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I wasn’t born psychic but I was born knowing. But, like most people, I didn’t know what I knew and I didn’t realize that not everyone was like this. That’s one of the things that my paranormal study revealed – the number of adults who, as children, felt different from their peers. Very different! That sense of difference, and in some cases the acting out of that difference, had a marked impact on people’s lives.

In the survey, participants confided about their early encounters with the paranormal. Some were embraced and encouraged by their families and friends. Others were ostracized and made to learn early in life to keep their own counsel. Subliminally or consciously they learnt to keep quiet about the things they saw, heard, smelt and felt that were not part of the physical world. Oftentimes, this sense of isolation has stayed with them.

Paranormal activity wasn’t talked about much back then – how could it be? There wasn’t a lot of time and it certainly wasn’t a topic that featured much. Remember, that’s all there was back then. This was the world before technology took hold. Words like cyberspace, email and Google hadn’t even been coined and the Internet was still in the making. No social media: no blogs; no Twitter; no internet forum or podcasts; no Facebook, Digg, Flickr, or YouTube. Just the radio, the t.v., the newspaper, the library and a sparsely stocked bookshop. That’s all. Very little opportunity for information sharing; even less chance to discuss paranormal experiences.

Back then, things tended not to be dealt with at an international or even a national level. Life was very much played at the local level and for some people local meant very localized. In our house, there was talk of old aunts and their magical powers and ghosts in dimly lit hallways, but psi wasn’t something that was dwelt on. There wasn’t time. My parents were doing their best at making a life for their family – working full time, running their own business and raising two daughters. The paranormal was neither encouraged nor discouraged. It was always just there.

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It’s against this background that my desire to understand the other side of life lingered – sometimes simmering to the top, oftentimes bubbling away unobtrusively.

(PS I googled Cummins, where I was born and this is about the only photo that came up.)

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  • Anne Morgan May 6, 2014, 9:50 pm

    Hi Rosemary and Brandie,
    It’s nice to have a new name to contact and I bid you hail and welcome Brandie.

    I am not a psychic but have spent many decades reading and searching the occult and have many friends who have wonderful talents. As a frustrated teenager I was told by an old lady that when the student is ready the teacher appears. It would appear from your account of your own life that you are doing a pretty good job of teaching yourself and I fully endorse your comment that you have helpers who are watching over and guiding you.

    It’s my opinion, whether you agree or not, that you are a “young” psychic, not meaning your actual age in years but a newly awakened soul who has the privilege of being in contact with other levels of existence. You seem to have managed to sort what you call the Fae into the ones you need near you and those to avoid or hold at a distance.

    This is a very advanced ability and I think you have spent many lives acquiring the technique which you now consciously manipulate. Rosemary asked if you are Irish, my feeling is that you have been in past lives but not in this current one. I am probably wrong but my guess is that you are maybe Canadian or from the States but have ancestry from the European side of the “pond”

    In a previous blog of mine, I mentioned the truths behind fairy tales and legends and how we today contact the same beings in up-to-date disguises.

    If you don’t already do so, I would urge you to spread your message of an alternative dimension to life. You seem instinctively to know when beings come from the lower astral plane and how to deal with them. Keep up your protection with help from your guides and you will be able to help others worried or attacked by mischievous and malicious entities.

    You don’t mention if you follow any or no form of belief system but I feel sure that you know much about what I and others in my circle of friends call “The Old Ways”.

    Blessed Be. Anne.

    • Rosemary Breen May 12, 2014, 7:33 am

      Eloquent, as ever Anne.

      Thank you.


    • Brandie May 17, 2014, 5:21 pm

      Hi Anne,

      thanks for replying and it’s nice to meet you. In regards to my soul development I’ve always wondered about that. It seems in certain cases that this life is trying me in various way and that I’m going through a kinda trial by fire. That “this” time for me is important and I have to invest myself in others. I can’t just coast through it. I have to make a big impact in a subtle way. So in no certain term do I believe I’m a extremely young soul, but not an older one either. So maybe I am still awakening and changing. I’m really into astrology and that calls to me very naturally. It seems being a Scorpio rising does tend to come w/ a strange blend of battling within and without. That’s a whole different subject though. lol

      The question you and Rosemary were wondering of whether I’m Irish or not, is a definite no. I’m African american (black), but my last name is Irish/Scottish. That’s something I got from my mother, she got it from her mom, and etc…So maybe it’s from some european blood in the distant past. What I can say concretely on that subject though is if any of you are believers in reincarnation… there was an experience once.

      I tried this past life exercise once and didn’t actually expect it to work. To my surprise though it did almost immediately after I got into a meditative state. There I viewed about 3-4 past lives. These were probably my most recent. I call this whole experience a “moon pool reading”, because it had taken place in a ravine w/ the moon huge and pale overhead. There was a reflection in the water I was in, and I noticed the moon had disappeared from the sky only to be seen in the water. It was an amazing experience. There are no words to fully describe such an experience.
      Out of my past lives two happened to be european. One was of an Irish background, and the other I’m not sure, but from from the landscape possibly nordic. What gave the first one away was a clear scene of people, young woman and men, dancing and twirling around this huge maypole. It looked really festive and it seemed to be during the spring/summer. I remember, just gazing at this one girl who was twirling and I just knew she might’ve been me. Then it was just gone.

