Spiritually Evolving: Lee Channing October 2012

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Paranormal Phenomena

Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Spiritually Speaking

October is a strong, if somewhat slow moving, month. Some of the issues of September will linger just long enough for you to work through them, so don’t give up if you didn’t “finish” a lesson.

October can be very rewarding IF you choose to harness your mind. What a daunting job to “harness your mind” – is it even possible? Well, to an extent. Our mind is our most powerful tool for growth and our strongest enemy.

paranormal phenomena

If you’re out of control, nothing will go well in your life, but keeping calm control of your thoughts offers many benefits. A good tool for that important control, quiet times, meditation, and simple awareness of one’s thoughts. So many times your mind takes off on a tangent – totally on its own and you realize you’re thinking about an issue you didn’t plan to focus upon. Regain your focus – pull your mind back into alignment with your spiritual growth. It may seem a bit difficult in the beginning, but you can do it.

Spend extra time this month with your thoughts – don’t judge, but do learn more control and you’ll be very pleased with your personal progress and literal peace of mind.

Paranormal Phenomena

October is Golden

The energy color for October is gold – yes, gold, an usual happening. Gold can be viewed as a very dark shade of yellow and some of those “yellow” traits do apply, but the dark gold that I’m intuitively seeing is more connected to the base (red) energy center and below. It’s a warm, masculine color that can help us open new doors to inner awareness and calmness and the need to feel well grounded and supported. The emotions connected to gold are wisdom, power, high ideals, and abundance and the emotional challenges can be self-rejection, avoiding new ideas (stuck in a mental rut), and fear of new connections.


The energy hint for October is to be very aware of your thoughts and your desire to control any and everything.

Relationships: You may shy away from anything new in a relationship. Don’t be surprised, but fight the urge to ignore others. Pay close attention to the people/conversations you’re drawn to. There is much you can learn from others, particularly this month. Be thoughtful and aware at every turn.

Finances: A very good month to straighten out your finances. You will see (and feel) new paths for financial growth. That new job may just appear and others who recognize your talents may offer new opportunities.


End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Continuing the Conversation

Well Lee!

My brain can be a run away train at times but not of late. In fact, I wish I could kick back and chill and daydream a bit more. Am I the only one who is working so hard that they have no time to dream?

Im a Pisces for heavens sake; I was born to dream; but not currently.

And what about others, are you running your mind or is your mind running you? I liken our brain to a bus; I like to sit in the driver’s seat of mine and steer it where I want it to go. If I don’t it will either have a mind of its own (pun) or worse still someone else will run it for me.

paranormal Phenomena

As Im a control freaky type of person I choose to steer my own bus/mind. Now all I need to do is learn how to slip it into dream mode at will.

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