Spiritually Evolving: Lee Channing November 2012

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November Energy is Blue


November is a month filled with not only learning possibilities, but much healing in various parts of our lives. You can use the calm, relaxing energy to heal past hurts and release your attachment to that pain.


Live in the present remembering that all our power resides in this moment – we should not focus on our energy issues from the past, and we need not wait until the future. Work today to make your life more fulfilling and content. Begin today to create the life you truly wish to enjoy. If you allow yourself to spend time too much time swimming in self-criticism, self-doubt, and even self-hatred, you will pay a high price. You certainly don’t need/want that I’m sure. See the light inside you and let it shine outward into your life – much can be done from that healthier perspective.


Energy Lightb

Pay close attention to your dreams this month. Keep a Dream Journal by the bed and write down your feelings (or details) in the mornings. I’ll include my suggestions on how to most easily keep a Dream Journal under the “Did You Know” column. This month sleep, dreams, even visions, are important to each and every one of us, so pay close attention to any messages you receive.

The energy color for November is blue, a bright, beautiful blue indicating a time of relaxation, healing, and more easily connecting with your deepest truth.

energy healing blue

It is a time to focus upon refined creativity – finishing projects – so put the final touches on that masterpiece. As many of you know, blue indicates a time when communication (oral and written) takes on more importance. You must pay close attention to the words of others and, more importantly, your own words (to others and when talking to self). You will feel the emotions and energy surrounding every conversation, and you’d be wise to process it all rapidly: Do everything you can to create healthy lines of communication. Remember that when blue is active and you are having a bad day, you may feel very sad and develop some sleep disorder (too much or too little sleep). Be prepared for that possibility and that awareness will ward off any deep energy drains.

Blue Energy and Communication

Blue is connected to the throat chakra so the physical areas most affected are your throat, ears, thyroid, and respiratory system. As usual, that area may be stronger than ever or more subject to problems than ever. If you get a sore throat, ear ache, or cough, see your health professional, take your herbs, do whatever you can to support that area. Several hints on nurturing that throat chakra: Try homeopathic remedies; use hydrotherapy (simply put, be in and around [and drink] water) as much as possible. Seriously, take longer showers, take a trip to the river or the ocean, and, above all, keep your environment moist (may need to buy a humidifier if the heat is on).

Blue energy spritual

The energy hint for November is to honor yourself. Truly be one with your own energy and reacquaint yourself with the deepest part of yourself. That sounds a bit scary to some I know, but only by knowing yourself can you move into a more content life. Ignoring yourself just doesn’t work and many people continue to do that all their lives. Know yourself, love and respect yourself, and you’ll find yourself feeling stronger and more alive.


Relationships: Talk, talk, talk. This month is a powerful time for clearing up any misunderstandings with others. If you have that sick feeling that something “isn’t right” between you and a relative, friend, or co-worker, do all you can to clear the air. Most people will be open to your truth and worthwhile conversations.

Energy Healing Spiritual

Finances: Calmly accept your current financial situation while working toward feeling more comfortable in that situation. If you need to make dramatic changes, the clear energy this month will allow you to do just that. If you can remain calm and relaxed in all financial matters, things will come together.


Beginning the Conversation

Well, if  you are like me the words talk talk talk provoke fear. I have been told many times my power is in my voice and yet I use it rarely. My children would say otherwise; I have little or no fear of public speaking; yet my speaking these days amounts to writing and little else.

For those of you who have followed this bog for a while now you will know that I have not only been writing here but writing on another blog and indeed writing books. It seems 2012 will go down in my life as the year of the word – and yet the word is written, not spoken.

And now Lee is asking us to talk. Well strangely that is what Im about to do. Many of us have elderly parents and Im no exception; and mine need my help for a while. So, Im going to take a break from tapping at the Psychic Revolution keyboard and attend to the other areas of my life that I’ve let slide – only a bit mind you – but nonetheless my family need me a bit more now!

Soon, my youngest daughter will be through her final school exams (she has just been named joint dux of her school – equal first among 300+ students), and she and I will be heading off to Europe for a mother/daughter celebration of her life. Before I go, however I need to travel interstate and be with my parents. They complain little, ask for nothing and they need my help – even if they dont need it.

So, I will be talking and listening to my family for the next bit, and in the new year I shall return to the revolution.

So, Ill take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and every good wish for….2013.



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