Another Real Ghost Video Favorite

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How many favorite Real Ghost Video Clips am I allowed to Nominate?

This video was taken by a security camera in a car park in Japan. The ghost seems to move effortlessly behind the black car.

Some people even suggest he/she is moon walking. I wouldn’t go that far but this is again, a great video which does not seem to be a hoax.

If anyone speaks Japanese I’d love to know what the security guys are saying as they watch the ghost.

My friend, Setsuko, from Tokyo has told me that the voice is that of the guard at a car park in Taiwan. Broadly, the guard is saying that he sees the spirit of the woman and her walking is unusual because her head does not move while she waslks along!

Check it out yourself and see what your think and remember to leave a comment below.

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9 Responses to “Another Real Ghost Video Favorite”

  1. Ian Gardner 2013-03-5

    Yes, a good one and, I sense, a genuine one. It is a pity that, nowadays, with the technology available, there is doubt about all photography.

    • Rosemary Breen 2012-09-19

      That is an interesting question David. I hadnt thought about it until you mentioned it. Now that Ive looked t the video again I can see why you would say that.

      Backwards perhaps! Walking, no! Gliding, yes – or going with my imaginations – why not tiny steps , as in the way of the Geisha?



      • Ian Gardner 2013-03-5

        Yes, “she” is walking backwards – and very affectively too! This is, perhaps, unusual if not unique. I cannot think of any reason for such motion except, perhaps, something like this: When alive she was in the boot of a car at this spot (or in the car cabin) and then emerged and walked away to meet her death from causes which were, by comparison with those in the car, painful in some way.

        • Rosemary Breen 2013-03-5

          That’s an interesting suggestion Ian. I dont think her appearance of walking backwards detracts from the genuineness of the video – ghosts fly,so why not walk backwards huh :)


          • Ian Gardner 2013-03-5

            I have no problem with her walking backwards but this my appear to be the case because I misspelled the word “effectively”.
            I also thought her attire is night attire and wonder whether others think so too.

  2. Dave "Felbain" K. 2011-11-9

    Very interesting to say the least.

    I’m a total, 100% convinced believer in “ghosts” or energies intersecting with our physical realm. One friend calls them “Echoes”…a term I really enjoy, but whatever the term and condition is that allows for this exchange, no one need convince me the phenomena is real.

    The head may not be moving, but are those feet (just to left, under bumper) we see? Not trying to be a smarty pants, just remaining objective! ;)

    Blessings of Peace,

    PS: Rosemary, in the write up, one ref is to “car park in Japan”…farther down it states “car park Taiwan”. Not that it really matters for sake of the video, but was that a typo? Juuus’ chekkin! ;)


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