07 am

    Hi Rosemary,

    the answer to your question is: Yes, Ivan is welcome to contact us at any time. It would be very interesting to know his future progress, especially with a very unstable but fascinating line of work that we all do.

    We are here to share our opinions and our results, how else can we expect to learn and understand.

    We all Listen, Learn and Liaise.

    Best regards
    Alan and Lorraine

    • Rosemary Breen Mar 30, 2011, 6:54 am

      Thank you Alan and Lorraine.

      I hope Ivan will take up your invitation.

      Love your tag line – listen, learn and liaise. Now all you need to do is add love and light and???? 🙂


  • Ivan woodberry Mar 26, 2011, 6:49 am

    I am very careful in what I do Alan but at the moment finding a group is not easy, working nights and sometimes working six days a week….there is not much time to form a group, I would like too and be a part of it but with my work I would just be a part time member which will not suit me at all and the way things are now finding a job is not that easy any more but I will try and see where it takes me.
    Being a nuisance is the only way they can cry out for help, they have realised that they should of moved on but now they cannot find the path they need and that is where we come in to show them a new path for them to take but as you said there those ones who do not want to go and cause unhappiness to the new owners.

    I have just done a house where there daughter refused to sleep in her own room. When I got there and entered the house I could not feel anything, his wife thought it was her grandfather, I looked around and again nothing until I pick up a old photo of her grandfather and felt his energy, I turned to her and told her what came in my head ” he said it is not him but he does come around when you feel low” and she agreed with this. Still I felt nothing so I said I would like to look at the room but just has I put my foot on the stairs I felt a young girl running up and down the stairs when I told the owners what I was getting the wife said ” she has seen a child and so have their daughter” When I got to the room all I can hear was “I want my mummy” after a little while I knew what to do so I called upon the angel of light to come and take her to her mother, What I felt and heard I cannot put in words but I felt the young girl saying “Bye, bye” and I could see her hand closing in and out has if she was waving good bye to me that was four days ago and the daughter is now sleeping in her own room without any worry or trouble.

    I always feel I need to have something to eat when I finish and I always cleanse myself too before going home.

    Rosemary I do not think there is a group called “Professional Organisation of Rescuers” in the UK.

    Sending you an Angel of light to you, your wife Lorraine and Rosemary to watch over you, may your light help and guild those who come to you for help.


  • Alan Mar 25, 2011, 8:50 pm

    Hi again Ivan,
    My apologies for sounding suspicious. I can now understand by your recent post that you are what we say, “coming out”. Congratulations.

    It’s strange how we are similar in being able to choose spirit rescue rather than readings. We, (me and my wife) have always felt comfortable dealing with spirit rescue rather than mediumship, although we do pass on small parts of information we can receive from each event we do.

    Do you work with a partner or team Ivan? As I would say it is not a good idea to work alone as this work can be very draining within yourself and could lead to some very unstable situations.

    We have found that we never stop learning and as we progress the events we undertake never cease to amaze us. We have dealt with some very aggressive spirits but mainly they are more frustrated and unsettled. It is wonderful how spirit make sure they are identified so as to get the help they need.

    Strangely it is usually by making a nuisance of themselves that they gain attention and persuade the individuals involved to seek people from people like ourselves to help them.

    Keep up the good work you have been chosen to do Ivan.

    Alan and Lorraine.

    • Rosemary Breen Mar 25, 2011, 10:49 pm

      Thanks Alan. That is a very encouraging reply. I realize that you are busy with work and family matters but Im wondering, if Ivan ever felt the need, could he contact you and Lorraine for support.

      We all know how dangerous the work you do can be and even though Ivan has his Mediumship group for support Im sure an extra mentor would never go astray.

      Speaking of which – not witch:), is there such a thing as a professional organisation of Rescuers?



  • Ivan woodberry Mar 25, 2011, 6:54 am

    Good day to you Alan and Rosemary

    Thank-you for your comments Alan, I will try to answer them the best way I can.

