Traits of an Empath

An Interview with an Empath

The following is an email interview with a Paranormal Phenomena survey respondent who wishes to remain anonymous. Let’s call him Jason.

Having completed the anonymous online survey, Jason contacted me via email and probably, because we both have a business background and a keen interest in the paranormal (a rare mix, I would suggest) I was intrigued to ask him some questions. In turn, Jason was happy to oblige!

Interview (part 1)

Jason, in your initial email to me, you mentioned that your parents would have regarded your paranormal qualities in a negative light and so you kept quiet about them. Children certainly take their lead from adults and I’m sure many people can relate to your experience. I’m wondering, did you assume the paranormal was a taboo subject, picked up non-verbal queues or did you broach the subject and then shut down?

It is difficult to explain why I kept my developing paranormal skills from, not only my parents, but also my siblings and friends. For some reason I instinctively knew that they would not understand and, worse still, think that I had a medical problem, which required fixing.

As I am a very strong Empath and have been, for as long as I can remember, this perhaps guided my decision.

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Many people who experience the paranormal are in fact religious to a lesser or greater degree. Do you feel religion played a part in the reception that the paranormal got in your family?

This is really a question requiring two aspects as follows:

  • No, I do not believe that my family’s religious beliefs played an important part.

I came from a working class, Presbyterian, family and for a while, attended, Sunday school, however I felt that what I was being taught did not fill a void I felt inside of me. Although I knew this would hurt my parents, I told my mother that I no longer wanted to attend Sunday school. Although she was very upset she accepted my choice and we never spoke of it again.

  • For some reason, I was drawn more too Asian culture, particularly Buddhism and the Asian way of life, which was in stark contrast to “accepted” Christian beliefs.

In my analysis of the first round of surveys, I found an overwhelmingly pattern of generations of women reporting living with the paranormal. I didn’t find this with men. Are you the only person in your family, male or female who experiences the paranormal on a daily basis?

As far as I was aware I was the only member of my immediate family living with the paranormal and for this reason, I always felt isolated from, both my parents and siblings which, as you could imagine, was extremely difficult for me, as a child to accept. To this day I still feel that there is a void between my siblings (my parents passed away during the 90’s.

After I married we had a boy then a girl and it became very clear at an early stage that my daughter possessed similar skills to mine. Although my wife was and still is very sceptical, I had the ability to teach my daughter how to accept, use and improve her skills; something I missed out on when I was a child.

Jason, you mention your childhood experience. Do you have any pre birth memories?

I am not sure if the following was a pre-birth memory, but every night for approximately two years I had the same “one and only” dream.

In my dream I was stabbed in the stomach and as I lay dying my room was set alight by a man with, what could only be described as, a maniacal smile on his face. I can still remember the dream to this day. However as soon as I acknowledged that this was in the past, the dream stopped. This decision seemed to be instinctive rather than thought out.

You have also revealed that you work/worked in the business sector. I imagine there are people, perhaps even yourself, who use the paranormal to their awn advantage or for the benefit of others. Do you know of such instances and if so can you tell us more?

Being an Empath is a “two-edged sword” as I cannot turn it off; it is with me at all times. I therefore see the “true spirit” (nature) of all people I come in contact with, even relatives. The following are examples:

  • I get very uncomfortable around groups of people who overall emit negative thoughts. It may surprise you of the number of people on trains for example, who have such thoughts. In cases like this, I generally move carriages for relief. In other situations, such as parties the same issue may occur, but on a smaller scale, in which case I move on to another group of people.
  • If I am in a position of having a one-on-one talk with someone (in business or normal life) and detect an issue that they seem to have, I try and help them by slowly moving the discussion, with cues, to the heart of their problem in the hope that I can guide them in looking at positive ways of both resolving the problem and reducing the stress that they have locked inside them.
  • At meetings, I find my skill very helpful in being able to ensure that what a person said is in tandem with their inner self. If this is not the case then I try, via a one-on-one meeting, to bring out what they really feel and what can be done to resolve any objections positively for both sides.
  • The most difficult situations are related to both family and friends. These can cause me a great internal stress, especially when I know that what they are saying to me, is diametrically opposite (negative) to what they really think of me.

I never, at any time, use my skill to benefit myself but rather, I try and help people and improve working relations to reach the best outcome for the company(s) I worked for.

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Beginning the Conversation

Even though I’m not a practising paranormal consultant, I do know what it’s like to not ‘come out’ about my own paranormal experiences. Speaking now with friends from my school days, they say things like you “always were different”, “ahead of your time”, and “on about things that we weren’t into then, but we are now”.

Later, when I was in the business world I played down my paranormal encounters, but I never hid them completely. Somehow, they seemed to fit with how I perceived myself and indeed, how others did too. Then, I was a it different. Still am really.

Now, is that debits by the windows and credits by the door? Or vice versa?

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