Spiritually Evolving: Lee Channing July 2012

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Spiritually Speaking


Spiritually Speaking

Spiritually Speaking

Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

A Letter from Lee

July – the year is slipping by so quickly.  This month’s energy will offer you many opportunities to follow your dreams, attain your goals, and communicate your truth to others.  All you have to do is to release any fears that are hanging on and not allow yourself to become bored under any circumstances.  The energy is very open to relaxation, which is a good thing, but that relaxed energy can induce boredom in some people.  Try some active relaxation (walking, playing sports, swimming) if your energy feels sluggish.

You will have many opportunities to share with others this month – the energy flow is supportive for sharing and being very open with those you touch.  While helping others, remember to keep your healthy boundaries in place.  We all need boundaries – not to shut others out, but to protect ourselves from the energy of others.  Good healthy boundaries are imperative to healthy spiritual growth.  Remember that you’re not being selfish by creating strong boundaries, you’re being wise with your own energy flow.  By taking responsibility for yourself, you’ll help others even more.

The energy color for July is blue.  As many of you know, from a physical perspective, blue is associated with your ears,  throat and upper chest.  Your respiratory system needs to be carefully tended, so if you get a cough, take care of it immediately.  If you have thyroid issues, they may surface this month as well since they’re stimulated by this energy flow (that can be really nourishing for your thyroid or over-stimulate it so pay attention).   Since your ears are highlighted, common sense says that your sense of hearing is highlighted as well.  Use that awareness to support your growth and well-being by paying close attention to what you’re hearing at all times.  White noise may be very irritating, but playing nice music or nature sounds can be amazingly calming.  Just listen to your environment and enhance what you like to hear.


Blue is the Color of July

From an emotional standpoint, blue is all about communication as well as honesty, refined creativity (finishing projects), relaxation, and reliability.  On a bad day in July you’ll need to work with being forgetful, feeling sad (even grief stricken) for no apparent reason, and an overall sense of loneliness.  Sleep issues also reside in that blue energy center, so watch your sleep patterns carefully.  You may need a bit more sleep or even a little less.   The best way to work through these out-of-balance blue issues is to relax and take some deep breaths.  Accept the fact the you are in tune with the energy and you can make yourself feel much better quite quickly (which is true.)

The energy hint for July is to seek the truth, the total and complete truth, at every opportunity.  You must, as usual, speak your truth, be completely honest in all your personal and professional interactions.  The difference in the energy of this month is that it lends itself very well to being more able to “see” the real truth (from others).  You must trust yourself and be open to the truth (not always comfortable) for the energy to be supportive however.  If you don’t want a truthful answer, don’t ask the question because if someone is lying, you’ll know pretty quickly and you’ll have to deal with it.


Lots of energy available to address deeply personal issues.  So, talk out every conceivable issue this month.  Speak in person if possible, but if not, at least face the issues that are outstanding with those closest to you (write a letter, send an email or text).


Very clear energy will allow everyone to better understand their financial situation this month.  Be realistic but if there is anyway possible, get away from “work” for a day or two at least.  This will help you connect with the clear energy surrounding you and allow you to see more healthy solutions.

End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Continuing the Conversation

Oh gosh Lee, it seems like you are describing me and my life. I have a cough, which is stress related – Ive moved into a new Masterclass course and the energy is full on – sometimes supportive and sometimes intimidating. and overbearing.

Re truth, I lead a quiet revolution to hold the convenors of the course true to to their word and they certainly weren’t comfortable with hearing home truths from  the more vocal members of the group!

On a lighter note of truth, this morning at the checkout my server handed me a chocolate rose! I asked her why; she looked long and hard at me and said she could have said anything in response but chose to tell the truth. The shop is over supplied and they are giving them away. I told her I appreciated her honesty – and that was before I read your newsletter Lee.

And what about others? How is your month panning out. Not too blue, I hope 🙂




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