    First I have been doing this for about two years learning what I can. There are no rescue circles in my home area or any nearby, so I have learned from my circle and a number of sites on the net like this one – that was in the first year.

    In the second year, my circle leader had a woman phoning her for some help with her home so she said yes and ask a number of us to go with her – this was my first time. When we got to this house and entered the hall I felt there was something wrong straight away. My group looked around the house saying they could feel this and that but every time they came up with something I came up the an answer to that problem. In the end my circle leader asked me to take over the investigation – to cut a long story short the family concerned had been playing tricks.

    From that moment I knew this is where I belonged and started to find out as much as I could but no matter how much you learn doing the real thing is always the best way to understand it. I use the protection methods I learned from my spiritual circle and I always seal and protect the homes I am entering and I do the same thing when I leave.

    I say I because it is only me, I am not part of a team not a physical one (if you understands what I mean).

    I understand what you mean by “some element of force has to be used” and maybe one day that will come but at the moment I feel this way. I am not good with words when putting down how I feel, I sometimes think (sorry about that Alan it is the way I am but I am beginning to learn new things as I continue this work) it is helping me as well as helping other at the same time.

    I look forward to your views because it is a good way to share and find an understanding to this kind of work. I have helped a number of people and I have only failed on one but I do keep in contact with that family and I will stay with them until a solution is found, things have quieten down for them but not finish.


  • Alan Mar 24, 2011, 9:17 pm

    Hi Ivan,
    I am somewhat confused with some of your post?

    Quote: “Trying to force something out is the wrong way. Nothing but bad things can happen. Something may replace the one you force out, your own negative thoughts could take form.”

    This seems to be an unusual statement. If you have a negative spirit you are working with and it fails to all reasons you request, then some element of force has to be used. As for another spirit replacing the one you are clearing, have you not sealed and protected the dwelling before hand?

    As for your Quote: “So never go into a place thinking you can force you own will it will not work and may bite back.”

    Your protection and skills will not allow any harm to come to you or your team. Your decisions are based on what you and your team sense at each event.

    As for going in with an open mind, there are times when you should close yourself down until you have investigated the event fully.

    I totally agree you should converse with your clients and investigate what events they are experiencing and your own gifts will show you what is needed to be done.

    I am intrigued to know how long you have been involved in spirit rescue and clearance?


    • Rosemary Breen Mar 24, 2011, 9:40 pm

      Hello Alan

      Lovely to see you back on Psychic Revolution.

      I also see that you have a couple of points of difference to explore with Ivan. It seems you are discussing more than semantics and this seems healthy.

      Ciao for now


  • Ivan Woodberry Mar 24, 2011, 8:40 pm

    Good day Rosemary

    No I am not from the United States but from the United Kingdom. I live in the Rhondda valley in South Wales.

    How did all this start for me? Well as far as I can remember it was after an accident that happened to me when I was very young, details which I cannot remember. I only learned about them through my Nan (over eight months of my life missing) but I do remember my dreams and the shadow of a man that followed me through my childhood and the words “come with me, you do not belong here any more”.

    Well you can imagine how that could frighten a young child, so I became afraid of the dark and this followed me to adulthood but the dream only come now and then. Even today I know I will get this dream it will always be with me.

    I am telling you this so you can understand how I came to do what I do to day. It was only about six years ago that I started to feel an energy around me and I could feel someone was there too. I had a talk with a number of people within the spiritual circle and I joined a circle to learn more but they only taught about mediumship which I enjoyed doing but I knew I wanted to do something else – something the circle could not teach me.

    Through this, I began to understand where I was going and was told that if I had help when I was young I would have been a lot better at it today, but I was also told that maybe I was not ready then but now is the time for me.

    My methods and approaches can be different depending on the state of the family but mostly I use my insight and feelings ( my inner self). I do use a candle and Dragons Blood incense cones. I also use my own prayer ( you can get so many prayers on the internet but I wanted one that will suit me). I asked for one to come to mind so that it could be an aid to me (next minute I knew I was typing one up).