      As for the “Fae” yeaaah lol it seems like a really gaelic thing, but I’m not sure what to make of it. My family never taught me anything about faeries and etc…That wasn’t even a subject in their view. Gradually I tried to introduce it to them, but I avoid all instances of it now due to embarrassment and a not so needed trip to an “expert”. I mean their just there. As soon as I was old enough to speak they kinda just came, forced interactions, and never left. As far as their concern it’s my personal problem that I don’t accept them. My experiences have been bitter and sweet, so no complaints here. Personally I do think they come to those unaware in new disguises and personas. People aren’t as aware as they use to be to see through their “glamour”. I mean it’s kinda the perfect storm w/ so many people that are unwilling, or can’t believe in anything than what they see. The modern age doesn’t leave room for the old or instinctive ways. This kinda gives these “supernatural” beings free range.

      For me I just follow my intuition. It’s like an inner compass for me. When I trust it all is fine, when I don’t well embarrassing things happen…Anyway I think they’ve been coaching me in tons of ways I’m not even aware of. It’s like a by product of being around them so long. Most of it isn’t even in my conscious memory. Sometimes I do things on a whim that aren’t even like me. It’s like a dual consciousness that’s aware that something lurks in the background.

      I have these “moments” where everything just becomes more intense. My thoughts aren’t normally so still and quiet when this happens. It’s like I’m sharp, clear, and cold. Everything goes from hazy like looking through a dirty mirror to complete clarity. Sight, sound, and everything is just so pure. I remember being able to taste the air, and I saw this shimmery substance just everywhere. The colors were so intense, my sight was magnifying, and I could see everything in a way that made me seem blind before. My emotions were just calm and ecstatic. Lastly sometimes I feel really bouncy or light. A person either becomes a personal interest in that moment, or I become entirely disinterested in everything.
      Most of the experiences happen in private and then are on going in public. (no one notices unless I start laughing like a lunatic…) One happened at a friends home and it affected the neighbors teen daughter. When I snapped out of it, It left me feeling awed and shocked simultaneously. It was a definite w.t.h moment. I’ve never glamoured someone before. The poor girl was like a freaking vegetable for those moments. My friend noticed something odd and snapped us out of it.

      Now who can I talk to about things like that???
      Isn’t that a misuse of power?

      As for religion I do believe in the lord, but I also question things. Naturally I’m very spiritual. I like to research, but that’s a recent thing. Being raised Baptist I didn’t question things much. I never liked the whole brainwashing w/ religion and my grandma tried to stuff it down my throat and so that made me rebellious some. If I do stick w/ the religion it’s only, because I accepted it naturally.

      All in all I’m still learning about protection and how draining it is to use it. There is definitely tons of knowledge I’m ignorant of. Whatever I follow now is from instinct mainly. So maybe, “The Old Ways” are w/ me. lol

      Thanks to you both, Brandie.

      • Anne Morgan May 18, 2014, 6:42 pm

        Hi Brandie,

        I know exactly what you mean by life is trying you. I have always known that my mission in this incarnation is to serve, which drew me to my occupation in the health service.

        I also knew subconsciously that I had to live a life without hatred in it. Of course I know the meaning of the word and just to say, for example, I hate the taste of a particular food is just a poor choice of words and the emotion which comes with real hate is missing. I truly feel a wish to help people who express real hatred and this I do anonymously via meditation.

        After many years and with the help of many other souls around the world, I feel we are getting somewhere with the general acceptance in the western world of non discrimination on all fronts, religion, age, sex, gender, colour and anything else which has in the past been a hate problem for some people.

        I laughed when I read your ancestry, not being in the slightest way psychic myself I think I was fairly near the mark with my assessment. I too am of Viking/Celtic descent and there is probably something in your comment that it is an instinct not often found these days is also true.

        Most people don’t recognise “glamour” and are quite easily fooled. It is a misuse of power if you are aware that it is you making the changes and I think you were just given an example with your friend when no harm was done so that you can control it better in the future. Don’t be tempted by the Fae to do as they do, it will backfire on you and you will know about it. Perhaps it was not the Fae controlling you but a much higher power working for the good and just teaching you another step along your path in this life.

        On the subject of protection, my simple way does not drain me, I take a quiet moment to recognise the Elements of the North, South, East and West and ask that they recognise me and give me protection. I have been through some initiation ceremonies in the past so perhaps I only need to “top up” the connection.

        I feel I am truly blessed in this life, I’m no saint, believe me but my intuition is something I rely on all the time.

        Keep up the good work you are doing. Blessed Be. Anne.

        • Rosemary Breen May 20, 2014, 7:18 am

          Anne you are such a gem. Thank you for sharing with us and Brandie.


