Paranormal or Not?

Paranormal or an Anomaly?
There is a discussion going on in the wider community – and it has been ongoing for a few years now – involving numbers.

Apparently there are websites and email trails dating back years on this and the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved.

My attention was drawn to this by a reader, Marianne, who asks: Why do people keep seeing 444 all over the place? I’ve been seeing them for years and when I meditate on “why” I get no clarity. I’ve been seeing 4s everywhere for years. On licenses plates. Bills. Telephone numbers. DVD & VCR players, route markers, stamps, sales slip at grocery markets, etc. Absolutely *everywhere* – is there a rhyme or reason to this??  I would love a simple (good?) explanation if you have one. Thank you.

Is this just a matter of where we put our attention is what we notice – like when we decide to buy a blue car and suddenly that’s about all we see on the roads? Is this to do with the paranormal? I don’t have an explanation? Do you?

Paranormal or Not

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