    At first I was not charging a fee but found I could not keep up with the cost of travelling. And I would like to buy some equipment to help me set up some programs for people to watch and give them some hope that there is help out there and let them know that their own fear can work against them if they let it (there is nothing to fear but your own fear).

    You will find lot of mediums and psychics but when it comes to rescue work you will find it hard to find one because you are not sure where to look. I have a lot of friends who are mediums and when they are doing a reading for a client, the client may say that they are having some trouble within their home and ask the medium if they can help, they put me in touch with them and after a talk or two I made some arrangements to met them to see how I can help.

    As I work nights, I find time is not a good friend and I do my best to get to them has quickly as I can. This is not a full time job though. I wish I could spend more time helping those who need it.

    Not sure if this is what you wanted Rosemary but I hope it will give you an understanding into my life with spirit. What makes this worthwhile to me is that I am helping not just the living to be at peace with themselves and their homes but bring peace and eternal rest to the lost souls.

    Sending peace and light your way Rosemary…

    Ivan Woodberry ( Shadowwalker)

    • Rosemary Breen Mar 25, 2011, 8:56 am

      Thanks Ivan. I can see that you work from a place of love and respect and Im sure, as with everything in life, we all get better at whatever we do the more we practice (was that a paraphrase of Einstein’s the harder I worked the smarter I got??)

      I see Alan has joined the conversation and so I’ll step back and leave this space to you both for a moment 🙂


  • Ivan Woodberry Mar 24, 2011, 2:10 am

    Hi Rosemary
    First I would like to thank-you for this web site I find it very interesting.

    I do a lot rescue work, this is what I say about it on my facebook page:

    Souls seeker, light workers and pathfinders all have one thing in common they help the those who get lost when passing over, why they get lost I cannot say but they do.

    I think when the time comes for them to pass over some are not sure what to do or where to go, they do not realise they have died and do not go where they should, they are angry that they time has come but were not ready for it or refuse to accept it.

    So many things can come to mind why they remain earth bound you may have your own reasons why this happens and if you have your own idea about this.

    If you need help to find something you lost, you go and get help from those you know can do that job, so that is what souls seeker, light workers and pathfinders do, is what I do.

    At the moment the only people who know I do this kind of work are my friends and it is them that put me in touch with those who need my help. I go the home not in negative fame of mind because this will not work and will not help any one else.

    I go there with a open mind to help the ones living there and the pass over ones for you have to remember they think the living are intruding in they space and not the other way round.

    I listen to the living to see if it is their own making that make them feel there is something in their home, their personal life and what goes within it can do this. Once that is cleared up I then look around the house to see if I can pick any thing up and try to talk with the spirit and try to find out why it is still there.

    Trying to force something out is the wrong way. Nothing but bad things can happen. Something may replace the one you force out, your own negative thoughts could take form.

    So never go into a place thinking you can force you own will it will not work and may bit back.

    Sometimes you will be able to show the spirit that this time and place have now gone and it is time to move on leaving the home in peaceful way.

    I have help a number of families and now they live happily in their homes.

    • Rosemary Breen Mar 24, 2011, 2:57 pm

      Hi Ivan

      Welcome to Psychic Revolution and thank you for the compliment.

      As you can see, this is a place where sane, calm, and rational discussion is fostered.

      I’m interested to know if you are based in the State and whether, in fact, that is where you do most of your spirit rescue work. We have another member of the forum, Alan Chappell who is involved in similar work to yours.

      I hope Alan will join the discussion as I’m sure we can all learn from both of you and the methods and approaches you adopt in assisting spirits to move to the other side.

      Out of interest Ivan, how do you deal with the delicate matter of costs and payments. Do you regard your skill as a service or is it perhaps closer to a full time job? I’m sure there is a strong need for your help but I wonder, given you are so discrete about your skills, how do people find you?

  • Priscilla Gallagher Dec 24, 2010, 6:56 pm

    Hi Dolly,

    My goodness, talk about a constant supply, amazing! We will say that you need to close that portal, I understand the concern to help but it will become too easy for any activity to pass through. Also I am not surprised they were drained, you have to close down for your own strength to rebuild.

