Suicide and Life After Death

The following is an extract on suicide and life after death which is taken from the thesis I completed on paranormal phenomena at Monash University in Australia.

There have been 2 experiences that have shaped my Spiritual beliefs, but I’ll only discuss one of them.

The first was soon after my dad committed suicide. I was very distraught and had a dream in which he appeared to me. What made the dream so different was the fact that as I walked down a flight of stairs (in the dream) I literally felt a cool breeze. I landed in a huge, empty parking lot and saw someone on the other side of the lot walking towards me. I couldn’t make out who it was until he got close and then realized it was my dad.

We walked hand in hand and he took me to a table where we sat down with other people (I believe several were his brothers). They started talking to me but all I could hear was a quick, chirping sound coming from them. I asked them several times to slow down so I could understand what they were saying but I couldn’t break through the chirping noises to decipher what was being said. I recall waking up from this dream and knowing my Dad existed in another dimension and that I would hear from him again.

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The Beginning of the Conversation
Have you ever thought about suicide and any link to paranormal experiences? Is there a difference in what happens to us after we die that depends on whether our death was natural, self inflicted or asssisted suicide?

Today, there is a move towards what we here in Australia know as Living Wills. These legally binding documents lay out the express wishes of their owners in  such matters as resuscitation and whether to prolong life or not.

I wonder, should we find ourselves in the position of being able to consciously nominate the circumstances in which we meet our final demise, will that decision impact our life after death?

Move from Suicide What Happens after Death to:

Please Continue this Conversation on Suicide and Life After Death

Are some hauntings and poltergeists the result of choices made in previous lives?

Does meeting a shocking end predispose us to recalling that reincarnation over less eventful deaths? (why do we rarely read about mundane incarnations?)

To what extent do ghosts owe their current circumstances to previous events and choices? What do you think?

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