Near Death Experiences on Video

Here are a series of videos on NDE by Kenneth Ring, a professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut whose life was changes when he read Raymond Moody’s Life After Life.

Howard Storm

The first features Howard Storm. By his own admission, before his NDE Howard was not a very pleasant man. He was an avowed atheist, hostile to religion and those who practiced it. At age 38 he had his NDE, resigned as a university Professor of Art and became a Uniting Church minister.

Tom Sawyer

In 1978, Tom Sawyer was an avowed agnostic. Then, his pickup truck fell on him. He was clinically dead for 15 minutes. Tom talks about going through the NDE tunnel and meeting a “light that was God”.

David Bennett

In 1983, David drowned and had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) while he was the Chief Engineer of the ocean research vessel Aloha. Subsequent to this he had two other transformative experiences, one involving his cancer and the other connected to his work as Manager of Dialysis Programs at a hospital.

Jayne Smith

When Jayne Smith was in the hospital in labor with her second baby she experienced clinical death and had a near-death experience.

“The memory of this experience is seared into my very soul. ”

Jim Macartney

Beginning the Conversation

Do you have a problem with people who state they’ve had a NDE?

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