    We are so pleased Gal has found the path she is meant to take, that is wonderful. I myself have always been a little held back when it comes to readings, although I have been successfully involved at times it is not the path I feel confident to take. At this time I am an instrument of good use and I know my path will be set for me so until it is chosen I can wait. Hark at me lol, I am the most impatient person going and spirit recognize that. A lot of us want to run before we can walk lol. I believe that is my biggest weakness.

    Getting back to the wreath, it could be that this was attached by spirit which started the visits. It is known that various objects can house spirit. I take it the wreath has been long gone, but what is the situation in that flat now? Me thinks you might need to find out! James von Praagh,

    I must admit I dont know much about him I’m afraid but I have seen he is taking a lot of criticism on the web at the moment, but I do know if you take the call to do readings then you have to be strong.

    Best regards Alan

  • Alan Dec 6, 2010, 6:02 am

    Hi again Dolly,
    Thank you for taking the time to give me so many details on this particular experience.

    I dont know why but it is playing on my mind about this place, I feel it is still unsettled. Not for the fact of helping but the feeling of closure. The more I think about it the more I am drawn to your open portal views, I feel it is still open.

    I sense one particular male who is the one causing the suppression and he rules the roost. Now I dont usually get involved with this sort of sensitivity but my thoughts are saying I am right. It would be satisfying to know if they are correct. Also it says dont visit send a letter?

    It is so strange when you receive such unusual messages when you do not even know the area they are concerned with. I also understand it might not be this place at all, as we all know we have to find the links ourselves to all messages But this one seems correct. Maybe we can find out?

    This is one of the reasons I feel out of depth sometimes with readings, they always concern me, although this one will not effect anyone personally.
    I am far more confident with rescue and clearance, it is so natural for me.

    A few weeks ago we had a event which involved a male spirit and a little girl, I had the experience of hearing her footsteps while she followed me into one of the rooms. She gave us, (in thought), the message that she was keeping an eye on the baby that lived in the house. The male spirit kept in the background and seemed very calm and private. We were confident that our work was not needed any further and were satisfied to let these spirits remain for the purpose of protection towards the baby.

    It has been very calm in this house since. I might add that the male and little girl had been seen by the owners and this is why we investigated.

    This is where we feel many groups falter. They have this inexperienced notion that all spirits need clearing, what rubbish! Learn to Learn I say.

    It has been a strange couple of weeks for me recently. My wife has seen a bright half circle of light around me several times and senses it is one of my grans.

    Also I have had my hair stroked many times in the day and the night, mainly on my left side. I believe something is afoot and only hope it is good.

    Well enough for now as I am going live on our website at 8pm. Hope Jeff has sorted out his PC problems.
    Best regards

  • Dolly Dec 6, 2010, 4:44 am

    Hi Alan,
    First, I apologize that I have been misspelling your name! We have friends called Allen…so my thinking just assumes Allen.

    Just to verify things, I just spoke with my daughter on all this. She and her medium friend haven’t been back to check on that apartment since moving out.

    The wreath..it was one she made out of grapevine taken from the back yard of a house she and hubby lived in previously….this house was built back in 1905 and located in the historical district there. There was much spirit activity there…I saw a stranger/man there once, walking through a doorway, which was after I had been feeling his presence (he used to watch me a lot when I visited) Her little daughter, age 2 and on till she was probably 4, had an unseen playmate there….much running, chasing and laughing. Said his name was “Tommy.”

    Her mommy and daddy were very excited about buying this house, with great plans to remodel..but almost immediately after moving in, they began to feel they couldn’t communicate anymore…became distant…he was unhappy all the sudden…got real grumpy, began to stay away, like always hiding in the basement, didn’t want company. He wasn’t at all himself. They ended up divorcing, and both moved. Fact is, they lived there for 7 yrs…..too long.