  • Brandie Apr 29, 2014, 6:41 pm

    This was a nice article that hit home. I grew up w/ my own experiences of seeing and communicating w/ entities that weren’t apart of everyday reality. Being raised by a grandparent who was a very religious God praising women; just talking about the paranormal was a no no.

    If it wasn’t God related then everything else was a demon, and I sensed some hostility when trying to broach the subject. So, after a while I stopped trying and kept it to myself. I was still fairly young and there was no one to translate these experiences for me. It was a lesson in trial and error.

    I know what it’s like to feel different and alone when dealing w/ the unknown. For me after some time, I became thick skinned and learned not to let myself be so vulnerable. In general, I am a very sensitive individual whether it’s on an emotional level or just dealing w/ animals. The littlest, most inconsequential thing can leave me reeling. That was something I never liked. Especially if your born in a family where being sensitive isn’t appreciated much…you learn how to cope w/ things, strange or not. I learned that I had a wide my imagination and a skill for art; so those things helped me out a lot.

    In my teens especially I remember just being completely different than in my pre-teens. Sure I saw things, but it was more magical when I was younger. It was purely natural for me to wake up in the middle of the night and find a shadow person, or even fae-ish entities messing w/ me at night. I did tons of dream weaving and I was a chronic lucid dreamer. They never “really” scared me. Internally I just knew I was always protected no matter what. Some of these things felt like lessons and playful guides. It was very easy for me to be in “reality” one moment and than someplace else the next. My pre-teens were more like dreams.

    In my teens it changed. My fear of the dark grew from childhood and was worst then. The spirits were of greater intensity and substance. My abilities grew too, from just sensing to clairaudience, channeling, seeing auras, and etc…People for me were less of a threat, than spirits themselves. They would pop up when I was alone and it was all so bizarre. I didn’t make really close friends until I almost graduated. My fear was that if anyone got close they would think I was a freak. No seriously, you’d think you’d be fine at school until you trip over nothing and someone shoves you into a boy who you like. Even though no one was behind me to begin with…

    There was so much activity and just no one to seriously tell.

    My siblings didn’t believe or want to hear me out. So I just put up a ice queen facade and went on merry way. During this time I learned that some spirits were not to be taken lightly and others were to be ignored. The one’s that wanted attention would wait till I slept to ambush me. I was never really sure if they all were of the human variety…though the fae…which I truly believe in have been w/ me since I was rugrat and so they let me know especially if it’s them.

    They have certain “ways” of making you pay attention (i.e sleeping spells, fatigue, black out moments, hearing whispers and feeling caresses, when unaware they can sway your mood and thoughts into situations not of your making…like sudden laughter unable to stop, or hearing music, bells, a child’s voice, urges to wander, running into invisible men, and etc…)

    My advice is if you happen to see the fae do NOT ask for shite, do not be like let’s be friends…they’ll let you know if they want you; beware of handsome men in dreams and beautiful ladies in sleep – trying to understand their behavior and motives will give you headaches. They can be rude, sweet, and snarky all at the same time. Never tell them thank you for anything…it’s an insult.

    Read up on fairytales and mythology. You’d be surprised at what can actually help you. Beware of glamour it’s a very real thing; it can be used against you, and on you. Also avoid white ladies (spirits), because though they seem sweet they have a tendency to stalk. Meditation does work, it’s just seems boring until you get it. Develop a strong will and be solid in your yeses and nos. Also religion and spiritual practices do help. Pray and don’t be afraid to invoke whomever you worship if you feel the need to.

    Anyway hope this helps. Peace!

    • Rosemary Breen May 6, 2014, 8:43 pm


      I love your experiences and insights….but am at a bit of a loss as to what you mean by fae. Are you Irish and are you referring to faeries perhaps?


  • Anne Morgan Mar 14, 2012, 10:39 pm

    Hi Rosemary,
    I will put out a few feelers to see if there are any people I know who are psychrometrists and let you know what I find.

    For me it was just a gut feeling. I have never experienced anything more profound, though having said that, I can sometimes get a feeling of awe, for want of a better word when I come into contact with some objects of antiquity, but nothing concrete as to their history or previous owners.

    I just think of it as an appreciation of art/beauty/whatever. Probably not an uncommon feeling for most people.

    Blessings, Anne.

    • Rosemary Breen Mar 15, 2012, 6:45 am

      Thats a nice way to look at it Anne – an appreciation of art/beauty etc but with a twist – another dimension added 🙂



  • Anne Morgan Mar 14, 2012, 10:38 pm

    Hi Felbain,

    Thanks for your blessings. I have looked at your ULC website and it seems to me to be what we in the UK could do with. The Pagans I have an affiliation to have very similar ideals but we do not have a church as such. We have a regular meeting called a Moot (very old English name for a meeting). We have our own website ( which is well worth a visit, should you so desire.

    Blessed Be. Anne.

    • Rosemary Breen Mar 15, 2012, 6:42 am


      Just had a peek myself at Very nice website – well maintained – which I think is always a good sign of activity and interest.

      How many Paga groups like your would there be in the UK?



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