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Here is the Third Guest Post from Gerry. If you have not read the first essay  please go to Life Spirit. And the second part can be found at He Lay the Spirit into a Bottle.

This series of posts is from Gerry who, in his own words, sent these accounts to ensure they survive me, and are available for all to read and consider. They are true real life stories passed down by word of mouth from sincere people, investigated by me where possible, and my own personal experiences!

Hi Rosemary. I’ve been digging through the files, here’s an interesting one!

A Ghost Sighting or a Case of Mistaken Identity?

One morning, as my wife was going over to the shop she looked up and saw me on the hillside walking through the fields with my dogs.

After returning she inquired, how did you get home so fast. I asked her what she was talking about. She explained that she saw me up in the fields with the dogs and that I was wearing my green army coat and green wellington boots. I told her she was dreaming as I hadn’t left the house. In fact, I was talking to an old friend in stateside USA all morning. I’m a radio ham. She insisted that it was me that she saw so I told her to change the tablets.

Later that day she went to town and met a woman called …. The poor lady was upset and wanted to know why Gerry wasn’t speaking to her, as she had met me in …. Street, spoke and I apparently walked past her and never gave her a glance.

My wife told her I was at home all morning and was not in town at any time. I phoned the lady who was a good friend, and assured her it was not me, to which she replied that I must have a double and on her life she would swear it was me.

Time ticked a heaven round the stars
photo credit: sshingler

Having a double is unlikely as I’m six foot eight with snow white hair.  It used to be black until I saw ol’ spooky the spirit and it rapidly changed after that.

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The next day, I spoke to a man passing the door and he replied, oh, you’re speaking today. What was wrong you couldn’t speak yesterday? I said, what are you talking about? And he said, when I met you yesterday morning in …. Street you didn’t speak and nearly walked over the top of me.

So I assured him that it wasn’t me as I was not in town. Then told him that … told me a similar story. He said, the man I saw yesterday is the man I’m talking to now. There’s nobody in this town with your build and size and hair color. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on, and he stomped off in a bit of a huff.

So Rosemary, what do you make of all that. It happened way back in 1980.


Beginning the Conversation

So, what do you make of Gerry’s story? We all know we are supposed to have a double somewhere but I’m not aware the double is supposed to remain silent  🙂

I really don’t know what to make of this. The only explanation, and I use that word loosely, I can suggest is the idea that at every major decision making time in our lives we reach a fork and we split. There is the part that eg moved from the country to the city and there is the other you that stayed put.

Let’s open up the forum and see what ideas others have. I’m sure Gerry will be interested to know your thoughts.

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