    In her new apartment afterwards. She took this wreath she made, hanging it in the upstairs bedroom. Downstairs directly below that bedroom where the wreath was placed was a small bathroom. For some reason there were always a lot of flies in that bathroom even in winter. Jan was an immaculate housekeeper. She told me felt there was some sort of portal that ran straight from the ground, up through that bathroom, on up to that bedroom. At one point, when the medium friend went upstairs, at the top of the landing there was a dead rat laying there….funny thing was, it wasn’t a real rat, since it disappeared. It all began with just a few spirits here and there, then soon they’d be surrounded with up to 30 and 40.

    One man..it appeared that he had lost an eye. He would often meet them in this one hallway, but mostly was seen staring at himself in the bedroom mirror. One evening my daughter was carrying a pyrex baking dish to the sink and as soon as she got there, and still holding it, it shattered into hundreds of pieces, making a loud explosive noise. She did tell me that when they would answer the phone that kept ringing upstairs, (that was not plugged in) there was a distinct voice heard, but unintelligible because of static. Sounds a bit Amityville, huh?

    My daughter said she felt an oppressive atmosphere there almost at once and she sensed that whoever lived there suffered serious depression . She said the couple who had just moved out had problems….didn’t get moved when they were supposed to because, according to the landlord, the woman was ill, and had taken to her bed/couch a lot. Makes us wonder if it might have been the hauntings sapping her energies.

    My daughter did take the wreath down and threw it away. But she had already began packing things for moving into another residence. I’m hoping she will visit the apartment one day and inquire just to see if the activity is still going on with the new occupants. She did do a good cleansing before they left.

    Ir’s great talking with you concerning these things, Alan. I hope that you will share with us if something eventful should occur that might enlighten us more on this subject of rescue work.

    Warmest regards,

  • alan Dec 5, 2010, 7:39 am

    Hi Dolly,
    My goodness, talk about a constant supply, amazing!

    We will say that you need to close that portal, I understand the concern to help but it will become too easy for any activity to pass through. Also I am not surprised they were drained, you have to close down for your own strength to rebuild.

    We are so pleased Gal has found the path she is meant to take, that is wonderful. I myself have always been a little held back when it comes to readings, although I have been successfully involved at times it is not the path I feel confident to take. At this time I am an instrument of good use and I know my path will be set for me so until it is chosen I can wait. Hark at me lol, I am the most impatient person going and spirit recognize that. A lot of us want to run before we can walk lol. I believe that is my biggest weakness.

    Getting back to the wreath, it could be that this was attached by spirit which started the visits. It is known that various objects can house spirit. I take it the wreath has been long gone, but what is the situation in that flat now? Me thinks you might need to find out!

    James von Praagh, I must admit I dont know much about him I’m afraid but I have seen he is taking a lot of criticism on the web at the moment, but I do know if you take the call to do readings then you have to be strong.

    Best regards

  • Dolly Dec 4, 2010, 6:38 am

    Hi again, Alan,
    Thank you so much…on my end here it is equally gratifying to have your confirmation in these rescue approaches.

    Some months back, my daughter, in a new apartment, began having all sorts of paranormal happenings. It all seemed to be coming from her daughters room, but her room, also. Her daughter only used the room every couple of weeks since she mainly lives with her father. Anyhow, one little doll, buried in the bottom of a toy box, that had been broken for ages would talk. Jan would hear this a lot. Often, her land phone in that room, which had been disconnected, would ring and ring. Still, Jan would run upstairs to answer it and there would be a sound like static, and other noises. Her medium friend came to stay a while, and they both answered and heard these sounds.

    Other times, just picking it up and listening, there would be no sounds at all. This doll kept talking, too. Also, “laughing, vibrating Elmo would be activated. After a while, while Jan was downstairs, she’d hear all this walking around up there, in both bedrooms, like rooms full of people. In her own bedroom, she had hung this huge wreath. After that, these strange things had begun to occur. She began to wonder if that wreath had somehow opened up a portal since so many spirits seemed to be visiting.

