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Have you ever visited a psychic? Been given a psychic prediction? Or been tempted to find out what its like? Many people have taken the plunge. Some have done so for a laugh (a good thing to do with a girlfriend perhaps?); others have approached a clairvoyant anxiously seeking answers to unresolved issues. Does that sound like you? If it does, then you are not alone (in more ways than one.) Every year millions of units of currency – dollars, euros, yen – you name it, it is given to those who work in the paranormal realms, in return for oftentimes unspecified services.

Who really does have psychic powers? Do the clients of psychics generally report satisfaction with the service they have received? Do YOU leave your session feeling invigorated and reassured? Or do walk out feeling bewildered, even angry? Anecdotal evidence suggests that this full range of emotions is engendered. So do clients genuinely receive value for their currency? Little is actually known about this in fact. Surprisingly, given the size of the industry, it’s an area that has been largely neglected by academic researchers and overlooked by statisticians.

There are numerous websites that market the services of psychics. But who regulates them? Have you ever read the small print? it makes for interesting and enlightening reading. The disclaimers talk in terms of ‘adult entertainment’ — tell that to those who are grieving for a loved one and seek consolation in the psychic realms. Entertainment is the last thing on their minds. They are looking for comfort and closure not amusement. Have a look at the privacy policy? Oftentimes there is talk of sharing personal details with allied service providers. It’s not the kind of thing that those seeking an experiential session in the ether generally consider. Perhaps they should?

Have I given you food for thought? Was your experience a good one? Did you know what you were looking for before you ventured into the unknown and did you find what you were looking for? These may be subjective judgments but they are necessary. If you were happy, did you refer others? Is that how the psychic industry flourishes — on intuition and recommendation? If you were unhappy, and perhaps you only went the once, was you feedback encouraged?

These are the kinds of things that future users of a psychic’s services have a right to know? But where do they go to get this kind of information? Again, a review of the websites indicates that even though feedback is encouraged, the owners often have the right to edit or remove comments. This is hardly a system which suggests impartiality.

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In my opinion, something needs to be done. And before that happens people need to open up about their experiences — not so much about the content and what transpired in their session, but more about their actual experience and how it left them feeling? Subjective this may be, but it’s better than knowing nothing. Don’t you think?

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