Child’s Play or Ghost’s Play?

My favorite (or one of my favorite) Real Ghost Videos

What I love about this video is the genuineness of it.

Here is a young lad playing with a camera around his house and taking us on a tour. His voice reflects his childlike innocence.

This lad is not out to capture a ghost. He’s out there showing us how good he is with his camera – and oh! by the way – there is a ghost (“oh my gawd” he exclaims).

This is not an event staged for the cameras and that’s why I love it.

Could this really be a ghost receding into the background of the upstairs hall?

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With all the technology so ready available today I’m surprised that more people (and children) aren’t capturing more paranormal experiences.

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Do you have a picture or favorite video that you would like to share? Maybe, even a hoax?

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  • David Sep 19, 2012, 2:03 am

    But it could be almost anything!

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