    Eventually, her medium friend moved in. She and Jan both began to see many of these spirits. Being able to pick up (hear them) they would talk about how they had died. One young man had explained how he had drowned. A woman had a serious head injury, and as spirit, this injury was still visable, even with the blood. There were literally dozens of these spirits coming through, and lingering about.

    To try to make this shorter, I asked them to please make an effort to rescue as many as possible, which neither had ever done, and knew little about, but I explained and they did.

    Often, they would be awakened throughout the night and have to do this for some lost soul. They were exhausted. My daughter had to move soon after, having to find a place more to fit her budget, but also to get away from that activity as it seemed unending.

    One or the other would often wake the other and ask them to do the rescue because of the exhaustion it caused. Very unusual experience.

    I am somewhat disheartened that they didn’t want to pursue rescuing. But the medium gal,…she began giving readings where loved ones could communicate through the veil, and bring closure, confirm that life continues after death, that they are okay, etc, but now mainly works with individuals and groups educating and bringing awareness concerning spiritual growth and evolving, as well as all about spirit guides, and living the highest truth one knows, which is what her own guides/spirit teachers want her to focus on at this time.

    BTW, This gal has studied a little under James von Prague…pretty world renown.

    Warm regards,

  • Alan Dec 3, 2010, 3:59 am


    We all thank you for notifying us of Dolly’s post on the eve of your holiday.
    We just hope the snow does not hold you up too much as it is pooring into the UK.
    Have fun all of you.

  • Alan Dec 3, 2010, 3:54 am

    Hi Dolly,
    May we jump straight in and say any spirit who stands behind you and covers theirselves is usually hiding something. But it is strange they stayed with you for such a long time. It seems he was waiting for you to understand how to help him or guided you to the tutor.
    You are working in exactly the same way as we do and we confirm it is the way we were instructed by spirit involvement. We also have many spirits approach us in this way. If they do intend to hide then we ask them if they need to repent their past sins, form which helps immensly to gain confidence and also lead to conversing, as some spirit are reluctent to talk.
    Yes, many do not understand they have passed and many do not recognise the surroundings they are now in, until they are gently persuaded to look closer and see that it is not what they seem.
    Communication is the key, either from thought or open speech, this is not always accepted by spirit so we have to work on what we can recieve within the team to make the correct decisions.
    Your comment is like a mirror image of our own words, it is so exciting to actually see the words from someone else that is exactly what we would have said ourselves.
    It is such a pleasure to know you Dolly.
    Best regards
    Alan and the team.

  • Dolly Dec 2, 2010, 8:41 am

    Thanks Rosemary, and that would be nice. Very important work, as well as interesting, and I’m all for educating others. BTW, are you still enroute heading for Europe? Sure hope your trip and other travels are enjoyable and full of fun!. My hubby traveled all over Europe when young and in college (Long Beach U.) and I’ve hardly traveled this country! Well, I spent a day in Mexico once…anyhow, be safe!

    Warm regards,

    • Rosemary Breen Dec 2, 2010, 8:44 am

      Thanks Dolly.

      Taxi in 3 hours.


  • Dolly Dec 2, 2010, 7:55 am

    If you should read these comments, I’m interested to know what procedure is used by your team efforts to release these spirits. I used prayer and of course, asked to be protected from dark influences.

    I had this one who was always wanting to stand behind me a lot. He wore a dark brown robe with a hood, and I could never see his face. Sometimes I could feel him reaching out to touch my shoulders and I’d say NO! I always made it a point to let him know that I wasn’t afraid of him. At this time, I had never heard of rescuing spirits (30 yrs ago when he first “arrived.”) He stayed with me for around 15 yrs, showing up regularly. I still don’t know why he was there, who it could have been or if his “mission” was in some way to help me or what. But when I moved from MD to WV he came with me!

