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From Marlena: I just took your survey, and was wondering if you could help me figure out what is going on around me. This is my story….. I was at my ex-boyfriend’s house with my son, who was about 2 at the time and we were sitting in his livingroom. I was holding my son and he started looking up and his eyes started to follow something that seemed to be above us moving around. He then started pointing and saying “Mommy” over and over. Then when we went to leave the room, my ex’s dog started growling and would not walk past a certain chair in the room and then she darted as fast as she could away from the room to be with us again. My ex’s mom asked her friend who is a psychic about it, and she was told that it was a blonde spirit that most likely was there because of me, due to the fact that it started after my ex and I got together and I was staying over at his house a lot.

Now, 8 years later I have many experiences where I feel my whole vibration tingle and almost numb my body and feel sensations, my eyes get very blury and it seems that I see things floating and almost like I am half there half not. I took a holistic healing class back in 05 and since then have worked with reiki energy and I feel that it is the reason for my vibration levels rising so much, but at night it is overwhelming, and I am not even practicing reiki at the time. I have this urge to know why this is all happening to me, more than I ever have and hoping someone can help me figure it out.

Marlena, this certainly seems like a strange situation. I suggest that the issue involving your ex’s Mom says more about her, her relationship with her son and with you, rather than anything to do with you as the psychic stated.

With regards the sensations you are now experiencing have you called up your Reiki teacher for advice. Your classes may have left you too ‘open’ and your may need her help to close off. It certainly isn’t wise to remain open as you are left unprotected and vulnerable to all kinds of physical and psychic possibilities. Psychic energy needs to be handled carefully and respectfully.

I believe you should follow your instinct and get help to remedy your situation and your teacher is a good place to start. If, by chance, this doesn’t work out for you I’d be interested to read insights from others including paranormal consultants.

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