Spiritually Evolving: Lee Channing September 2012

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Spiritually Speaking

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Spiritually Speaking


Welcome to September. It’s fall here in the Northern Hemisphere and a good time to practice your scout skills and get prepared, not just for winter, but for your future.

As I say repeatedly, the power is always in the present moment, but there are times when we need to focus some energy on the future. Now is that time.

This entire month, action is required, thoughtful action, but action nonetheless. If you sit quietly and wait for your life to move forward, you will suffer from stagnation of energy and that’s nearly a fatal disease. It can cause such pain in our lives. You need to accept who you are, connect yourself to the Earth regularly (walk, meditate), and plan ahead. If you are prepared energetically, answers will simply come to you in response to many of life’s problems.

The energy color for September is yellow.

Spiritually evolving

Yellow, the solar plexus area that aligns with clear thinking and possibly over thinking. It’s the center of personal control (being controlling possibly), intellectual humor and stimulation, objectivity, and solitude. So, for clear thinking, find time alone to literally clear that energy center and your mind. The emotional issues that may well surface are: being either optimistic or self-critical; dealing with frustration or depression; evaluating your level of personal power; needing to find a new level of enthusiasm for your life. This center needs conversation and calming, warming foods (brown rice, oatmeal, etc.) to be more comfortable. Eat well and share with friends or therapists regularly.

The healing color for the energy this month is purple – bring any and all shades of purple into your environment.

Psychic Paranormal Spiritual

The energy hint for September is to seriously lighten your load. Get rid of things you no longer need in your life. So, what are “things?” Broken appliances, clothes that no longer fit, books you’ll never read, and, the best “things” to get rid of: Stress, worry, fear, irritation, frustration, addictions, anxiety, guilt, jealousy, confusion, unhealthy relationships, stressful jobs, unhealthy diets, enough? You get the picture. Carefully examine your life and rid yourself of anything (real or imagined) that drains your energy to have around.

Relationships: A good time to think clearly (without your heart/emotions so involved) about all your relationships. You will be able to see them for what they are. If they are healthy, nurture them, if unhealthy, it is most likely time to release them, just let them go. No matter, explore them all carefully.

Finances: You will, whether you like it or not, be forced to see the truth in your financial world.

Psychic paranormal Spiritual

Accept things as they are and strive for a more comfortable existence at every turn. It’s a good time to learn how to better yourself and your environment with your clarity of thought.




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Im confronting my financial issues.  Getting my finances in order – not just for now but for retirement. So, long term financial planning is front and centre on my agenda. How about you?

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