    When I met this man who did this kind of work he told me how to go about helping him to move on, since in his rescue circle, where he and his group often met, there would be many spirits drawn to that group, and he said many were wearing a similar brown robe with a hood. So, I tried it… I took time and I “talked” to the spirit and explained things, like how they have loved ones waiting for them, as well as loving and more advanced spirits who do this rescue work from the other side there….so many who love them and wish to help them move on and adjust.

    When first learning of rescue work, I was so surprised how sometimes certain spirits don’t realize they are dead, especially with sudden death, and may have been around certain dwellings, etc for many years…even hundreds! Sounds really impossible to some but it’s true. In reading a lot on the subject, more surprise to me that they can be helped to remember if you talk to them and ask them to try to think back when they first became invisible to everyone and couldn’t get anyone to listen or see them. If you do know how they died, then it’s easier to help them recall things. On reading about “live” conversations with the spirits through mediums, I saw that after some time they’ll remember dying, like a sudden death, or being killed instantly in an accident or in cases of sudden death in war combat, murder, etc.

    In any case, from reading dozens of books on this, it’s important that they should be informed that they have passed on, and need to turn away from the earth plane. You can talk to them and explain that they need not fear, that Father loves them unconditionally, and that they will be happy once they have chosen to move on. Express your love and caring as well. Taking time to talk a lot is very important…they hear you….they are listening to every word. I continued to explain as I went, and I visualized a bright golden stream of light coming from above, creating a huge bright circle of light. I practiced this in my mind, until I could hold the vision. They can see what you are visualizing. I asked him to step into that circle of light, where his loved ones and other spirit guides would be waiting to receive him. They will be there.

    Anyhow, as the earthbound are rarely left alone, if if they have to stay at arms length, because they refuse to be helped. Generally, they will do this, step into the light, and often many other spirits who are present will join them. Spirits are everywhere at all times on the earth plane level……by the thousands…most just aren’t “haunting.” But this talking, reassuring, offering love…they need this. As for the violent, dangerous ones…EEKS! I haven’t been there. But who knows that expressions of real caring and love wouldn’t be a big help? To be told how Father loves them unconditionally, and how wonderful people there want so much to help them? Love empowers both the rescuer and the rescued.

    One day in the future the reality of the need to rescue trapped spirits will be more common knowledge. All this has been opened to us in this new cycle. (started back in the late 1800’s.) Your efforts to educate are awesome. Because this was meant to be, this new light of awareness of such need at this time, you have been led to be a pioneer this work. I wish you all the best in your great efforts. You can’t imagine the joy you are bringing to these lost souls and their loved ones there. You are greatly blessed for what you’re doing.

    Warm regards,

    • Rosemary Breen Dec 2, 2010, 8:20 am

      Dolly I have alerted Alan to your wonderful post. I hope you too can click – because Im sure there are many others who will be interested to read the conversation between you two.



  • Dolly Dec 1, 2010, 7:43 pm

    I am very interested in the work of spirit rescue and have been somewhat involved, mainly rescuing an entity that had been with me for a good many years and actually followed me from MD to WV, when I relocated. On meeting a very spiritual man who has rescued many lost souls, I was shown how to do this, and was successful. I abhor the ghost hunters on TV that are designed purely for entertaining the viewer, and are basically ignorant of what’s really going on. It makes me want to scream. Imagine how those poor trapped and confused spirits feel when those people are running around asking questions like…can you make a noise?!! It’s really all about…So we can get really high ratings? ERG!

    It’s a wonderful thing Allen and his team are doing. Just wonderful! There is rescue work going on in spirit realms. But it could very well be that such assistance could work better from this side of the veil, since those who are lost are quite earth bound.

    May these rescuers be blessed in their work as there are countless spirits who so very much need understanding hearts and loving, willing assistance, who see the reality of these situations, and know that some souls do need to be rescued and helped to be able to move on into the light.


    • Rosemary Breen Dec 2, 2010, 6:29 am

      I hope Alan and his team read your comment Dolly.

      It must be awful for the already traumatised beings to be further provoked in the name of entertainment. Unfortunately, this is probably not the only type of abuse that goes on in the paranormal industry.


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